Reasons to Hate Ben 10 Omniverse

Ben 10 Omniverse is the worst sequel of the original series ever! It almost killed Ben 10 and there are the reasons for why this show sucks so much.

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1 The universe is replaced by a copy

Everything and everyone in the universe is dead and replaced by a copy. The only survivor is Ben, who doesn't do anything to prevent it from happening.

Ben doesn't even give a damn that everything and everyone is dead and replaced! He should of been able to undo the destruction of the universe, just like what he did to the broken dam the first time he used Alien X.

Then later on, Ben goes to court for re-creating the universe (How could any of them had known about it? ) And it's explained that the Celesapiens have "Re-created the universe multiples times" And that's the excuse they give for the change in art styles. what! IT"S JUST AN ART STYLE! IT DOESN"T AFFECT THE BEN 10 UNIVERSE! If it did, everyone there would know about it and we'd see the OS flashbacks in OS style, and UAF flashbacks in UAF style! It just comes to show that Omniverse always took place in alternate timeline.

2 Making Ben a selfish arrogant kid again

This Ben is lame and stupid.

No watch ben is kind sweet friendly and caring
he is not selfish and and mean unlike ben and young ben

no watch ben is better than ben.

I miss the intelligent mature Ben. The new Ben from Omniverse is a bratty prick.

No kidding. It's such a shame that he regressed. What was Man of Action thinking?! Honestly, those fans of the original Ben 10 who whined about the seriousness of Aline Force and Ultimate Alien should just suck it up learn to deal with the rights types of change. Besides, it's good to mature and bad to regress. And so, I side with all who favor the mature intelligent Ben over the troublesome one.

But what's just as bad is the remake of Ben 10. It seems as though MOA (Man of Action) wants many viewers to regress mentally instead of progress. Well, shame on them for that. If I'm in charge of that group, I'd forbid any overly humorous stuff in the Ben 10 franchise and have it stick to being serious a lot. After all, serious entertainment is now and forever kind of amusement instead of the funny type.

3 Gwen and Kevin are so boring.

I don't believe that they are. Instead, they're off-putting to me in other ways.

They're boring? Since when?

Boring to tears. Why reboot all the time. No got to stop.


4 Hiring derrick J. Wyatt as the new art-director

Worst director ever. He screwed up Rath's awesomeness.

The new omniverse art gives me a headache. It's too bright, too weird, and I hate the way they made Max.

Seriously, this guy really screwed Ben 10. He should be fired!

He is such a dweep and there's no connection in the series and the team they just screwed it up, boring!

5 Adding anime faces

Gwen face just too scary even my 25 year old cousin frightened.

I swear, most of those faces are terrible. Omnierse gwen's faces are really scary.

6 Replacing Gwen and Kevin with Rook

Oh sorry. I forgot to put "serious" between "like" and "folks." Anyway, I like boring and serious beings instead of funny and exciting ones.

This new partner is boring as hell. He can't replace Gwen and Kevin!

This is lame... weak... and lame...
I only liked Ben 10 the original!

I used to love Gwent & Kevin. Rook is stupid!

7 The new dumb jokes

Every joke from this show is stupid.

No kidding! If this show never had any jokes and never will, I'd like it. What would also make me like it more are these:

1. its animation's being the same as its predecessors.

2. its major seriousness

3. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin actually growing up together

4. the same half-Earthlings teaming up with Rook

8 Transforming Gwen in a nerd with glasses

Her design got the same treatment as Ben's personality - is no one ever allowed to actually grow and evolve to something New anymore?

She shouldn't wear glasses.

It looks weird

9 Disrespected the work of Dwayne McDuffie

You can also include that much of ben 10 omniverse is copy work - ballfrag is a copy of a other cartoon character, new omnitrix design copied from dial h comics, simian's hair style from x-men, gwen going to magic school is another copy of harry potter going to magic school. All aliens wear cloths - things have gone much more serious than the original series, it's odd to find aliens wearing clothes- loss of sophistication.

