Top 10 Reasons to Hate Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go!

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21 He is disgusting

Since when was Beast Boy a hoarder? He may not have been the most hygenic, but attracted to garbage in a crazy way? Way to go Cartoon Network for ruining what was a decent character, and putting shame on a super hero.


22 He's a prick

What dose that mean

23 He always tries to be way more "manly" and impressive than he actually is!

When he pretends to be intense, ya, he's anything but intense, along with other votes, he is quite wimpy

True. But you know that song to Terra called "Fade Away"? No? I'll tell you this part:
You can't fade away, the way I feel for you, there ain't no word that could say, what I'd do for you and every single day I make it through this game called life, it's always filled with pain and strife, blah blah blah, it's on the episode "Be Mine" on the Valentine's one.

24 He's self centered

He only seems to care about himself in the original he tried to help the others and give them advice.

He tried to make raven feel better after malchilr broke her heart. The original beast boy is so much better.

25 He's a prude.

He doe'snt mind walking in his undies and showed his butt to the audience,who was all of us.

26 He always calls Raven "mama"

I actually kinda like that part about him. If they ever scrap this trainwreck and do a reboot of teen titans, I hope they keep that part. It's kinda adorable

27 He Dropped an F Bomb to His Fans
28 He acts like a criminal

No. Not Really. Robin Is The One Who's Acting Like That. Not Him.

I Suppose He's Like That Sometimes, But Most Of The Time He's Not Like That.

Not true such a lie

Uh... His Criminalism Is Nothing Compared To Robin's.

29 He's boring

Aside from the said song up above. Fade Away, by Greg Cipes. You probably know this (Don't scream at me, don't scream at me..) but he's the lead singer in the band Cipes And The People, and the original song is my fave song and what I'm singing for my talent show at school. So one good thing came outta him. And it's a cartoon. I personally LOOOVE both shows and both Beast Boys, equally. I end up on the floor laughing hysterically at both of them

30 He's lazy

He's never listened or even clean up his mess in the best robin where he went to eat but he's just I can't

31 He's selfish

He acts a bit selfish in teen titans but in Go he's more selfish and ungrateful

32 He is a hoarder

He should be on hoarders buried alive.

In teen tanis go show show him as a hoarder he does not want to throwaway is trash end ot episode he keep all his trash like a hoarder it so bad there is a hobo living in his room right in his jank trash he dowa not care

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33 He's not as caring as the original

Why would you care? You say Robin doesn't deserve to live. He's the main one who makes hilarious faces and jabbers hilarious nonsense along with the others. I agree with some of these, but if you're gonna start raving mindlessly about how this show "must end and ruined our childhoods" go crawl into a hole with beast boy and robin and D IE! B y the way, I'm 11

He thinks he's sweet but what he to robin by shifting on him

The original beast boy from teen titans was a cool and caring he even saved terra and would appreciate what his friends do for him and returned the fover by helping them but the beast boy from teen titans go is selfcaring and a villain who kills his friends.

34 He's not a vegan

Why he always lyin?

35 He calls Raven "Mama"

And Terra. And any other cool girls.

36 He is constantly acting inappropriate

He's showing off his abs and junk. Ew. I literally want to throw up

37 He's a monster
38 He can't speak properly

He says "pic-a-nic" instead of picnic

39 He Is No Longer Dating Terra
40 He Is In Love With Raven
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