Reasons to Hate Bratz

This list is going to be based on Animat's review on the Bratz. It will make some references to that review. Dude, I used to actually like this! Now I am on my tomboyish side, liking more actiony, humorous things and rock music, and I hate Bratz a lot and regret ever liking it. This will include the whole franchise, from dolls to movies to shows, not just the infamous live action movie. They are bad role models and teach you that it is all about looking pretty and popular and not working hard to achieve actual goals.

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1 They are a bad example to girls

I am a girl, and who do I look up to? I look up to Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls because she teaches me to be more confident, to work harder and always offer help, and to be less sensitive and not care about what others say. I also look up to Tom DeLonge because he teaches me to do whats best for me, no matter what people say, he also taught me to be creative, to have a love for education(specifically science), to work hard and be ambitious for my goals, to work on something I truly enjoy, and that looks are not everything, he is the reason I play music. And I look up to my parents due to their good morals. I don't look up to half naked girls who only care about fashion and popularity. Some might disagree with me.

So girly girls have bad morals is that what you mean?

You'd really trust a toyline called "Bratz" to be a good example.

The doll is call bratz what do you expect? - RoseCandyMusic

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2 The main 4 girls are drama queens and unlikable
3 They don't teach real things like working hard or risking life for a friend/family member

They were pretty unsympathetic and do not teach real things like working hard, having an education, risking life for a loved one, etc. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

I've gotten more of a learning experience out of The Walking Dead.

4 They only focus on looking pretty, fashion, being popular, and having boyfriends

Exactly what not to enforce on kids. - PhoenixAura81

Who cares

5 Their animated movies and shows are boring and badly animated

I'd rather watch Monster High for Pete's sake!

At least Monster High has a bit more of adventure and is not always about fashion unlike Bratz.

Even the live-action Movie seemed okay. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

6 The dolls are made by a labor of Chinese people who get paid little to nothing

Nothing in this list is worse than poor Chinese people killing themselves to make this horrible franchise with little to no pay.

I remember hearing about this when watching a review of the live-action movie (the reviewer talked about this when giving an intro about the Bratz brand). - PhoenixAura81

I sympathize for the Chinese people who killed themselves into making the franchise. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7 The dolls are really ugly and look like Kim Kardashian wannabes

The dolls first came out before anyone had ever heard of Kim Kardashian. In 2001 a very long time ago now.

8 They have really bad video games

Their games are the worst and most boring, and I thought Bubsy 3D was bad.

Is it bad that I actually want the Angry Video Game Nerd to dedicate an entire episode to trashing those games (especially THQ/Blitz Games's games based on them on the PS2, the Wii, and the Gamecube)? - PerfectImpulseX

9 The live action movie failed miserably

However, there is a cliché of a popular spoiled brat worse than Claire Brewster from the animated Beetlejuice series. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

10 They are Mary Sues and rarely have any real flaws or real struggles, making them unrealistic and not relatable

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11 They dress in hideous clothes and wear way too much makeup
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1. The main 4 girls are drama queens and unlikable
2. They are a bad example to girls
3. They don't teach real things like working hard or risking life for a friend/family member


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