Top 10 Reasons to Hate Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go!

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1 He's the most annoying character on the show

He constantly makes bathroom jokes and passes gas in public. I know that Teen Titans Go was mostly created so that the younger generation could enjoy it more, but it has seriously gone out of hand. In the original Teen Titans the jokes were humorous in a mature way, and the show did not rely on slapstick comedy and toilet jokes as a way to gain popularity. Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go has never once realized that the other characters don't share his opinion toward almost everything. He doesn't realize that Terra dislikes him and constantly joins in on teasing Raven about her crush on him. Honestly if I were Raven, I would consider giving all of my time and love to a person that actually cares. Beast Boy only likes the girl who has constantly broken his heart and has even threatened to murder him and his friends.

Everything below says it all

He's beyond pathetic I wish someone would KILL him!,

I need a bazooka

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2 He's more of a couch-potato slob than the original

In the original show, at least he got up off his ass. He was a credit to the Titans in that show. In Go, he's about as useful placebo pill for cancer. HE'S USELESS!

He is just as lazy as cyborg

Beast Boy never comes out well.

So true

3 He's dumber in this version

Beast Boy was never exactly a genius, but at least he knew basic addition, unlike in Go!

Now I'll Admit Beast Boy Used To Be Somewhat Dumb In The Old Version, But Somehow In This Crappy Spin-Off Of A Show He's Even Dumber Than Before. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!

The Go! Version Of Beast Boy Is So Dumb That It Makes All The Dumb People That Was In The Original Teen Titans Including Beast Boy Look Like Professor Einstein YES! HE'S THAT DUMB!

There all dumber in this version - codydoestuff

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4 He eats pepperoni pizza

He's a VEGAN! He's been almost all of those animals. He said it in the original!

He said he was vegetarian not vegan but you can say what you want... - mayamanga

He dose not always have to be veggie guy

Veggie Pizzas actually

He can be both

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5 He cries over the easiest things

He cries because it's his way of getting out of his responsibilities. You ever wonder why either Robin or Starfire usually end up with all the chores around the Titans Tower? He shoves his end of the chores onto Cyborg. Cyborg shoves his (as well as beast-boy's) chores off on Raven. And Raven will either shove her (as well as Cyborg and beast-boy's) chores on either Starfire or Robin (depending on who she "doesn't like" that day).

I Mean, Come On! Even My Little Brother Is A Less Of A Crybaby Than He Is!

True not true

You can tell him that he,s stupid and he will cry my little cuzsin is tuffer than him and she is five.

6 His voice too high

His voice wasn't that bad in the beginning. But something tells me that the Beast-Boy's voice-actor's voice gave out.

His voice was so annoying now and it makes him look dumber

That voice of his can't stand it

I like beast boy voice

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7 He's a wimp

Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go is so wimpy he can't even open a pickle jar.. He would probably pass out at the sight of ketchup! He is such a loser!

He Is Such A Wimp. I Mean, Even I'm More Brave Than Him And I Don't Even Have To Be A Superhero To Pull That Off!

He Easily Gets Scared At Everything, In Fact, I Don't Think He Should Even Be Called A Superhero Ever Again If He's Gonna Keep Acting Like That.

You guys are so mean

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8 He likes to flirt

For the person who said that we should stop whining about sexual things well guess what this is what's supposedly a kid's show, but really isn't (gross and inappropriate humor, cruddy animation, horrible storylines- if there are any-, bratty and cruel characters) and last time I checked kids shouldn't see inappropriate sex refrences even if it's as small as flirting it still counts. - Anonymousxcxc

Beast Boy is a pervert in his lust for Raven! He never shuts the hell up about how he wants Raven all to himself! He got all excitied when Raven showed him her legs and since then he's been a total sleaze bag in his desire for Raven! He is flat out sick!

He always flirts with Raven and Terra that's just so nasty how is his a kids show?

