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1 They kill girls and women for no reason

This list is sexist, and no, not all boys are violent, in fact, some boys are very calm and non violent. If this is true, then why are there some male guys considered to be non violent and peaceful? Girls can be violent and tough too, they are not all innocent damsels in distress. - AnimeDrawer

By "boys", the original poster is talking about men as well as boys. And even if he/she did not, I heard a story about an 11-year-old boy (Benjamin Tiller) that killed an 8-year-old girl (McKayla Dyer) just because she would not let him see her puppies. Also, there was a story of a 2-year-old boy that shot and killed his own mom at a Walmart in Idaho. Those stories were proof that boys kill female human beings as well as men. If you do not believe me, then please google those 2 stories. - anonygirl

I'm a girl and, I'm saying they don't. I have a friend that's a boy who's very non-violent. He does his best to avoid violence. And each gender is capable of killing each other. There have been girls who killed people too. They even hurt people severely. It's not true. Only some boys are violent. This list is pretty sexist.

Because they say they care but they really don't

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2 They grow up to be extremely violent

And women can't grow up to be violent as well? My dad did not grow up to be violent, neither did a lot of men. In fact, the majority of men grow up normal rather than violent, the only men that grow violent are those with mental issues or had a horrible past. - AnimeDrawer

Not all males are jerks. Not all females are prissy princesses. - mayamanga

This list is so sexist...

Ever heard the term "tomboy? " - CloudInvasion

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3 They're misogynists

Stereotype much?

Um If I was misogynists why would I have a girlfriend - TragicalRobin72

I've met several boys who are respectful of many people around them. - CloudInvasion

How do you flag a list?

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4 They treat girls like property

Not all do yet again...

Um...Ok... this list is total ass. Your not my property my moms not my property my girlfriends not my property my sisters not my property. Happy now - TragicalRobin72

Noo... they don't

Nope majority actually respect women! mindblowing I know - Randomator

5 They sexually abuse girls

Stop with the damn stereotypes!

Idiot list, - DCfnaf

Stop it I'm a gjrl and I find this sexist so go away - Ihateschool

Most don’t. This list is ass - Randomator

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6 They exclude girls from engineering and sports just because they're girls

Nah, guys usually pick girls. And the average dudes like me get left out. - DCfnaf

Actually, girls are more likely to be recruited to different occupations and fields. - CloudInvasion

Really yesterday some guys let me play city with them - Ihateschool

And girls exclude guys from teaching babysitting,etc - Randomator

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7 They're bullies

Basically with this logic girls can't be bullies? My brain is cringing so hard by reading this list.

Despite YOU saying that all boys are rapists and evil - Yatagarasu

Boy.. I'm no bully if I see a girls id down I take her to get an ice cream or something. - TragicalRobin72

Wait until you meet me. - CloudInvasion

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8 They're annoying

Wait a minute. How could you make a list. Do you know how many things things boys have created? Without boys, no one will exist because men and women need to work together to reproduce. Without men, there wouldn't be Apple, Microsoft, Airplanes, Movies and more. Why would you hate boys? It's better to thank them for everything that they've contributed to Earth. Not all boys are rude and disrespectful. There are boys out there, like me, who care about women and appreciate what they've done. Please delete this list because it can affect the activity and popularity of this site. Peace out. - davakoh

With lists like this, men are going to treat women worse because they'll think that all women insult men and think they're all monsters. I'm a man, and I have to say that for any women who discriminates against men, I have absolutely NO respect for. Most of you are treated better somehow, and yet, you girls all still complain about your dirty new skirt and what to buy at the mall. Men have done so much good to the world; without these contributions, we'd probably still be living in the Dark Ages. No, I'm not hating on women and I am all for equality, but every time I see a radical feminist demonize men like that, I get just a little closer to hating women.

Guys listen to me. I made this list for several reasons here:

1. My brother

He's so bloody annoying and bossy. He's been like this since he was 3. I know, it's pretty stupid but trust me.

2. There was a list that was called "reasons to hate girls"

I got so mad when I saw this crap. I was very upset that I decided to make an opposite of it. I guess I've gone too far.

3. Lots of people like stuff that's more for boys than girls.

For example, people like big hero 6 better than frozen. Big hero 6 is more for boys and frozen is more for girls. I just feel like that girls are most hated and boys are most loved. Boys are not better than girls, and girls are not better than boys. Both genders should be equal.

