Top 10 Reasons to Hate Bronies

No offense for those who are but You guys are so annoying! I mean look at my list and then you will see why I hate you guys.

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1 Every Pic On Everything On the Internet Has a Pony Character On It

Look up every signal you tube video and tell me one video that does not have a pony pic profile on here.

The only person who found it is Chuck Norris, and it only took a century to find one

No video created by YouTube user 34103070674978532046 has a pony picture to it. He made some Gorillaz covers and makes awesome songs. I recommend Tall Girl Out of a World.

Honestly... Look up anything on the Internet

Type it whatever you want, wherever you like, whenever you want too. If it brings up images, you will see a pony in it from that god awful show from some brain dead idiot

No franchise is safe.

Enough is Enough, I have had it with these Mother Ponies, In my Mother Zelda/Mega Man/Metal Gear/Pokemon/Etc.

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2 They Like a Crappy Show

It teaches friendship, Wow... Are you telling me you need to watch a 6 year old girls show to learn basic social skills?!?. What is wrong with you.

Most people watch My Little Pony for entertainment, not to learn social skills. - anonygirl

Frankly, it's just not very good, and, frankly, I'm appalled.

It's too soft. And some episodes shouldn't exist. Warrior cats is a book series with an Internet fandom. Much better than mlp. Simply put, cats are always cute. Ponies aren't.

My Little Pony the 80s version is way better. Toys everything. I'm starting to love the 80s and I didn't even grow up then. I'm guessing Bronies didn't even exist then.

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3 They're Immature

Having a cute cartoon as a guilty pleasure is understandable for even the manliest of men, but dressing up and praising it like some creepy religious cult is downright immature.

Every people have rights to like whatever they likes. Only close-minded will think this is girly - fazwe

I'm an ex-brony, but hate how selfish, immature and spoiled most of them are and I seriously felt out of place and lonely within the fandom. They don't get how I feel about Applejack always getting the short end of the stick and goes against me every time I expressed how unfair the show is. They're such cruel asses who doesn't understand the feelings of others and gets everything they want themselves. They're a bunch of hypocrites, you can't reason with them and they're the most disrespectful bunch I've ever seen. In a fandom like this it's definitely NOT easy being an Applejack fan at all and neither the show or the merch makes it any better. It has UNFAIR written all over it. I hate these immature bastards.

I have anxiety. Even in this fandom I do. I never speak or chat with other Bronies, seeing how my opinions are bashed as well as my favorite pony when I 'stalk' discussions I don't even dare to take part. I'm scared of other Bronies, it's one of the worst fandoms I'm in and only a few others I dare express myself a little in. I can even watch or talk about MLP with my own brother, because I don't want to express how lucky he is and how he always talk about his favorite make me feel jealous. The show is just unfair and I'll never be able to share it with my brother as long as it's like that. This fandom is depressing, especially how Bronies with popular favorites are misunderstanding and unfair to those with unpopular ones.

They are immature. Most fans are adults not little girls.

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4 They Can't Respect Other People's Opinions

This is so true and should really be in first place. I used to be a fan but never considered myself a Brony, I quit this fandom because most Bronies were hypocrites and very cruel is you liked the underrated things within the show and felt the show was unfair. My favorite was Applejack and I was constantly attacked when I expressed my feelings about it being unfair how she was treated, she got less quality episodes and very few that's actually about HER. How would they feel if the other mane six was treated that way? They're selfish, spoiled, rude, arrogant and immature hypocrites. And when something is negatively done with their favorite characters on such rare occasions they complain, but when they express their feelings about something that's unfair it's fine? Applejack episodes is always hated and I feel like a complete outcast about it, but if lets say Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy or Twilight Sparkle gets a commonly hated episode they do exactly the same. At least they're lucky, they ...more

They lead fellow Bronies to commit suicide. I lost my sister recently and they were the last straw. She's struggled with fitting in, but due to unpopular favorites she couldn't. She struggled with depression before and when her escape route was also against her she had enough. I despise bronies now and can never forgive them for being so cruel and misunderstanding of others, they have no respect whatsoever and need to learn sympathy. Bronies are a huge part why my sister isn't among us anymore and I hate them for it.

To immature to respect

Why are Bronies so cruel to Applejack fans? Why are the WRITERS of all people being UNFAIR to Applejack fans. No wonder why so many Applejack fans left the fandom, neither the Bronies or the actual writers do anything to keep them. And Bronies are SO close minded! They say there's nothing that can be done with Applejack and they are blind to her potential. In my next work I'm going to base a character on Applejack and PROVE them wrong! I have no respect for Bronies or the creators of the show anymore, the evil bastards drove my sister to suicide.

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5 It's for Girls

This is the thing that baffles me more than anything. If, when I was a kid, one of my friends was caught watching My Little Pony, he would have got his ass kicked. It's weird for adult males to so avidly watch, and angrily defend, a show for six-year-old girls. I'm sorry. Wait.. No. I'm not.

They should keep the show to themselves, even if it's for anyone. It should never be that popular like it is now.

And yet grown men watch this. What losers.

I'm a girl brony and I'm Heterosexual - SomeFangurl

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6 They're Like a Virus

They are shoving down are mind and I saw 1 episode and I fell asleep then I looked online and there every where - Villarrealfan1

Dear god, they're multiplying. -

You see ponies everywhere & real life!