He's a pervert

america - stop promoting perverts!

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9 He's nothing like the original beast boy in Teen Titans

The Beast Boy from the original Teen Titans series was way cooler and way better than this submoronic version in Teen Titans Go!

Beast Boy wasnt my favorite in the anime teen titans, but he was funny, cute and had awesome abilitys. But now... How do I say this? He's a wreck! He is a crybaby, he is dumb, and is weird. Great job Cartoon Network. You turned another decent cartoon into a horrible mess.

He is not like the original beast boy because he isn't the SAME CHARACTER and also "his voice is too high" bull

I think the directors of Teen Titans Go purposely changed all of the cool, original characters into brainless fools. This plan, unfortunately, included Beast Boy. He's an inconsiderate slob in TTG, and he eats hot dogs even though he was supposed to be a vegetarian! (Then again, in the original, he drank soy milk instead of milk, so wouldn't that make him a vegan instead of a vegetarian like he claimed...? Well, it's closer than eating hot dogs...)

(This is just a rant against Teen Titans Go) Even Robin and Raven act like whiny toddlers in Go! They were the most serious and awesome cartoon show characters before, but then they suddenly become like, like...

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10 He mistreats other people

He even treated robin by sitting on him and. Bully him

He even bullies Rudolph the red nosed reindeer in The True Meaning of Christmas!



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11 He's gross

If it's not funny when Robin shakes his rear or when Starfire farts, why would it be funny when this ugly and annoying voiced character does?



12 He's ugly

Well Of Course He's Gonna Be Ugly In That Show. I Mean, Nearly Every Character In That Show Is Pretty Much Just As Ugly As He Is. If Not Uglier.

Shut your big mouth your just saying that because your ugly all of you but not me

For example those two holes he calls a nose


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13 Lies about vegetarianism

Says he's vegetarian yet eats hotdogs and pepperoni..

He wants bacon in 1 episode

What a lier.

He lied about being VEGAN HE IS EATING MEAT!

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14 He gets jealous

He really gets jealous when ANYBODY looks at or even TALKS to Raven. He also has a violent streak to go with his hateful jealousy, which he displayed with such brutality on Aqua Lad in the "Pirates" episode. Beast Boy wants Raven all to himself cause he's a selfish, violent jerk! For these reasons I hate Beast Boy!

He wants Raven to himself and will violently attack ANYONE who looks at or even TALKS to Raven like he did to Aqua Lad in the "Pirates" episode. He's a real creep.

Wow beast boy is so cruel

No he,s not

15 He's not funny

All The Other Characters In That Show Are Like That Too You Know. So He Isn't Really The Only Character Who Isn't Funny In That Show.

He is to

16 He has no purpose to the team. In the original he actually helped.

They don't even notice a difference when he's replaced by a random animal painted green! If that isn't proof, I don't know what is.

He dose help I can prove it he turn into animals what do you got to say now

Robin Pretty Much Does The Same Thing As He Does. But Worse.

What I'm saying now is that your grammar's horrible. NEED SOME ICE FOR THAT BURN BOY?!?!

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17 He has an annoying voice

His voice is SO annoying I can't stand it!

What he/she said!

18 He says "gots" instead of "got"

If you can rave mindlessly over a great show, shut up. But this one thing turns me into just as psychotic as you, you nut

19 His awful singing

I'd rather have a pitchfork in my brain or cut off my ears than listen to this whiny little sack of puke sing... He oughta be arrested for his crappy singing!

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20 He stinks

He never takes a shower or washes his hands, his room is always a disgusting pig sty, his breath is rancid and his body odor would make anyone pass out if not kill them! Beast Boy is a filthy dirty disgusting pig!

I Know Right. Tell Me About It. And Not Only That, But He's Possibly The Most Disgusting Character In That Show I Doubt Any Go! Character Will Ever Outrank Him.

Actually Starfire smells like strawberries.

He,s not always bad

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