I'm super and seriously sorry for making this list. Please forgive me.

Don't take your anger here. Go take a walk or play soccer or something. - Ultron123

This is silly. EVERYONE is fully capable of being super annoying, regardless of gender.

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9 They judge girls by their looks and not their personalities

You're a hypocrite. Number 10 on the list is "they're ugly". So in other words, when guys judge girls by looks and not personalities it's bad but when girls do it, it's perfectly okay? Everyone teenage girl out there seems to be into Justin Bieber! Enough said. - DCfnaf

Girls do the same thing hypocrite!

Even though I find most of this list sexist, I actually agree with this one. - anonygirl

And girls don't? Pfft. - CloudInvasion

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10 They think they rule TheTopTens

That's not true. I'm a boy & I don't rule TheTopTens. I find your definition of rule as owning. I don't own this website. Somebody else does. Whether they're a boy, or a girl, that point of this website is not to argue over which gender rules them all. The point of this website is to have Top 10 lists. I am officially offended by this list. Whoever you are, you should NOT think of all this.

Who said that boys rule this site? - Delgia2k

What? There are tons of popular girls on this site, as many as boys. No boy has ever acted superior on the site. I know the list is just stupid, but someone needs to tell you this item is just plain wrong. - Songsta41

The most followed user is a girl, what are you talking about? - CloudInvasion

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11 They insult girls

Are you serious! Girls insult guys just as much as! And it's not all men either, woman are the just as bad! I'm a girl and I think your just being mean and that your just some angry feminist!

You say that we insult girls. Then you call us annoying and ugly. And you wanna know what we boys call it, Missy? Sexism and Irony. You have no reason to treat us like that. A few men do beat their wives, but that's because they are either alcoholics or addicted to crack. It's not like God just decided that woman should be superior cause they got the looks. We are all equal! If you don't understand, find a new website that actually allows sexists.

I like the irony here. You criticize boys for insulting girls, and yet, you have absolutely no problem insulting men and hating them. Quite a double standard if I do say so myself.

Have you not read your own list? - CloudInvasion

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12 They under-perform girls in school

So not true I am a girl and I am a genius in class much smarter than the guys - Ihateschool

You read it wrong. It says boys perform worse than girls, not the other way around. - anonygirl

No, lots of boys and girls are very smart.

Most of the top students at my school are girls. - CloudInvasion

Then how come the smartest people are boys - Randomator

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13 They don't mind getting dirty

That's why we would be good in the military

Point? I don't mind getting dirty (not the sexual kind) and I'm a girl! - RiverClanRocks

Uh and what's wrong with that!? That's not even a bad thing!?

Hey, flatface. Who said girls don't mind a little dirt either? - CloudInvasion

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14 They fart a lot

Farting is natural. You're an idiot

That is so wrong every body dose that! I'm a girl and don't agree with your list!

Uh and girls don't? Girl fart just as much as boys you dumb feminist!

Last I checked, it's a natural act within the normal human body (and other species as well). - CloudInvasion

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15 They pee standing up

You're just jealous of our ability. - PetSounds

Well actually it's better for you to pee sitting you might have a nice ability but to pee standing up but females can make and give a life so we win - Jada

Lol WHAT THE BISCUITS?! Boys are suppose to do that! Who's the idiot who made this? - Chaotixhero

I bet the person who made it is a boy who's just trolling or something - kosdff

Girls can do it too. And why is this even a reason?

This list gets weirder the further I go. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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16 They like stupid shows

What!? I'm a girl and I like to watch shows that most guys like, there not stupid, actually a lot of the time guy shows are a lot better than shows girls like!

Some girls watch stupid shows too! Not all guys like bad shows and neither do all girls! - RiverClanRocks

99% of the shows we watch are critically acclaimed. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Flash, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy. What do girls watch? Just a bunch of Disney Channel comedies and reality shows about teen moms.

I am a girl and I don't watch Disney Channel sitcoms or reality shows. I mostly watch older sitcoms. - anonygirl

The shows they like aren’t as stupid as this reason or this list - Randomator

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17 They think they are the best at everything

And yet, there are some girls out there who feel that they are superior to men? Knowing you, I guess it's okay for women to think they're all high and mighty, but once a man does the exact same thing, you complain about it like someone killed your family. Right? Again, double standards.

