Top Ten Reasons to Hate Bella Thorne


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1 Can't Sing Dance or Act

She can't dance, sing, and act at all she should of never got the part on shake it up cause she really can't dance she should of been on the show so you know you can't dance

Whenever she dances she's like really stiff and whenever she's serious she ends up looking really retarded - BellaThornesuxx

The only thing she seems to be good for nowadays is sleeping around with different guys (and some girls, probably for the extra publicity). She keeps getting cast only based on her looks and social media followings, and I can't watch her act without cringing. She's just trying SO HARD to seem natural - and dramatically failing.

Yes...she is fake

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2 Dresses Like a Slut

She is one

She is just 17 and she's like ready to reveal her body. Well, there are many other actresses who dress to reveal but they are quite bigger than her in age. And no one's stopping her to wear them but it's not the right age

No sense of Style what so ever. Period.

She looks like a man sometimes. Why is she even famous

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3 Kind of Rude In Person

I know people have met her and say that she is rude because wit seems that all she cares about is her being in the show biz and it doesn't matter how bad she is - BellaThornesuxx

Have you seen Ricky Dillon's video on rude celebs? He explains his encounter on how he said hello with his friend (who knew bella) backstage and Bella looked at them in a bad way and walked away and moments after security was called on them, Ricky believes it was Bella Thorne.

She like said go away when I first met her bully alert

She cheated on all her boyfriends, bullied a fan

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4 Her Voice Is Auto Tuned

She cannot sing! Seriously she's terrible. I have no preference, but Zendaya sings much better that she does.

She's really fake and anorexic - BellaThornesuxx

So True. I hate Bella Thorne. - zehnlovatic

So true! I heard Call it Whatever, and one part is total autotune.

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5 Ttylxox (Song)

This song is so dumb that when I heard it, I turned it of after the Be be be my BFF laugh out loud. Plus, I looked up the lyrics and there like... Dumb - BellaThornesuxx

That song made me wanna throw up all over her face! That was the worst song I ever heard and I know a lot of songs!

This song is so fake, what happened to real music. But in her defense, she was really young when she did this and she just wanted to succeed. Unfortunately, that means singing dumb songs (like this one)

To her credit she probably didn't write it. So you can't really blame her since she's a Disney product.

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6 She Throws Rocks at Babies

What class of stupid rumor are that?

True she put my child in I-SIS-U

I can confirm. I was the rock

When I was 2 years old she threw a rock at me and now I have trauma

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7 She Looks Like a Transgendered Man

She played the popular girl in Duff. And she should've played the duff.

True true, at first when I saw her on snapchat I looked at her story and I thought she was a man.

One of the ugliest actresses today

I thought she was an actual boy in the movie Blended.

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8 Really Annoying

She really is annoying!

So annoying. Everything about her is annoying.

One of the most annoying celebs. But to me, Selena Gomez will always be the most annoying.

I look at her and want to die. That's how annoying she is

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9 Dated a Millions of People Yet Has Crushes

Isn't it misogynistic to judge someone's worth by the amount of people they've dated?

No she hasent

Is it okay to be in love?
She hasn't dated millions of people, all you've spreaded is millions of hate comments. Dated millions? That's illogical and stupid!
She can be in love if she wants, she can have crushes, so what?
BellaThornesuxx, check yourself, and your stupid username

Yeah, I mean shes pretty and all that but her heart, not so sure, shes dated lots of hot guys and yet still has crushes! ( one of them is dylan o'brien, which is also know as bae) I mean, seriously Bella! (slut)

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10 She is Flat Chested

I don't like Bella Thorne, but there is no excuse to body shame her.

Why should that make me hate her?

And What is the.problem?

Uh that's dumb

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11 She Uses Dyslexia As an Excuse to Get Her Way

She always uses that pathetic excuse for her flaunting. There are a million kids in the country who have dyslexia!

She insults people with dyslexia. - Minecraftcrazy530

Yeah! My sister has it, and tries her best at everything, and she's says it doesn't matter if you have that, it's no excuse for not trying your best.

That's an insult to the people with dyslexia

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12 She Tries Too Hard

In one of the Disney magazine's she said she wanted bigger boobs and forced herself to have them... GOOD JOB ON THAT

She dresses like a stripper.

Thinks shes so pretty

She's trying to break free from being an old Disney star when she took the easy route to being famous and now she want to be accepted, but she's not a 'bad bitch' like she's trying to look like, she's probably never done anything 'bad' in her life, being sexy isn't being bad, she definitely tries too hard. I don't respect her and never will. Terrible.

13 Looks Like a Clown With or Without Makeup

I'm sorry even zendaya looks better than her regarding no makeup or not - BellaThornesuxx

Actually, she is way better without makeup. She uses way too much like a lot of Disney celebrities do.

Yeah but the makeup is basically messing up her face (even though her face is already messed up and I'm a cosmetologist.

are you a cosmetologist hater die in a hole or enjoy life on the streets

Wow You sure?

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14 She Is a Whore

He slept around with different men to get into movies such as the duff! Can't act!

True, but so is pretty much every celebrity. But what makes Bella Thorne the worst is probably that she is a very bad person. She cheats on her partners and cheated with her brother's girlfriend.

Okay, so Bella Throne is a guy now? Shaking my head, people. - MorganChambz

The Hollywood Ho...

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15 She's a Wannabe

Wants to try to gain attention and on that wild and out show her team didn't deserve to win she didn't even talk in it so why let her win and Nick cannons team the gold team were much better

In all of her Instagram Pictures she stretches her non existent ass to the max and almost breaks her back smh

16 She's a Ginger

Why does THAT matter? Being ginger has nothing to do with her snobby attitude and being such a fake!

