Top 10 Reasons to Hate Bronies

No offense for those who are but You guys are so annoying! I mean look at my list and then you will see why I hate you guys.

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1 Every Pic On Everything On the Internet Has a Pony Character On It

Ponys are everywhere so I hate this show already - SMG12

Look up every signal you tube video and tell me one video that does not have a pony pic profile on here.

The only person who found it is Chuck Norris, and it only took a century to find one

Just wait for Generation 5. The ponies will be uglier than ever.
They turned 80s ponies into little bugs.

Honestly... Look up anything on the Internet

Type it whatever you want, wherever you like, whenever you want too. If it brings up images, you will see a pony in it from that god awful show from some brain dead idiot

No franchise is safe.

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2 They Like a Crappy Show

It teaches friendship, Wow... Are you telling me you need to watch a 6 year old girls show to learn basic social skills?!?. What is wrong with you.

Most people watch My Little Pony for entertainment, not to learn social skills. - anonygirl

You got that right

It's true, we already know basic social skills so why do we need a show on it? I mean I think it's fine for younger girls to like the show, but not grown men. I really used to like this show, but now the fanbase is exploding with lots of offensive things about people who don't like the show. It's a good show for little girls, but I just don't think that grown men need to watch it and collect all of the toys. I have no hate against this show, just the fanbase disgusts me.

First of all, teaching a deaf person friendship wouldn't work out with this show. Second of all, telling me I need to watch a 6 yr old girls showto teach me basic social skills is just... What is wrong with you?

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3 They Can't Respect Other People's Opinions

Yep. And Bronies are especially divided on the Royal Sisters. I'm aware that both of them have awful fans and rabid haters. I love both Luna and Celestia, but I'm distancing myself from the fandom because of the more harsh fans. First, the "Solar Empire" extremists push their love of Celestia down people's throats and get into fights with Luna fans. The "New Lunar Republic" people were just as extremist. (I support the royal diarchy, by the way.) The latter is harsher, but don't forget that some of Celestia's fans were horrible.

I mean, they're just fictional characters. And the fact that some people elevate them to "god" status? It doesn't make sense, as they're not perfect. If they were God, they would never make any mistakes. And we wouldn't have much of a show anyways (which the Bronies ruined for me). Don't get me wrong, I still love MLP. I just don't like the toxic hatred that the fans tend to spew to each other. It's just not nice at all.

There are opinionated ...more

This is so true and should really be in first place. I used to be a fan but never considered myself a Brony, I quit this fandom because most Bronies were hypocrites and very cruel is you liked the underrated things within the show and felt the show was unfair. My favorite was Applejack and I was constantly attacked when I expressed my feelings about it being unfair how she was treated, she got less quality episodes and very few that's actually about HER. How would they feel if the other mane six was treated that way? They're selfish, spoiled, rude, arrogant and immature hypocrites. And when something is negatively done with their favorite characters on such rare occasions they complain, but when they express their feelings about something that's unfair it's fine? Applejack episodes is always hated and I feel like a complete outcast about it, but if lets say Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy or Twilight Sparkle gets a commonly hated episode they do exactly the same. At least they're lucky, they ...more

I know right? It should be number one. Uno! Respect each other's opinions, people... - independentya

They lead fellow Bronies to commit suicide. I lost my sister recently and they were the last straw. She's struggled with fitting in, but due to unpopular favorites she couldn't. She struggled with depression before and when her escape route was also against her she had enough. I despise bronies now and can never forgive them for being so cruel and misunderstanding of others, they have no respect whatsoever and need to learn sympathy. Bronies are a huge part why my sister isn't among us anymore and I hate them for it.

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4 They're Immature

Having a cute cartoon as a guilty pleasure is understandable for even the manliest of men, but dressing up and praising it like some creepy religious cult is downright immature.

Every people have rights to like whatever they likes. Only close-minded will think this is girly - fazwe

I'm an ex-brony, but hate how selfish, immature and spoiled most of them are and I seriously felt out of place and lonely within the fandom. They don't get how I feel about Applejack always getting the short end of the stick and goes against me every time I expressed how unfair the show is. They're such cruel asses who doesn't understand the feelings of others and gets everything they want themselves. They're a bunch of hypocrites, you can't reason with them and they're the most disrespectful bunch I've ever seen. In a fandom like this it's definitely NOT easy being an Applejack fan at all and neither the show or the merch makes it any better. It has UNFAIR written all over it. I hate these immature bastards.

