RRF: My Response to the list Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys

While I was searching the website for lists to remix and comment, I came across this little list called: Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys.
I couldn't believe this was a thing. I mean....really? Who created this list Anita Sarkeesian? So I went through the list and it made me cringe every single time. I couldn't believe how much hypocritical BS was on that list. The first person I saw who remixed it was username anonygirl. She did not create the list, in fact she made her own list on why it should be removed and I have to say, I agree with her. Then I did see two other users who remixed the list but put down none as their choice and spoke of how the list was sexist. Which it rightfully is. Whoever created this list isn't on thetoptens because their username wasn't anywhere to be found. The list was two years old but when I checked List Stats, it was updated today. So maybe that's how I found it.
Now I want to put down what's in the top ten selections and respond to them.
1. They kill girls and women for no reason
Yes, that's the first thing on the list. Can you tell why I wanted to respond to this list? First, is this list implying that only men kill? Did this person sit through history class and learn about Elizabeth Bathory or Queen Bloody Mary the first? I'm guessing this person spent more time looking at their shoe laces than paying attention. And guess who both of those females killed? Girls. Theory debunked to say the least.
2. They grow up to be extremely violent
So? Anyone can grow up to be extremely violent. It depends on the circumstances of our life and the path we choose that turns us violent. Not all males are violent. Some men I know personally are kinder than most of the females I've met. Aileen Wuornos was very violent. She's a notorious female serial killer and she abused her former husband with a cane. So this argument doesn't have a leg to stand on.
3. They're misogynists
Being misogynist means being prejudiced against someone but mostly women. Again, not all men are like that. I've met females who were the same way against other men. And the sweetest guy I know happens to be my fiancé. He has the temper of a saint and I adore him because of who he is. Many celebrity males are shown to be sweethearts as well. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston visiting a hospital dressed up as Loki and Thor to sick children, Philip DeFranco starting a page to help other H3H3 with their unfair lawsuit and so many more.
4. They treat girls like property
Uh, did you get your knowledge on how men treat women from that one scene in the Simpsons? The one where Homer gives Bart advice about women but gets so distracted by the beer that he's trying to give advice while drunk? Because....that would explain a lot. I don't see sons treating their mothers like they're walking wallets. One of my old neighbors did more chores for his family than his mother ever did. And you guessed it, he was a male. He would take out the trash, do the dishes, mow the grass, do the laundry, wipe the counter tops, make all the beds and everything else. You want to know why he did it? Because his mother was old and he wanted to take care of her? It's not like he was broke and lived with her. He lived across the street from her and came over to help because he loved his mother.
5. They sexually abuse girls
Woooooow, really? If you didn't think this list was sexist enough, of boy it's really getting there! Once again, not every male does this and even females are known to this. Rose West and Karla Homolka both sexually abuse girls alongside their male lovers. This list is scum.
6. They're annoying
Just like this list. I mean seriously, after stuff like 'males grow to be extremely violent' you pick this? This isn't even nitpicking, this a whiny ex grabbing for attention. I've known plenty of females to be annoying in my life and even on the internet. And once more, not all males are annoying. I've grown to be friends with them and they're far from annoying.
7. They exclude girls from engineering and sports just because they're girls
How many guys has this person ever talked to in one lifetime? Maybe this person lived under a rock for their whole life if they haven't heard of people like Serena Williams, Lisa Leslie, Danica Patrick, etc. Seriously, watch the Olypmics sometimes. It might blow your mind but there's women who are actually participating in sports. And 'excluding girls from engineering', you are aware that colleges offer programs to anyone who wants to engineer, right? And the male engineer friend I have doesn't care if female's engineer. Just as long as they get the job done right, it's all good.
8. They judge girls by their looks and not their personalities
Hm, didn't Nicole Arbour make a notorious Dear Fat People that criticized fat people? Oh yeah she did. And no, disabling the comments and dislike bar won't make people forget.
9. They're bullies
Oh yeah, the movie Mean Girls was fictional because noooo female could ever be a bully. Yeah, that doesn't work when you see girls act like catty brats to each other and even end up hitting each other. Just look it up on YouTube and you'll see that I'm right.
10. They think they rule TheTopTens
Because it's not like there's lists dedicated to female toptenners or something, right? It's just a big sausage party here! Oh bite me. I haven't seen one person with this point of view and I've been here for a year.
There's more on this list but I feel like I'm losing brain cells with each passing second of reading this. If you want to see the rest, you can look it up on your own time.
Now this list is bad. It's really bad. I would expect a list like this on Tumblr, not on this website. It's a hypocritical, irrelevant piece of trash that should have never gotten greenlighted. It depicts everyone in the wrong but especially males.
This is a special message to all men out there. I'm so sorry if any female has treated you like you're all testosterone beasts who don't have any morals. You are beautiful and I know you don't hear this enough, but you are special. Not everyone is perfect, regardless of gender. But this world has a place for you and there will be love to fill any hole in your heart. This post wasn't just made to bash this person's immoral statements but to also help remedy any previous thoughts of neglect you might have. Not every female will treat you like you're a disease. Because you are not a disease, you're a human being.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm RoseRedFlower and I'll see you all later.


Hey rose I want to send you a message but can't ;-; - Adventurur2

I sent you one instead. - RoseRedFlower

Wow, what an awful list. I think whoever uploaded it has some serious issues. - IceSnake

I bet the creator of the list asked a boy out but was rejected and became salty - TwilightKitsune

This list is so sexist and offensive. A lot of them are even lies. I hope this list gets taken down for good. I was offended when I saw this list as well. - HoldenFanatic