These sexism lists are the dumbest ones on the site. You realize that guys and girls both do these things, and not ALL of them do. Stop making sexist lists like this, or leave this site to those of us with a brain in our skulls. - Garythesnail

Some guys are like this but some girls are like this too! Gosh! - RiverClanRocks

Just like you think girls are superior to men. - Randomator

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18 They are crybabies

Look, it's natural for people to cry and it shouldn't be abhorred, whether it's a girl or guy who's doing it. Humans cry when they're hurt, physically, emotionally, or otherwise, and there is absolutely nothing wrong it with. We have tear ducts for a reason.

Er, no. Some guys cry for stupid reasons but most of the time they don't! Most of the time girls are the ones who are crybabies. Even I'm like that sometimes! - RiverClanRocks

Yeah I can think of many girls who are crybabies, not one boy except my brother! - sryanbruen

You girls cry more then us Men. We Men cry Manly Tears and Hardly. You girls cry over a slight make up gone wrong and a bad hair day so shut up you feminist or girly girl who is jealous.

Look who’s talking.

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19 Girls could have the same issues

Yes, in fact they can be worse sometimes. By the way, I am a girl. - anonygirl

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20 They're over-privileged

Yet women aren't?

I am a only child and I don't get spoiled. - Ultron123

21 Most trolls are men

I've run into a lot of trolls, both male and female. I haven't seen or heard of any proof that most trolls are men. If you are going to put things like this on the list, at least get some evidence to back it up.

Most of the trolls I see are girls younger than 12. Whenever someone refers to a troll as a "he", that troll says that "she" is actually a girl. They always claim they are 11 or younger as well. - anonygirl

The creator of this list and all of those hypocritical feminists are female. - ethanmeinster

Umm… - Ultron123

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22 They say boys can't hit girls

Don't girls say that? - naFrovivuS

If boys can't hit girls then girls also can't hit boys

And how is this an issue. - Ultron123

23 They're trump supporters

Two things. One, I can tell you hands down that not every man on the planet supports that jackass. Two, there are actually women that genuinely support him. Just saying. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Really politics as a reason? God this list is awful!

I know numerous kids at my school that have Trump supporting moms. - CloudInvasion

My favorite YouTube user is a boy and he hates Trump. - anonygirl

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24 They go to gym

Not a bad thing really.

So guys should stay on the couch and eat? - naFrovivuS

And... you're saying that all girls are fat, then? How offensive. - HaydenFullwright

This list has so many weird entries. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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25 They're not toilet trained

My brain is dying from reading this list.

Only boys that HAVEN'T been toilet trained aren't toilet trained. I wish this list would get removed - mayamanga

This applies only to babies. - naFrovivuS

From my experience, most boys are potty trained by the time they're 3 or 4 (some before then). Boys potty train later than girls on average, but that is not a reason to hate them. - anonygirl

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26 Cause you are negative

Says the person who made a list hating on boys. - naFrovivuS

Not a valid reason.

I am negative and ima female - Jada

Yes, YOU certainly do.

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27 They don't understand girls

One of the meanest boys in my grade fully understands us. He is mean and dumb, but NOT sexist!

Not all plus it's not like girls try to understand boys all of the damn time.

Girls don't understand boy either! - naFrovivuS

I've had people of both genders understand me. - anonygirl

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28 They like SpongeBob

What's bad about liking SpongeBob?

What's wrong with that? - mayamanga

And what's so bad about that? , and girls watch spongebob too - MrMonkey

I'm a girl and I like SpongeBob. - anonygirl

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29 They're loud

Yeah, they can be loud, but girls can be too. This girl in my class screams ALL THE TIME and her screams sound like a combination of dying cat and a jet engine - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Girls can be just as loud.

Most teenagers are loud regardless of their gender. - anonygirl

30 They smell terrible

My brain cells are disappearing...

This list is just so mean.

Girls can also smell like crap FYI!

Stereotypes... smelll my brother - Lucretia

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31 They hate pop music

Not all do but a gender or person shouldn't be judged by what music they like or don't like!

Because pop music sucks - Marine_Soldier

I'm a boy and I like pop music

I like electronic music.
What is wrong with not conforming to pop culture? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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32 They're immature

Like all the dumb blondes who constantly complain about their looks? - naFrovivuS

Like girls aren't?

