Response to the list: Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Black Lives Matter

I was looking through list on the Top Tens as I normally do, but then I stumbled across this list as you see in the title, "Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Black Lives Matter Movement. The list in my opinion, makes me sick and upset seeing how people can have so much hatred in their hearts on group that is trying make the U.S a better place for minorities. I feel like most people who can't see the racism that has been going on in the United States has misunderstood the Black Lives Matter Movement. Now I'm going to read of the items on the list and respond to them.

1. They Pretend that Black-On-Black Crime doesn't exist.
Black lives matter does know that Black on Black Crime does in exist in the African American community.
That's what the American Media likes to tell you.

2. They Hijack Events
Those are people who claim they're Black Lives Matter, but actually they are not. The people who do this stuff are just doing it to make them look bad.

3. They Believe Saying, "All Lives Matter" and "Blue Lives Matter" is Racist
It actually does mean you're being a racist when saying those words. All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter are just groups of people who try to copy black people each time we want to make the U.S. a better place for everyone. Basically, these groups were made based off of fear of sharing privileges with others who are suffering this country.

4. They believe Police Brutality only happens to Black People.
Again, this is what the media told you. They know that Police Brutality happens to other races, but it's mostly black males that are always targets. Think about it, when they see a white male with a black hoodie nothing happens, but when a black male wears it he's shot dead. The situation with the 12 year old black boy got shot dead for having a toy gun. Imagine if a white child had a toy gun. Will he be shot by a police officer?

5. They start Riots
Black Lives Matter also have peaceful protest. They just have people who like to mess it up. On the National News and certain Conservative YouTube Channels, they tend to like to show the bad Side of BLM and act as if they the worst of America when they're not.

6. They Defend Criminals
No, they defend people who were innocently killed by police or be sentenced long years in prison for nothing. Yes, I know Micheal Brown was robbing a store, but it wasn't necessary for the police officer to shoot him dead.

7. They don't wait for facts and evidence
They do, BLM is just fed up with violence, unfairness, and injustice of white supremacy.

8. George Soros funds the movement
George Soros funding the movement is not a good reason to hate them. If people want to donate money to them, then it's their choice. If you don't like it then don't pay them any attention

9. They Call Black people *certain black racial slurs* for disagreeing with them.
The Black people who disagree with them tend to call them racial slurs themselves. It's BLM that is constantly being attacked for disagreeing with the justice system and police brutality.

10. They Believe Only White People Can Do Wrong
No, they don't. I've never heard Black Live Matter said that statement. They're just sick of the White Supremacy in America. I've got some examples, whenever Daquan, Jose, Satoshi, or Ameer shoot a white police officer they are put on National news stations like CNN or Fox. When Jimmy does it, it's on Local News. All races have they're psychopaths, but why does it seem like when a Black or Latino male does it everyone goes crazy.

11. They Condone murdering Cops
No, they don't condone murdering cops. The last item on the list is totally not true. Again this is what the media and certain conservative YouTube channels say.

In conclusion, we must remember that each time groups like BLM try to make America a better place for minorities there are people that can't accept the truth because they don't want to share privileges with others. This post will probably makes some users angry and I will probably lose some followers, but you got to understand just because it's the 21th century doesn't mean we're still in the 1900s.