Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys

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41 They like to fight

Girls can also like to fight your point?

42 They eat too much

Not all of them...


43 They're too tall

It's just natural for boys to be tall it's just part of their dna.

What is wrong with being tall?! - RootBeerFan

Just because boys are taller than girls does not mean they are worse. - anonygirl

44 They throw temper tantrums

Just because caillou is a boy does not mean all boys throw tantrums - Ihateschool

Girls do the same.

Did you forget about the times when girls get frizzy hair? - DCfnaf

COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH! AH-CHOO! BLEEEH! I lost a ton of brain cells! - RootBeerFan

45 They burp too much

These reasons are just... awful. a stereotype towards preteen boys. Adult males are more mature. - naFrovivuS

Both genders fart and burp. - anonygirl

46 They're too conservative

Not all men are conservative... Sure, not all men are liberal either, but you get my drift. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Not all are conservatives.

47 They drink too much alcohol

Some are sober so no...

Umm…I'm 11…I don't think I have beer hidden under a mattress or something. - Ultron123

48 They're not nurturing
49 They drive terribly

Women can also drive horrible.

My dad has better driving skills than a bus driver. - naFrovivuS

There is a stereotype that says otherwise. - anonygirl

50 They wear winter clothes when it's 100 degrees outside

People also wear shorts when it's 30 degrees outside your point?

Khakis are winter clothes? - naFrovivuS

No they don't...

51 They constantly complain about being too tall

No we don't actually.

You'd think differently if you were a boy. - naFrovivuS

Girls complain about being too short much more than boys complain about being too tall. Even when a girl is above 5'3", she goes on and on about how much she hates being "short" even though she is not short at all. Rarely do I hear a guy complaining about his height unless he is extremely short or tall. - anonygirl

52 Boys are sexist

Like this list isn't sexist?

Yea, totally. Boys are so bad to girls gender. Us girls will seek revenge and make a list called "Reasons to hate Boys" (sarcasm) - TeamRocket747

And this list is supposed to shower us with hugs? - DCfnaf

Like this list? - HaydenFullwright

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53 They're boring

Said the brony - TeamRocket747

54 They find toilet humor funny

It's our opinions. - TeamRocket747

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