Did you know that it's possible to like Applejack, and not disclose it to anybody if it's such a big problem? - Vee1

I have anxiety. Even in this fandom I do. I never speak or chat with other Bronies, seeing how my opinions are bashed as well as my favorite pony when I 'stalk' discussions I don't even dare to take part. I'm scared of other Bronies, it's one of the worst fandoms I'm in and only a few others I dare express myself a little in. I can even watch or talk about MLP with my own brother, because I don't want to express how lucky he is and how he always talk about his favorite make me feel jealous. The show is just unfair and I'll never be able to share it with my brother as long as it's like that. This fandom is depressing, especially how Bronies with popular favorites are misunderstanding and unfair to those with unpopular ones.

Many bronies encountered online and offline tend to be childish buffoons. Said childish buffoons also translate their immaturity into being socially awkward and passive aggressive. They can be devoid of adult cognitive functions too. All in all, canaries would die in their presence due to how toxic their man-child behaviors are.

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5 It's for Girls

This is the thing that baffles me more than anything. If, when I was a kid, one of my friends was caught watching My Little Pony, he would have got his ass kicked. It's weird for adult males to so avidly watch, and angrily defend, a show for six-year-old girls. I'm sorry. Wait.. No. I'm not.

They only like the Anime eyes. They don't get My Little Pony looked like ponies in the 80s and 90s.
Please just let Bronies be a phase.

And yet grown men watch this. What losers.

They should keep the show to themselves, even if it's for anyone. It should never be that popular like it is now.

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6 They're Like a Virus

Dear god, they're multiplying. -

They are shoving down are mind and I saw 1 episode and I fell asleep then I looked online and there every where - Villarrealfan1

You see ponies everywhere & real life!

They are everywhere, hiding where you least expect it.

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7 Cloppers

I'm a brony and this is the only part of the fandom I don't like. It's pretty disgusting.

Yeah this is disgusting I get cancer cells just thinking about it.

Clippers are even more messed up versions of bronies. They are perverts who like to draw pictures of MLP characters in sexual actions and porn. And then post it on the internet.

Yeah, it's called Rule 34, and it's been around a lot longer than you have. "If it exists, there's porn of it." - Vee1

Just be a phase like the Bronies.
You will scare girls under the age of 11.

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8 Ponies Are Stupid

The characters are super annoying. They even make the male characters sound like idiots.

Yup the main characters are really annoying and not original at all.

I love it when people can't comprehend the concept, "If you don't like it, then don't watch it." Seriously, if you can buy a loaf of bread from the supermarket, then you'll have no problem pulling this off. It's NOT hard. - Vee1

Them ponies treat each other so badly (Like typical girls treat each other...)if a Dude acted like that to his mates he would get his arse kicked from one of my pals experience.

Um... I'm in National Junior Honor Society, am in accelerated social studies and English, on the high honor roll in my school, an many other things. Many bronies are of high intellectual value. I'm only 13 and have done a lot of things, but watching mlp doesn't make me stupid or naive. It makes you look stupid and immature for bullying somebody for having different interests. I swear he internet is rife with people looking for reasons to hate on bronies for being different.

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9 They Give Internet Culture a Bad Name

They ruined my childhood

Well, they didn't give it a bad name. It already had a bad name, they only made it 1,000,000% worse

If anything is giving internet culture a rep it would be porn and I dare you to go watch it and then make a thing about it - JacTheBrony

Whoever this JacTheBrony guy is, he needs to get his butt off of this list! Nobody wants to hear your crap!

Internet culture was already bad with trolls and dicks. If anything they boosted internet culture by creating a new community that can discuss and commune about a topic. I will admit, however, that the brony preachers are what all these the stereotypes of bronies come from but the majority of the bronies are pretty tame.

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10 They Never Shut Up

They should be killed in the similar manner of how a character in Game Of Thrones was killed. They should be killed brutally just like in The Red Wedding or being beheaded just like Ned Stark

They talk about Ponies from non-stop.

That's like saying it's unacceptable to be talking about ANYTHING that anybody likes! What, are you levitating above everybody else, NEVER annoying anybody yourself? - Vee1

Lord, they yell at haters to grow up and when they are doing it they are trying to sound mature, yet they watch a show for 3 year olds.

They all over the internet EVEN 4CHAN.