Okay, I hate BELLA
Period. But I think that this one, is really just plain rude.

I honestly don't like Bella. But that doesn't mean that people should hate on her because of her ginger coloured hair. I DON'T see nothing wrong with Gingers.

Hayley williams is a ginger too and she is very lovely, this reason are pointless

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17 She's Worse Than Her Character On "Shake It Up"

Cece is so annoying.

She basically acted like a bitch I like zendaya better

18 She Hates Pewdiepie

You guys know how stupid this is so what she does not like something does not mean you should be rude to her

So do I, who cares?

Thank you for telling dis I'm am no longer a fan of hers

She dissed Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellburg Pewdiepie at the teen choice awards when announcing the nomanies saying,

Felix something something something, you know what show up if you want to hear the rest of your name!

I hope everyone starts to hate her and her career as a actress singer turns.

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19 Is a Famewhore

Always showing off her "voice" which is auto tuned!

She takes all the attention from Zendaya! I mean Zendaya is also one of the lead roles come on. - PeyPeylist

All she likes to do is take pictures and take credit for lame . She acts like she has won an Oscar.

She was on "Late night with Jimmy Fallon" when Zendaya is a lot more interesting.

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20 Stars In Shake It Up

It's supposedly THE worst show in disney - BellaThornesuxx

She should of been on so you know you cannot dance

21 She is trying to be cool like smoking weed on Snapchat, getting tattoos
22 She Can't Sing

She can't sing for her life.

Her voice is autotoned! Get over yourself witch, I have heard so many people sing so much better!

I hate her voice.

Me neither but I don't complain

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23 Not a Role Model

Where is the me too movement? They should be all over this skanky hoe.

Totally agree

24 Her Fans Are Rude

Whoever it is that commented "you didn't just call me rude", well they did, and by commenting your voting for this cause so.

I know you did not just call me rude!
These are stupid reasons

25 She Is Constantly Stealing All the Hot Guy Celebs

Like you see her with 5 different celeb guys in the same day.

26 Can't Read

She has Dyslexia. Of course she can't read well!

She thinks I is your eye rjat makes no sense.

27 She sticks out her butt all the time even though she doesn't have a big butt its small

Wow! THAT is what makes her no different from the extremely infamous Pokégirl Serena!

She sticks out her nonexistent butt A LOT on snapchat when its clear she doesn't have a big butt

28 She has tattoos

Wow What a crime

29 Is on Disney Channel

SO Disney Channel should be a shamed Bella is on their chanel

30 She Is Really Stupid

My only beef with her is the try-hard attitude. I've heard she's young, so maybe that's the problem. In many ways I see her body language as that of a spoiled teen. I'm not hating, I'm just observing and coming to a conclusion. My final thoughts are that she, like many teen Disney actors, got popular way too fast and she now has no clue how to be herself without being tabloid bait. If she avoids train wrecks like Cyrus or Lohan, she'll survive. As much as I'm annoyed with Swift, at least she keeps her clothes on.

She's is really stupid.

YA she is stupid bro

Bella is ugly she�'s fat and she made terrible plastics.

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31 She Acts Like She Is a 5SOS Groupie

It's not hate, it's called an opinion. If you just piss on other people's opinions, why the heck did you click on the link? It's the top ten reasons to hate bella thorne for God sakes! Of course no one is going to say nice things about her so take your OWN hate and keep your mouth shut unless you have something smart to say.

She tweets them all the time acting as if they are friends

So what if they're friends? Is it really your decision? Is it your job to be spreading hate?

32 She's Annoying

Her acting is so obnoxious whenever I see her in a movie I change it

33 She smokes weed

Why does every Disney star get away from Disney and go crazy like they're trying to prove I'm an adult now l can do or dress anyway I want. Zendaya is a better role model

I just saw on her leaked snapchat

34 She Uses Her Love Life to Cause Drama
35 She Always Plays Mean Girls

For someone who says she's been teased, she can play a really good bully

No! No I am about to kill all of you

36 She's Ugly

Bella make plastics and got fat in the face. And in every film she makes paper dumb and bad.

37 Really Stupid

She can't act good in person or in public also hates Zendaya.

Don't lmow how to act in public

38 Thinks she's better than everyone

I only started following Bella on snapchat because she was shooting a movie with my favorite YouTuber. As so as I started getting updates from her stories I realized that all she really cared about was showing off her success, money, and fame. She's constantly bragging about how good she did her makeup, also shows of her designer clothes to make her seem superior. We get it you're successful you don't need to throw it in everyone's faces.

39 She is Fake and You Can Tell In Her Acting.

Everything she is in she tries to pout her lips or purse them and it's ugly she can't pull it off and how she acts in movies it's like she is trying to hard to be something she is obviously not and she is terrible at acting.

40 She's a Screeching SJW

She doesn't shave her pits and she's an enormous sjw retard.

41 Has Had Multiple STDs Throughout Her Young Adult Life

Has had chlamydia more than a few times. Sad she probably passed it on to more people than we even know. How can someone with such trash make up and personality even sleep with so many men.

42 Annoying Voice

I hate her voice.

43 She's Rude

I feel bad I paid a ton of money just to talk to her and she ignored me She IS RUDE

My friend wanted to get her autograph but Bella ignored all her fans and pushed past them. She wouldn't sign any autographs to those few ans that she did have at one point.

44 She Acts Like She Can Do Anything


45 Her Breath Smells

Her latest boyfriend Benjamin said it smells bad and also Scott Disick dumped her due to bad smell.

46 Very Immature and emotionally unstable

She has bye polar

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