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21 Most trolls are men

I've run into a lot of trolls, both male and female. I haven't seen or heard of any proof that most trolls are men. If you are going to put things like this on the list, at least get some evidence to back it up.

Most of the trolls I see are girls younger than 12. Whenever someone refers to a troll as a "he", that troll says that "she" is actually a girl. They always claim they are 11 or younger as well. - anonygirl

The creator of this list and all of those hypocritical feminists are female. - ethanmeinster

Umm… - Ultron123

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22 They say boys can't hit girls

If boys can't hit girls then girls also can't hit boys

And how is this an issue. - Ultron123

Don't girls say that? - naFrovivuS

23 They're trump supporters

Two things. One, I can tell you hands down that not every man on the planet supports that jackass. Two, there are actually women that genuinely support him. Just saying. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Really politics as a reason? God this list is awful! - BoredJeff02

And girls are crooked Clinton supporters. What's your point?

My favorite YouTube user is a boy and he hates Trump. - anonygirl

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24 They're not toilet trained

Only boys that HAVEN'T been toilet trained aren't toilet trained. I wish this list would get removed - mayamanga

My brain is dying from reading this list. - BoredJeff02

This applies only to babies. - naFrovivuS

From my experience, most boys are potty trained by the time they're 3 or 4 (some before then). Boys potty train later than girls on average, but that is not a reason to hate them. - anonygirl

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25 Cause you are negative

Not a valid reason. - BoredJeff02

Says the person who made a list hating on boys. - naFrovivuS

Yes, YOU certainly do.

Yea the guy who made this list is negative,exactly

26 They don't understand girls

One of the meanest boys in my grade fully understands us. He is mean and dumb, but NOT sexist!

Not all plus it's not like girls try to understand boys all of the damn time. - BoredJeff02

Girls don't understand boy either! - naFrovivuS

I've had people of both genders understand me. - anonygirl

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27 They go to gym

Not a bad thing really. - BoredJeff02

And... you're saying that all girls are fat, then? How offensive. - HaydenFullwright

So guys should stay on the couch and eat? - naFrovivuS

I actually see more girls going to gym than guys. - anonygirl

28 They like SpongeBob

What's bad about liking SpongeBob? - BoredJeff02

What's wrong with that? - mayamanga

And what's so bad about that? , and girls watch spongebob too - MrMonkey

I'm a girl and I like SpongeBob. - anonygirl

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29 They're loud

Yeah, they can be loud, but girls can be too. This girl in my class screams ALL THE TIME and her screams sound like a combination of dying cat and a jet engine - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Girls can be just as loud. - BoredJeff02

Most teenagers are loud regardless of their gender. - anonygirl

30 They smell terrible

This list is just so mean.

Girls can also smell like crap FYI! - BoredJeff02

Stereotypes... smelll my brother - Lucretia

True - anonygirl

31 They hate pop music

Not all do but a gender or person shouldn't be judged by what music they like or don't like! - BoredJeff02

I'm a boy and I like pop music

My dad likes prog.
My mom likes classical.
Both hate pop.
And? - naFrovivuS

I'm a girl, but I am not a fan of pop music. - anonygirl

32 They hate the Disney Channel

We have great reason to hate the television channel that has come to be the hallmark of stereotypical and even racist live-action sitcoms such as Jessie and Liv and Maddie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Now this list is getting ridiculous. - BoredJeff02

I can hate garbage like Hannah Montana all I want. - DCfnaf

I know a boy that likes the Disney Channel (especially Liv and Maddie). He was a user of TheTopTens. - anonygirl

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33 They're immature

Like all the dumb blondes who constantly complain about their looks? - naFrovivuS

Like girls aren't? - BoredJeff02

That's what makes them interesting. - anonygirl

34 They wear glasses at a young age

Are you KIDDING me? You can't control needing glasses! - HaydenFullwright

So? So does lots of girls. - Ultron123

Not a LEGIT reason. - BoredJeff02

I'm a girl and I wore glasses since I was 4 years old. One of my cousins, who is also a girl, wore glasses since she was 10 months old (before her first birthday even). - anonygirl

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35 They get offended too easily

Girls can get just as offended. - BoredJeff02

From my experience, girls get offended significantly easier than boys. - anonygirl

36 They hate girly stuff

That's not a issue actually. - BoredJeff02

I am male, but I like Winx, so no. It's okay to be tomboy. - BorisRule

How is that a bad thing?

Umm…one of my cousin likes MLP, l like Monster High? My cousin in Florida likes Transformers? Logic? - Ultron123

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37 They're ugly

Woah, woah, woah. I'm a girl, and I find this list extremely sexist and rude. Guys are not ugly, nor annoying, nor stupid, nor do they deserve to be ridiculed like this. I'm half-expecting to see "They have cooties" on this list. Grow up. This is immature elementary school stuff.

I agree. By creating this list, the list creator has shown how immature she (or it could be a he) is

I'm a girl and I think this list is incredibly rude and offensive. Not all boys are ugly, heck, they get plastic surgery much less than girls!

This is so sexist. Do you know how many males could become self-conscious or depressed from reading this garbage? I'm a male, and I'm getting so self-conscious reading this list. - HaydenFullwright

Boys are not ugly. I think that many boys are handsome and cute (especially my favorite YouTube user, Fisher Rachel, a videotape collector). - anonygirl

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38 They don't have periods

I didn't want to say this, but whenever boys get kicked in our parts, it HURTS. I would rather have a period that go through that. You girls are lucky. - 906389

Really... just wow it's actually a good thing men don't have periods! And I'm a boy myself cringing at this damn list! - BoredJeff02

I don't know what a period is and I don't want to know. - Ultron123

That's not necessarily a bad thing. Besides, I know a lot of girls that do not menstruate, either. - anonygirl

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39 They can go shirtless

So can... girls believe it or not. - BoredJeff02

What's wrong with that? - anonygirl

40 They curse

Girls cuss to don't know what world you live in lol. - BoredJeff02

My sister cusses all the time. - anonygirl

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