Top 10 Reasons to Hate Beliebers


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21 They think he's better than heavy metal and hard rock

This gets me mad he is not heavy he doesn't have a drummer,guitarist,bassist,or even a computer what heavy is the agonist,behemoth,kamelot, within temptation, nightwish,and expecially in this moment I will show them heavy

22 A fan actually spent $100K on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber

Okay that's not creepy at all. (Sarcasm). - Anonymousxcxc

Well that guy is dead.

23 They have no lives

Those beliebers who say that haters have no lives are TOTAL HYPOCRITES!

24 They're close-minded
25 They think rock and roll is the devil's music
26 They think he's better than Eminem

Nope - waraypiso

27 They think he's a role model

Seriously? He got surgery for his abs and biceps, and gets in trouble with the law, does drugs, and gropes underage girls at concerts. He ruined Selena

28 They demand us to love Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Jacob Sartorius and many other fake music artists
29 They go insane if they catch a glimpse of him
30 They need to listen to real music

Because Justin Bieber sounds more like a dying cat.

31 They are unhealthy
32 They think heavy metal is the devil's music

What an idiotic myth

33 They think he's attractive

It's down to opinion, but it's pretty stupid,

34 They're unpleasant
35 They're stupid
36 They're simpleminded
37 His fangirls may make someone deaf


Go to a place with Justin Bieber there this happens
Me:*goimg to a place with Justin Bieber there*
----------2 minutes later----------
My ears: *rings inside it* teeet
Fangirl: Are you a belieber?
Me: WHAT?!
Fangirl: I said are you a belieber?
Me: I think I'm deaf because of YOU BELIEBERS!
Fangirl:Is that a no or a yes
Me:Wait for two hours or until I can hear again also I just said I'M DEAF!
Fangirl:*leaves* - waterlover

38 They are hypocrites V 1 Comment
39 They consider him king of music

What! the beliebers must be deaf, cause any one with ears can tell that bieber's singing is equivalent to the sound of a dying donkey!

40 They have a go at anyone who's a Selenator or Directioner

Personally I'm in both fandoms so yeah

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