Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys

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41 They like to fight

Girls can also like to fight your point? - BoredJeff02

42 They eat too much

Not all of them... - BoredJeff02


43 They're too tall

It's just natural for boys to be tall it's just part of their dna. - BoredJeff02

Just because boys are taller than girls does not mean they are worse. - anonygirl

44 They throw temper tantrums

Just because caillou is a boy does not mean all boys throw tantrums - Ihateschool

Girls do the same. - BoredJeff02

Did you forget about the times when girls get frizzy hair? - DCfnaf

45 They burp too much

These reasons are just... awful. - BoredJeff02 a stereotype towards preteen boys. Adult males are more mature. - naFrovivuS

Both genders fart and burp. - anonygirl

46 They're too conservative

Not all men are conservative... Sure, not all men are liberal either, but you get my drift. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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47 They drink too much alcohol

Some are sober so no... - BoredJeff02

Umm…I'm 11…I don't think I have beer hidden under a mattress or something. - Ultron123

48 They're not nurturing
49 They drive terribly

Women can also drive horrible. - BoredJeff02

My dad has better driving skills than a bus driver. - naFrovivuS

There is a stereotype that says otherwise. - anonygirl

50 They wear winter clothes when it's 100 degrees outside

People also wear shorts when it's 30 degrees outside your point? - BoredJeff02

Khakis are winter clothes? - naFrovivuS

No they don't...

51 They constantly complain about being too tall

No we don't actually. - BoredJeff02

You'd think differently if you were a boy. - naFrovivuS

Girls complain about being too short much more than boys complain about being too tall. Even when a girl is above 5'3", she goes on and on about how much she hates being "short" even though she is not short at all. Rarely do I hear a guy complaining about his height unless he is extremely short or tall. - anonygirl

52 Boys are sexist

Like this list isn't sexist? - BoredJeff02

Yea, totally. Boys are so bad to girls gender. Us girls will seek revenge and make a list called "Reasons to hate Boys" (sarcasm) - TeamRocket747

And this list is supposed to shower us with hugs? - DCfnaf

Like this list? - HaydenFullwright

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53 They're boring

Said the brony - TeamRocket747

54 They find toilet humor funny

It's our opinions. - TeamRocket747

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