Considering the fact that the list creator is a hypocrite. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Says the person who made this list

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33 They like to fight

Girls can also like to fight your point?

And you call pulling each other’s hair fighting? Also how come if a girl gets hit by a girl they act like they just got set on fire?
A guy gets punched by a girl
Guy: Really?
The guy punches the girl
Girl: OUW I'm {starts to cry}

34 They're too tall

It's just natural for boys to be tall it's just part of their dna.

My full-grown boyfriend is only about 5'4". Likewise, I'm a girl who is roughly 5'5" and has been considered tall throughout all my childhood years.

Just because boys are taller than girls does not mean they are worse. - anonygirl

35 They throw temper tantrums

Just because caillou is a boy does not mean all boys throw tantrums - Ihateschool

Girls do the same.

Did you forget about the times when girls get frizzy hair? - DCfnaf

Kelly throws tempertantrums all the time. He cries when I touch him and when he stepped on a leave he screamed and yesterday I stepped on a needle and did nothing.

36 They hate the Disney Channel

We have great reason to hate the television channel that has come to be the hallmark of stereotypical and even racist live-action sitcoms such as Jessie and Liv and Maddie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Now this list is getting ridiculous.

I can hate garbage like Hannah Montana all I want. - DCfnaf

Disney is so. Overrated - MChkflaguard_Yt

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37 They wear glasses at a young age

Are you KIDDING me? You can't control needing glasses! - HaydenFullwright

So? So does lots of girls. - Ultron123

Wow... such a good point. *Drinks bleach* - MChkflaguard_Yt

I'm a girl and I wore glasses since I was 4 years old. One of my cousins, who is also a girl, wore glasses since she was 10 months old (before her first birthday even). - anonygirl

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38 They wear winter clothes when it's 100 degrees outside

People also wear shorts when it's 30 degrees outside your point?

Khakis are winter clothes? - naFrovivuS

No they don't...

39 They get offended too easily

Girls can get just as offended.

From my experience, girls get offended significantly easier than boys. - anonygirl

40 They hate girly stuff

That's not a issue actually.

I am male, but I like Winx, so no. It's okay to be tomboy. - BorisRule

How is that a bad thing?

Umm…one of my cousin likes MLP, l like Monster High? My cousin in Florida likes Transformers? Logic? - Ultron123

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41 They're ugly

Woah, woah, woah. I'm a girl, and I find this list extremely sexist and rude. Guys are not ugly, nor annoying, nor stupid, nor do they deserve to be ridiculed like this. I'm half-expecting to see "They have cooties" on this list. Grow up. This is immature elementary school stuff.

I agree. By creating this list, the list creator has shown how immature she (or it could be a he) is

I'm a girl and I think this list is incredibly rude and offensive. Not all boys are ugly, heck, they get plastic surgery much less than girls!

This is so sexist. Do you know how many males could become self-conscious or depressed from reading this garbage? I'm a male, and I'm getting so self-conscious reading this list. - HaydenFullwright

Boys are not ugly!

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42 They don't have periods

I didn't want to say this, but whenever boys get kicked in our parts, it HURTS. I would rather have a period that go through that. You girls are lucky. - 906389

Really... just wow it's actually a good thing men don't have periods! And I'm a boy myself cringing at this damn list!

I don't know what a period is and I don't want to know. - Ultron123

That's a natural thing. Blame the nature not on us LOL
Is the IQ index of the list creator a single index? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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43 They can go shirtless

So can... girls believe it or not.

What's wrong with that? - anonygirl

44 They curse

Girls cuss to don't know what world you live in lol.

My sister cusses all the time. - anonygirl

45 They eat too much

Not all of them...


46 They burp too much

These reasons are just... awful. a stereotype towards preteen boys. Adult males are more mature. - naFrovivuS

Both genders fart and burp. - anonygirl

47 They're too conservative

Not all men are conservative... Sure, not all men are liberal either, but you get my drift. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Not all are conservatives.

48 They drink too much alcohol

Some are sober so no...

Umm…I'm 11…I don't think I have beer hidden under a mattress or something. - Ultron123

49 They're not nurturing
50 They drive terribly

Women can also drive horrible.

My dad has better driving skills than a bus driver. - naFrovivuS

There is a stereotype that says otherwise. - anonygirl

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