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The Contenders

11 They Play With Pony Toys

Not all of them but most of them does

Even if they had toys, they're most likely collecting them! You're saying that's weirder than somebody collecting stamps, pens, and retro video games? - Vee1

They should be doing their bills sor something that is mature. But no ponies - RealReactionRunner

Somehow I'm okay with men watching the show, but playing with the toys?!

If you know what I mean

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12 They Turn People Into Bronies

They forced people into watching that crap and turning them into Bronies.

Oh I would pop em - RealReactionRunner

My friend almost did, but I resisted

People made me think ponies are awesome now I think they are and its giving me flashbacks

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13 They Think That Friendship Is Magic

Friendship is no magic is just hanging out with people

Killing them is magic - RealReactionRunner

Well, the thing is, Friends are a nice thing to have.

Very, very true. I've got lots of amazing friends and it's sure a nice thing to have. :3 - TheAlbinoWolf

It's complicated. Friendship is a good thing to have and we all need friends to avoid going to the nut house. It's simply hat bronies live by a different motto. Many bronies were depressed at one point and needed someplace to turn to. Many bronies have a dark deep side.

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14 They Bully Non-Bronies

You guys must have some kind of diagnose

Forcing them to like their show and troll other people! What yhe hell, annoying bronies! Not everyone likes your show!

True. The other day, some brony tried to injure me with a knife because I wasn't a brony. These guys talk about love and friendship, which is nothing wrong, but they bully you and try to hurt you physically and emotionally. It's stupid

So instead of reporting it to the police that you were threatened with a deadly weapon, you come online onto The Top Tens and tell us about it? Genius. - Vee1

Ya even the innocent ones just for an opinion

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15 MLP FIM Is the Only Thing They Watch

There are so many awesome classic cartoons like (1920's to 1940's and beyond) Mickey Mouse, Popeye The Sailor, Looney Tunes (+ Bosko from the 1930's), Betty Boop, Felix The Cat, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Krazy Kat and so much more.

They might be a bit Racist (Which I disagree with as I am a Black dude) but compared to how racist this cartoon is, then I shall stick to the classics which are way more entertaining and actually make you laugh. All my little pony does is confuse you.

Tch, they should have watch better shows, or watch some anime. SAO is way better than this crap

Actually, I'm a brony, and MLP isn't the only thing I watch I also watch SpongeBob, Adventure Time, Invader Zim, and Pokémon.

That because some mlp fim fans treat the show as their god.

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16 They Created My Little Pony Porn

My Little Pony Porn is so gross! Why? I'll tell you why!
Number 1: This has too many Pornography videos, which is everywhere!
Number 2: It is not good for you at all, it will make all of us sick and vomit!
Number 3: People are saying that Pornography is good, which is not! It's bad!
Number 4: Stop saying "No, porn is good! " It's for Pornography fans!
And number 5: It's overrated!

Look up any type of porn on Tumblr, you have to scroll past all that disgusting bestiality and pony porn. These guys are truly disgusting. But remember guys, just hold on to the happy thought they will die out eventually. I don't mind normal fans, but the sickos heavily outweigh the cool guys, it's no wonder the fanbase is generalized so much.

Gross - RealReactionRunner

Cloppers are the scum of the earth, and should be sued for burning peoples eyes out with them pictures they draw

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17 They're Wimps

Yeah you are a wimp if someone did a My Little Pony of singers you disliked that makes you a wimp.

I'm not talking about the bronies who can actually stand up for themselves (kudos to them), I'm talking about the ones who make a big deal over anything fictional and unable to take criticism!

If you guys like being strong. THEN DON'T WATCH THIS HORRID SHOW!

I do not like My Little Pony, but I do not think that like that show are weak. - anonygirl

If bronies were wimps then how about you try being a lineman

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18 They Can Be Crazy About MLP

You are absolutely right, to be honest, why the hell would anyone want to watch a show called My Little Pony? It just seems pretty wrong. Some people I know who are bronies seem to be just too crazy about it and it's driving me crazy. This show is not right for people over age 11.

I'm so crazy now about ponies there making me go crazy

That right they so crazy they almost whacked mah account for some small rejection

I enjoy the show. I have merchandise, I wear t shirts and stuff, and it's fun. It's just Like any other show. What about the Simpsons, or Futurama huh? People do the same thing. You just can't accept that people are different.

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19 They Are Spoiled Brats

Plus, they are undisciplined!