Ben used alien x thrice. Impossible.

There are probably six episodes where ben is found stupidly wasting time with girls.

Alternate ben 10's - are they even credible - benzarro for example. In one episode graveattack was shown bigger than humangasour.

Many other point aren't coming to my mind. But there are more.

Derrick J Wyatt destroyed all of the work that Dwayne expanded.

10 Making Kevin to look like Frankenstein

Seriously he looks like a troll in omniverse who never took a bath

Screw you, Derrick J. Wyatt! You ruined Kevin's handsomeness!

The Contenders

11 Ben and Julie broke up

Julie cheat on ben she is mean bossy and selfish she is not right girl for ben
she is bad girlfriend for ben

I really love Julie's character and yes I still ship her and Ben. I feel... pissed... bad? Because they broke up. She's the first romantic interest of the main character that didn't seem to be a damsel in distress just because screw it, Ben is the hero.

Like what? Fans would have love to seen them both get married

12 It ended on a cliffhanger
13 Ben is annoying

Yea, Omniverse Ben ain't that good.

i agree

14 Most aliens are too different from what they used to look like

Agreed. My favourite alien Rath: what the HELL did these morons do to him?! starting from his design and ending with him being way weaker and vulnerable in comparison to the Original Rath. Current MOA teamwork sucks!

Uh no I disagree

15 The new intro song

It's too techno for my tastes.

16 The new aliens

Most of them aren't special at all.

17 It's too funny

To the dude on the bottom take your own advise! Serious out of all of the whole series only two seasons are mature out of the eighteen you can call Omniverse fans hating on you, what are you doing exactly hypothetical jackass, you act like it's so bad but it's not! Alien Force would have killed the series if they didn't revert Ben back and have a sense of humor instead of being more plain that a bagel. And the series shows Ben's inner demons but you're to blind with nostalgia!

i agree

Therefore, I favor Ben 10: Alien Force and Ultimate Alien because they're more mature and serious like me. And all Omniverse fans who bitch at us haters should shut the hell up and shove their love of that damn show up their asses.

18 Kevin's not an alien anymore
19 Ruining Professor Paradox

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Professor Paradox was someone who was a guide for our characters, only acting when he needed to, and a great mentor.

In Omniverse, Paradox just attacks people with a cane because of a "Time War." Which isn't really a Time War when it mostly takes place in the present.

20 Ruined Kevin Levin

Omniverse ruined Kevin's character development. If Devin Levin never existed, then Kevin wouldn't have existed either.

21 Adding Blukic and Driba as recurring characters

The only thing I actually hate about the show

These two galvans began to appear in every damn episode. They are so lame and unfunny. The worst comic reliefs ever! They deserve to be fired from the plumbers.

22 They made ben 10 arrogant & stupid instead of matured

Seriously, is this the message they want to give to their audience to be arrogant and dumb and why tf ben is trying so hard to be cool and edgy. The Animation sucks too bright & over the top colours cartoonish look it's a joke.

23 Ben looks like a Werewolf

Look at that face

24 Reusing the same music

Omniverse keeps using the same generic music for every episode, over and over and over again?

25 Making the Celespaiens responsible for the art style changes.

Who the hell thought that was a good idea? If they were responsible for the changes in art style, they doesn't anyone ever notice the changes?

26 Pointless cameo from Cow And Chicken
27 Gwen is a know it all

Just can't stand her

28 Ben is now arrogant

Seriously, In the OS, Ben may have been a selfish Arrogant jerk, but that was because he was 10. In Omniverse, they give the excuse that he's 16, so he shouldn't be too serious. Like what the heck? What were the writers thinking, ruining his character development. Oh, not to mention that he only eats Smoothies and Chili Fries, and when he does eat chili fries, it's usually sloppy. Honestly, if I were Yuri, I'd leave.

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