Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Book of Job

This book is absolutely awful! One of the worst books in the bible! Many people parade this book as deep and meaningful without actually reading it nor questioning its messed up content. It also touts an immoral message in which the religious folk fail to see for themselves. Nobody should follow this garbage nor should they teach other people about it because it's something that looks like it was written by a common bully.

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1 It Shows How Cruel God Really Is

Seriously! Job is supposed to be very loyal to God yet God (like a complete jerk) ends up taking away his family and possessions, turning him ugly and completely ruining his life! This is seriously screwed up and I can't believe people actually praise this book. If only people would wake up and realize how atrocious this book really is! - GodIsHell

Wow, dude. You're really edgy. - phillysports

2 Job's Children and Servants Were Killed

And what makes it worse is that Job's 10 children were all replaced by newer children from God. This is another reason I hate this book so much because it values material possessions over sons and daughters. As any parent who has lost a child can tell you: One child does not replace another! - GodIsHell

3 God Literally Made a Deal with the Devil

God literally made a deal with the devil? Isn't that supposed to be sinful? This just proves how much of a huge hypocrite God can truly be at times. - GodIsHell

No. He **GAVE** the Devil **PERMISSION** to do his worst. The Devil cannot do anything, without first consulting God, no matter how much he hates God. - clusium

4 It Has an Immoral Message

It says that Job might not actually love God, that he's only a good person because God rewards him. Because of this, God ends up destroying his kids and possessions and infecting him. I get that people shouldn't really fake being good just to get what they want but was it really necessary of God to completely destroy his life? That doesn't make God any better than Job. If anything it makes him a lot worse than Job because of how far he went to teach Job a lesson! He really should've thought of something more cleaver rather than murder and grief. - GodIsHell

5 God Kills Job's Children Only to Return Twice the Amount

Meaning that he gave him 10 more new kids, and Job's supposed to be fine with that. Like I said on item number 2, ONE CHILD DOES NOT REPLACE ANOTHER! - GodIsHell

6 Many Religious People Are Told About This Book But Don't Read or Question It Themselves

Is it really a surprise though considering how most religious people don't even read their own flipping book? And they call themselves true Christians. - GodIsHell

7 People Actually Praise It

It's considered the most profound work of the entire Old Testament. It's nothing but overrated bully porn that nobody even criticizes that much because of how sadistic it is. Hopefully more people are waking up and realizing that this book is horrible and that nobody should listen to it (or the whole bible for that matter). - GodIsHell

This is because those people take the time to meditate on the deeper truths of the Bible, which Jehovah can only give to those who are interested and allow him to. If you go against the Bible and/or are not interested in it, how can you appreciate it?

8 God Ends Up Scaring Job Into Submission

Just read a few of these from Job 38:1-39:30

"Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? "

"Do you know where the gates of death are located? "
"Who created a channel for the torrents of rain? "
It just keeps going on. This chapter states that God is only challeneging Job but it honestly looks like God is being more of a complete douchebag than he already is. Some god of love he is. - GodIsHell

9 Job Suffers So Much That He Actually Wishes He Was Never Born

He even goes as far as to cursing the day he was born. It's almost like he doesn't even matter as a person anymore. This makes the book even more hard to read. - GodIsHell

10 God Infected Job with Boils

This even gets Job's wife disgusted in which she just tells him to die already. Isn't God just wonderful (sarcasm)? - GodIsHell

No he didn’t Satan did

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