Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Black Lives Matter Movement

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They Pretend that Black-On-Black Crime Doesn't Exist
They Believe Police Brutality Only Happens to Black People

Black people account for 40% of police brutality while only comprising 13% of the population. There are other numbers depending on the time but every statistic, no matter the source or date shows that these number do not line up with the population. That's why I used the word disproportionate -- because numbers are far more nuanced than that.

It's a fact that more whites have been killed by police than blacks so they need to stop their whining

Fact: It happens more to white people than blacks.

It still does disproportionally affect minorities. And no not because they're more likely to commit crimes or have dangerous weapons (which, to clarify, they are not)

They Hijack Events

Why the hell can't I watch my play without BLM cancer interrupting it. - m00nm4n

They Believe Saying "All Lives Matter" and "Blue Lives Matter" is Racist

Because it kind of is. Like if one house was on fire, you wouldn't ask for the whole street to be doused in water because "all houses matter" -- you just hose the house on fire. The same way you wouldn't send relief efforts to a country that experienced no tragedy because "all countries matter".

Black Lives Matter is a campaign that opposes the internalized idea in America that suggests that somehow, Black Lives don't matter. No evidence shows that anyone believes white lives do not matter, which is the crucial difference.

You're saying only black people deserve to live and anybody who thinks differently is a racist. You sound really racist with that comment. Also you're Chinese, not black, so you're saying that your life doesn't matter. Care to elaborate?

"Like if one house is on fire..." What a load of crap, and it's BLM's talking points, word for word. "Crucial difference? " It's cute how you think you know what you're talking about. "No evidence shows that anyone believes white lives do not matter." Really? Blacks commit violent crimes against whites at a rate of more than fifty times the reverse. Ever heard of a black criminal being charged with a "hate crime? "

Maybe because when the thugs get killed it's usually self defense

Wasn't going to accuse you of being "irrelevant," but it may just be the smartest thing you've suggested thus far. Stop parroting patently false and thoroughly discredited BLM talking points. Blacks and Latinos have the highest rates of exposure to the criminal justice system simply because they have the highest rates of participation in crime.

They Start Riots
They Defend Criminals

It literally started to gain justice for a criminal! - 445956

They Don't Wait for Facts and Evidence
George Soros Funds the Movement
They Call Black People "Coons" and "Uncle Toms" for Disagreeing with Them
They Believe Only White People Can Do Wrong

If a black does something wrong, they always have a crappy excuse for it, like 'He wasn't trained well at home' or 'He was angry because he was poor'. Yet they will attack every White/Asian without any reason. - TwilightKitsune

There was a thug that was killed during an armed home invasion and his family said "How else was he gonna get money." Load of crap - bobbythebrony

What's weird is a lot of Black Lives Matter composes of white people. Most black people don't care. - IronSabbathPriest

The Contenders

They Condone Murdering Cops
They are Racists
They Support Criminals
They're Hypocrites
They Don't Condemn Yusra Khogali
They Get Away with Domestic Terrorism

They go start a riot, wreck police cars, burn down biuldings, kill innocent people, block traffic then they call it " justice" this just pisses everyone off. We should go out and start slaughtering these bitches. And whenever the poor Police officers try to do something about it, they call it " police brutality" what

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