Wow, it amazing how you all think we are undisciplined. To be honest, most of us are developed through intense discipline. I used to be a loser at school and very lonely. Now I'm very popular, have a girlfriend, a lot of friends, and wanted in many places. We have gone through worse times than just school itself. My dad died when I was just a year old, my mom gave me to adoption at 8 years old, my grandma recently died of cancer, and my grandpa moved away to Arizona. I think we have more discipline than you've had in your lifetime.

Even a little girl knows when to be discipline and not spoiled - shingekicrap

They're a bunch of jerks.

According to a study, around 75% or all bronies still live with their parents. I'm pretty sure the fathers don't want to even leave the house.

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20 They Make Other Characters Into Ponies

They ruin my south park babies. Man they have to stop now

I like this one the most out of all of the reasons, I'm tired of seeing ponies as my favorite characters from T.V. shows, video games, and movies. It's not cute whatsoever, frankly it's annoying. No one wants to see a pony version of their favorite character, it's weird.

I hate whenever I go look up the image of any character the first thing I see is a pony version of the character which makes me lose my faith in humanity when a poorly made pony image of a character is listed higher on Google, devianart, or anywhere as a more relevant than an actual image of the character

It destroys my love for the character!

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21 Brony Artists Turn Everything We Know and Love into Ponies

Oh dear god - RealReactionRunner

Veggietales and Goku

I don't - FluffyLayette

Star Trek into ponies :(

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22 They Hate Similar Shows Like Winx Club

Winx club is better at least their fans have sanity

Yes like veggietales Steven universe and sonic and spongebob

I absolutely LOVED Winx when I was smaller... now? Too much of a good thing leads to lots of murder

Not all of them.

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23 They Are Likely Pedophiles.

Actually, scratch my previous comment a bit, ForNoGoodReason isn't one, but the brony fandom has a pedophilia problem. Don't look up "foalcon." - SailorSedna

i agree - shingekicrap

ToonKriticY2K, Performance Major, Dusky Novel, Burning Donut, ForNoGoodReason, Dr. Fowl, Frozen Dusk, to name a few. Need I say more? - SailorSedna

Did you hear Barney the Dinosaur is now a Brony.

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24 They Hate Other Hub Shows

I think there is more Bronies than Care Dudes?

And they'll even bash you if you like another MLP generation other than the current one! - 80sgirl

They have no taste in other better cartoons from every other channels.

Yes they do. But do you like every single show on a channel.

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25 They Made a Fan Made Episode of Southpark Where the Boys Are Bronies.

dear god - RealReactionRunner

They’re probably trying to make it kid friendly as well. - 3DG20

What. go and die bronies - Kagamine_Len

Southpark = adult cartoon.
My Little Ponies = children's cartoon.

More teen boys and men watch South Park, than teen girls and women.
My Little Pony it was made as a girls cartoon and then the extremely unexpected bronies happened.

26 They Insult Little Girls Who Watch The Show

Well this just goes to show how stupid they are. The show was meant for girls anyway, so it should be the little girls making fun of those dummies. - RedTheGremlin

While first targeted a young girls, brownies are beginning to believe that the show is for teen and adult males. They will flat out punch a child that watches it and commands that they watch Family Guy or Drawn Together or something.

Sadly bronies have taken the show from the true target audience...

No they don't

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27 They're Hypocrites

They really are. They always say "love and tolerance" but yet they always argue with people who don't like it.

True - shingekicrap

yea - shingekicrap

I DONUT! - FluffyLayette

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28 20% Cooler Phrase Is Annoying

yep - RealReactionRunner

The rest 80% is lamer - shingekicrap

Only one I agree with.

It's so lame. 20% cooler is 9,000% lamer

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29 They Bash on the Older Versions of My Little Pony

They complain about the old gens saying they are girly and childish. Well DUH! IT'S A ' SHOW FOR LITTLE GIRLS, WHAT WHERE YOU EXPECTING?

In my opinion, Friendship is Magic looks just as girly and childish as the older generations do. My Little Pony was intended to be for 6-year-old girls (and that applies to every generation). - anonygirl

At least the older ponies actually LOOK LIKE ponies. They turned my little pony into an anime ripoff. - Kagamine_Len

The old pony show is even better though lmao - Kagamine_Len

These people need to realize if it wasn't for any of the previous MLP generations (G1 frankly in a good amount of ways is better than FiM too) their precious Friendship is(n't? ) Magic never would exist.

