Top 10 Reasons to Hate Beliebers

Based on the list "Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber". If you hate him, FOLLOW ME! WE'LL TAKE HIM DOWN!

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1 They actually like Justin Bieber

Why do people like the moron known as Justin Bieber? - EpicJake

Either they're blind, have no taste in music, or just plain stupid. - BuckShot

LOL. I've met my people. - Fandom_Lover

They are brainwashed demons :P

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2 They're so annoying

Will you stop screaming over him you pathetic idiots?! He's never going to marry you, you'll never go on a date, that poster in your room that you make out with will never be real, GET OVER IT! - Pikachulover1

Yeah right he's annoying with his girly voice ughh - nothingbutcool

Metalheads are WAY better than these retarded fans. I even created a list why metalheads are better.

3 little girls going to justin bieber concert and then they scream like a baby mouse and then they keep screaming until their throats hurt! and then 2 little girls had a heart attack and then a really loud and annoying girls said WOULD YOU GO TO THE LAKE AND GO TO THE PARK WITH ME YEEEH! and I hate justin bieber! - RBF989

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3 They defend everything he does

I'm on a bet that they were like "Well, people will eventually get arrested. It's not his fault he got into jail" every time he was arrested. But really! If people would just obey the rules and do great things, They won't get In there. That's why he got into jail a lot of times. He does bad things against the law. Not because "everyone will go to jail eventually" - MLPFan

Justin drunk driving isn't a "mistake". It's a crime. - Minecraftcrazy530

He spat on them yet they are still loyal to him a lot! - Neonco31

"He punched a kid on the face! "
"He didn't mean it! "
"He abandoned his monkey! "
"So? Monkeys are ugly anyway! "
"You guys are so annoying! "
"Get over it! LOL I'm SO SAVAGE XDDD" - Ohno

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4 They were jealous of Selena Gomez

Not every belieber is jealous of her. Half of the beliebers love the jelena relationship

Again, GET OVER IT. You'll never go out with him, don't you get it?! He's not going to start dating some random ass fan he doesn't even know or care about! - Pikachulover1

5 They're tone deaf
6 They think he's cute

I should stop say 'he' because it's really an 'it. ' But yeah, how could you think this thing is actually attractive?! - Pikachulover1

7 They'll pay money for his hair

Yeah. Because that's totally how you find a husband. Buy a guy's hair, it's a real turn on. - Pikachulover1

He sold a lock of his hair for 30 million dollars online on eBay, or something

he's GAY

8 They think he's innocent

They are even saying that he did NOT go to jail when he did! - EpicJake

9 They never shut up

Beliebers are nothing but holier-than-thou mouthy little bastards!

Oh my God just shut up I don't want to hear your stupid fan girling! - Pikachulover1

10 They think everyone that hates him is jealous

Why on EARTH would we be jealous of a spoiled criminal who sounds like a girl?


Wtfff jealous on him? whyyy?

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? They post nudes

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11 They are almost as bad as Directioners

They are basically the same (the only difference is their so called idol) think about it.

Directioners are the worst, but Beliebers are a very close second.

BELIEBERS ARE THE WORST MUSIC FANS IN THE WORLD! And whoever made this list is actually a genius!

Directioners are the best, so if Beliebers are as bad as Directioners then they're not bad. 😏

12 They hate better artists

They call him the king of pop and we all know the real King of Pop will always be Michael Jackson!

Come on, get over it, Beliebers. There's still many artists that are much, much, much MORE AMAZING than Justin Beaver! Try listening to Ga1ahad and Scientific Witchery, Ikutoshitsuki, Happy Hallowedding, Wings of Piano, or The Longest Night. Let me see how long did that song I mentioned before is stuck in your mind.

And one of them says nobody likes The Beatles. Pathetic!

NO WONDER MAD 10'S VERSION OF THIS LIST GETS TOO MUCH HATE! 8( - The Ultimate Daredevil to nothingbutcool

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13 They are mean to people who don't like Justin Bieber

Me: I really don't like justin biebers baby that much. Belieber: you deserve to buuurn in helll! ( attacks me )

14 They want to have his baby

In conclusion, Beliebers are idiots. - Pikachulover1

Weirdest thing in the world ever saw

15 They are your average stupid American teenager

Ain't that the truth!

I'm glad I'm not a teen

Anonymousxcxc, this must be the reason why the MAD 10 version of the list of "Top 10 Reasons to Hate Beliebers" gets more dislikes than likes! This list rocks! >:(

You mean your average STEREOTYPICAL stupid American teenager because majority of people are not dumb and hate Bleeper (Bieber). - Anonymousxcxc

16 They think he is their husband

Uhhh, come on girls_-

17 They give death threats to Selena Gomez

How DARE they. As a proud Selenator, this makes me sad

They get too much undeserved praise for giving rock legends death threats. :(

18 They're psychopaths
19 They cut themselves

That's so sad and stupid to see these girls hurting themself for him or the other "celebrities" ( One Direction etc.) If Justin really cared for his fans, he would told them to stop cutting themselfs and what he did. Apsolutely NOTHING.

20 They think they have swag

I hate that word so much. Why does it even exist? Can't you just say "you're the man" instead?

Yeah. People say stuff like that to look cool. But It sounds immature than cool - MLPFan

I think SWAG stands for Secretly We Are Gay - TwilightKitsune

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