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21 She Can't Sing

Her voice is autotoned! Get over yourself witch, I have heard so many people sing so much better!

I hate her voice.

Me neither but I don't complain

I hate it when people say things like that.You are actually telling someone they are not good enough because they have small boobs! I have small boobs and there is no bad thing about it.Having small boobs is better than having big boobs.

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22 She is trying to be cool like smoking weed on Snapchat, getting tattoos
23 She Is Constantly Stealing All the Hot Guy Celebs

Like you see her with 5 different celeb guys in the same day.

24 Can't Read

She has Dyslexia. Of course she can't read well!

She thinks I is your eye rjat makes no sense.

25 Is on Disney Channel

SO Disney Channel should be a shamed Bella is on their chanel

26 She Acts Like She Is a 5SOS Groupie

It's not hate, it's called an opinion. If you just piss on other people's opinions, why the heck did you click on the link? It's the top ten reasons to hate bella thorne for God sakes! Of course no one is going to say nice things about her so take your OWN hate and keep your mouth shut unless you have something smart to say.

She tweets them all the time acting as if they are friends

So what if they're friends? Is it really your decision? Is it your job to be spreading hate?

27 She's Annoying

Her acting is so obnoxious whenever I see her in a movie I change it

28 She has tattoos

Wow What a crime

29 Not a Role Model

Totally agree

30 Her Fans Are Rude

Whoever it is that commented "you didn't just call me rude", well they did, and by commenting your voting for this cause so.

I know you did not just call me rude!
These are stupid reasons

31 She Is Really Stupid

My only beef with her is the try-hard attitude. I've heard she's young, so maybe that's the problem. In many ways I see her body language as that of a spoiled teen. I'm not hating, I'm just observing and coming to a conclusion. My final thoughts are that she, like many teen Disney actors, got popular way too fast and she now has no clue how to be herself without being tabloid bait. If she avoids train wrecks like Cyrus or Lohan, she'll survive. As much as I'm annoyed with Swift, at least she keeps her clothes on.

She's is really stupid.

YA she is stupid bro

Bella is ugly she´┐Ż's fat and she made terrible plastics.

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32 She Always Plays Mean Girls

For someone who says she's been teased, she can play a really good bully

No! No I am about to kill all of you

33 She's Ugly

Bella make plastics and got fat in the face. And in every film she makes paper dumb and bad.

34 Really Stupid

She can't act good in person or in public also hates Zendaya.

Don't lmow how to act in public

35 She is Fake and You Can Tell In Her Acting.

Everything she is in she tries to pout her lips or purse them and it's ugly she can't pull it off and how she acts in movies it's like she is trying to hard to be something she is obviously not and she is terrible at acting.

36 She sticks out her butt all the time even though she doesn't have a big butt its small

She sticks out her nonexistent butt A LOT on snapchat when its clear she doesn't have a big butt

37 She smokes weed

Why does every Disney star get away from Disney and go crazy like they're trying to prove I'm an adult now l can do or dress anyway I want. Zendaya is a better role model

I just saw on her leaked snapchat

38 Annoying Voice

I hate her voice.

39 She's Rude

I feel bad I paid a ton of money just to talk to her and she ignored me She IS RUDE

My friend wanted to get her autograph but Bella ignored all her fans and pushed past them. She wouldn't sign any autographs to those few ans that she did have at one point.

40 She Acts Like She Can Do Anything


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