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30 They Like Applepie

That is the most dumbest reason to hate someone.

They mean applejack. And I HATE her! Annoying voice, and a boring character.

What?!? Apple pie is good and not all bronies like it, do you mean apple jack cause that on the other hand is not good

If you're gonna make a list about bronies, at least know about the subject. Do you mean AppleJack? - Puga

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31 They're Homophobic

That is true lmao - RealReactionRunner

A lot of people assumed that they were homosexual. - anonygirl

I thought we where all gay?


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32 They Harass People

I recently got harassed by a brony on Instagram just for liking Vocaloid and posting a video of Hatsune Miku performing at a concert last year. They swore at me and beyond other things. For no reason at all. These people must be stopped! - Kagamine_Len

Hey, you want to stop them? I'm in. I'll help if you like, just tell me anytime - RedTheGremlin


Get better grammar ("I DONUT" makes no sense) and stop spamming that.

I DONUT! - FluffyLayette

Look at critic reviews of the MLP Movie that's out, some commenters are harassing the critics for their opinion and don't know, not everyone's going to have seen your favorite show (this is from a former avid fan myself, and only looks at fanart nowadays).

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33 They Can't Take Criticism

It is true, if you say one bad thing they will say stuff like The Walking Dead sucks or other shows you like suck

Every fandom has people like that...

Bronies are stupid Jerks.

Bronies suck. Go and be purified by some Vocaloid. Please. - Kagamine_Len

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34 They Use Flawed Logic In Their Defense

We Just Simply Like The Show, That's All - What If I Just Simply Liked Being A Serial Killer?

Not all of them.

Hmmm, can you explain or give me an example? Because I find it hard to believe that we do. - JacTheBrony

Well, you're one person and there are many bronies, so there's bound to be a lot of flawed logic. Maybe you think you don't use it, but even if you don't there will always be more of them who do. - RedTheGremlin


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35 Attacking FNAF

Not true the fnaf fanbase is almost full of bronies

Bronies and FNAF furries are The Dress of the internet. - Pikachulover1

They are also attacking the Powerpuff Girls too!

Its like they are made to do it

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36 They Spam "Not All Bronies Do This or That"

No, it's true. - SailorSedna

They need to get a better argument than "Not all Bronies" because I really get sick of hearing that same one over and over again, just like I hate seeing anything with one of those stupid ponies over and over again. They as a group of fans have made their own identity as a whole, and commenting "not all bronies" isn't going to change anybody's opinion.

Lol that's meh - FluffyLayette

I have a friend who's a brony, and he has once said not all of them are bad but fortunately he has told me he doesn't like certain ships (Lyra x Bon Bon) which I can understand, for example.

For the rest, provide a good defense as to why. Me, I'm not even a brony myself and I can come up with one right now: not all bronies are bad because I have one who's a friend, he isn't too rabid, he respects opinions I have and doesn't like certain parts of the show and doesn't act like it's all perfect and he definitely isn't one of those rabid cloppers, he hates clop.

Baltimore City Paper said it best: if you don't provide reasons it's more like you're defending the rabid/bad parts of the fanbase.

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37 They Try to Take Over the World

haha lol

I know they are zombies

38 They Get Into Fights Over the Characters

Like K-pop fans in my school, just more worse - shingekicrap

I DONUT! - FluffyLayette

They treat their favorite characters like game consoles and their favorite sports team. Any other character that doesn't meet their standards gets bashed on.

Rainbow Dash, Rarity and their fans are the ones Bronies are biased towards.

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39 They Insult Star Wars Fans Too Much

I DONUT! - FluffyLayette

And what is your reason for insulting “Star Wars” fans? Because they like something other than “My Little Pony”? - 3DG20

40 They Say We Should Love and Tolerate, When They Don't

They use that to show they're innocent but they're not innocent at all - shingekicrap

They don't even get the message from their own show!

I DONUT! - FluffyLayette

Those neckbearded basement-dwelling hags spend more time jerking off to the disgusting fetishistic characters than trying to understand the message of the show.

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41 Annoying

Both the show and bronies are annoying!

This seems like one of the, not so many legit reasons, why people hate bronies.
They just can't shut up about it, even if people tell them to not do it. (not all of them)

All humans are annoying. That's how they are.

Family guy is worse! Shut up Meg!

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42 They Seem As If They Were Mentally Ill

When I first found out what brownies were, I thought they just had mental issues.

Not bragging but I only get average (B) - FluffyLayette

Most of them Bronies are Retarded.

People who watch other shows are mentally ill, some of us have problems that have nothing to do with the show.

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43 They Say Dumb Words

I hate bronies because they talk like "quit being mature" when were supposed to listen to you but your words are a bunch of bull so SHUT UP BRONIE and kill all bronies which would be fun!

Clearly no one has ever said "quit being mature" to you, because your comment is anything but.

Even if you were making a valid argument, I doubt I would be able to tell because I can't understand half of what you wrote here. - ThatGuy186

They say that you don't know the true meaning of the show yet they don't Get it themselves!

Kill all bronies with the death star! Call in the tie fighters and the storm troopers! Just kill them!

And you retarded idiot saying kill all bronies should go die you ass.

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44 Their Blog Only Has Ponies Only

Pewdiepie has been ponified. Google it.

Whenever They Have A Blog Their Blog Is All About Ponies

Example : Tumblr

And just what do you expect them to be about? Pewdiepie?

Not all of them.

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45 The fact that they nickname themselves as "Bronies"

JacTheBrony: Stop it, we did nothing to you!
Me: StOp It, We DiD nOtHiNg To YoU! 1

Yeah, I donut like that name - FluffyLayette

No, JacTheBrony, you and your fandom have been constantly ruining the internet by posting your crap everywhere, and then acting like special little snowflakes when we rightfully get angry. So that's why you have no room to talk. So don't even think of coming back to this list. Go be a disgrace to society somewhere else.

That isn't a bad thing, if that is instead of focusing all of your hate towards bronies, hate on furries, Whovians, Potterheads, and any other fandoms you can find because you clearly hate them all just because of a title, which is also sad, I pity you, you must hate yourself because you have a name. No? You don't? THEN STOP HATING US! WE DID NOTHING TO YOU! - JacTheBrony

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46 Pathetic

I agree there 0%cool and 100%pathetic. I hate my little pony

This should at least be #3! They are pathetic for liking a little kids show!

I am the only brony that is pathetic. I am horrible and dumb. - FluffyLayette

Yes bronies are pathetic and KILL ALL BRONIES!

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47 All Their Videos Are All About Ponies.

When they have a YouTube account their video's are all about ponies.

There's no need to comment people because this true no matter what

And what do you expect them to be about?

It's a brony YouTube channel, EXPECT THIS!

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48 They're Perverts

They turn a little girl's show into hentai - shingekicrap

Lol No - FluffyLayette

Yes, a lot of them are. You're just like JacTheBrony, aren't ya? - SailorSedna

-_- the 10% who are overshadow the other 90%

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49 They Are Ruining My Little Pony and Making It a Bad Show

I can't wait until Friendship is Magic finally is over (the show has dropped in quality besides the horrible fanbase). Considering all the recent controversies coming out (like the fandom going through a Weinstein effect), the show dropping in quality and getting worse, the movie being a terrible box office and critical failure, how a lot of bronies are complaining about the upcoming G5 looking horrible/"ruining the show", and how children are now finding it boring and mean spirited whilst it still just panders to the bronies, I have a feeling that unlike other better T.V. shows with cult followings/big fanbases that came out like Gilligan's Island, Sailor Moon, early Simpsons, Power Rangers/Super Sentai, Pokemon, Cowboy Bebop, Ducktales, etc., My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will not age well at all. I also have a feeling that a lot of bronies, the rude, terrible ones that make up the majority of the fanbase, will look back on the show, in ten years time and feel ...more

I DONUT! - FluffyLayette

I totally agree and understand, I used to like watching the show but since bronies ruin it with memes, turning characters into ponies, and many other horrible things they do, I stop watching the show, mostly because of the show's fanbase.

They ruined my childhood in 5th grade! I'm in 6th grade and I regret being a broney!

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50 They Basically Want the Show's Creators to Cater to Them Non-Stop

Funnily enough that's what the show just is nowadays; too much fan catering, the show staff and fans just play favorites with newer, terrible characters. - SailorSedna

It's sad when they harass the people who make the show, and the voice actors nonstop in a sad attempt to pander to them. Why.

I feel sad for people who work on the show, the creator must not like the fanbase and what people do to ruin the show.

This is getting boring

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