They multiply and rape our children

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7 Ponies Are Stupid

The characters are super annoying. They even make the male characters sound like idiots.

Yup the main characters are really annoying and not original at all.

Them ponies treat each other so badly (Like typical girls treat each other...)if a Dude acted like that to his mates he would get his arse kicked from one of my pals experience.

It makes me so mad that people just blindly worship ponies like that. #StopJacTheBrony

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8 Cloppers

I'm a brony and this is the only part of the fandom I don't like. It's pretty disgusting.

Clippers are even more messed up versions of bronies. They are perverts who like to draw pictures of MLP characters in sexual actions and porn. And then post it on the internet.

This is the only part of this show of a forum that I can agree with. Indeed the act of "clopping" is highly disturbing, but just because some people do it doesn't mean that all people do it. Generalization is just not something that can be applied something as complex as society. I find that all of that generalization stuff can be applied to almost every post. I think people should just accept that different people have different beliefs, but I'm afraid that some people are too driven by confirmation bias that they are unwilling to see other peoples points of view and for that I feel sad that they will never see the views of other people. FYI: I'm taking courses on social engineering so I hope that I can knock some sense into everybody here. Thank you for your time.

I really don't like this part of the fandom - SomeFangurl

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9 They Give Internet Culture a Bad Name

They ruined my childhood

Well, they didn't give it a bad name. It already had a bad name, they only made it 1,000,000% worse

If anything is giving internet culture a rep it would be porn and I dare you to go watch it and then make a thing about it - JacTheBrony

Internet culture was already bad with trolls and dicks. If anything they boosted internet culture by creating a new community that can discuss and commune about a topic. I will admit, however, that the brony preachers are what all these the stereotypes of bronies come from but the majority of the bronies are pretty tame.

Whoever this JacTheBrony guy is, he needs to get his butt off of this list! Nobody wants to hear your crap!

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10 They Never Shut Up

They talk about Ponies from non-stop.

Lord, they yell at haters to grow up and when they are doing it they are trying to sound mature, yet they watch a show for 3 year olds.

Thank you, I agree, the toxic kind are always trying to "convert" me to their fandom, when all I wanna do is read some cable is peace.

I agree with this one. My YouTube friend goes on and on about My Little Pony, and I find it annoying sometimes. However, I deal with and accept it because he is really nice. - anonygirl

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11 They Play With Pony Toys

Not all of them but most of them does

Somehow I'm okay with men watching the show, but playing with the toys?!

If you know what I mean

And your point is? There are girls who play with toy soldiers and play First Person Shooters and they don't get nearly as much hate as us. Just think about it for a second. I'm not saying to start hating towards these people. I'm just saying to stop hating on us. At least try to use valid arguments instead of pieces of crap like this.

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12 They Turn People Into Bronies

They forced people into watching that crap and turning them into Bronies.

My friend almost did, but I resisted

People made me think ponies are awesome now I think they are and its giving me flashbacks

One of my friends tried to get me into MLP, and it actually worked, but now I actually regret that happening, because I've seen the crap it did to me, and it was horrible, so I decided it is best if I just quit this crap

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13 They Think That Friendship Is Magic

Friendship is no magic is just hanging out with people

Well, the thing is, Friends are a nice thing to have.

Very, very true. I've got lots of amazing friends and it's sure a nice thing to have. :3 - TheAlbinoWolf

It's complicated. Friendship is a good thing to have and we all need friends to avoid going to the nut house. It's simply hat bronies live by a different motto. Many bronies were depressed at one point and needed someplace to turn to. Many bronies have a dark deep side.

Magic does not exist even though I wish it did. - anonygirl

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14 They Bully Non-Bronies

True. The other day, some brony tried to injure me with a knife because I wasn't a brony. These guys talk about love and friendship, which is nothing wrong, but they bully you and try to hurt you physically and emotionally. It's stupid

Ya even the innocent ones just for an opinion

I just keep mlp to my self

Not all of them - SomeFangurl

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15 MLP FIM Is the Only Thing They Watch

There are so many awesome classic cartoons like (1920's to 1940's and beyond) Mickey Mouse, Popeye The Sailor, Looney Tunes (+ Bosko from the 1930's), Betty Boop, Felix The Cat, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Krazy Kat and so much more.

They might be a bit Racist (Which I disagree with as I am a Black dude) but compared to how racist this cartoon is, then I shall stick to the classics which are way more entertaining and actually make you laugh. All my little pony does is confuse you.

Actually, I'm a brony, and MLP isn't the only thing I watch I also watch SpongeBob, Adventure Time, Invader Zim, and Pokémon.

That because some mlp fim fans treat the show as their god.

Go and watch the 80s original or even early 90s My Little Pony Tales.

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16 They Created My Little Pony Porn

Look up any type of porn on Tumblr, you have to scroll past all that disgusting bestiality and pony porn. These guys are truly disgusting. But remember guys, just hold on to the happy thought they will die out eventually. I don't mind normal fans, but the sickos heavily outweigh the cool guys, it's no wonder the fanbase is generalized so much.

Cloppers are the scum of the earth, and should be sued for burning peoples eyes out with them pictures they draw

Bronies are not cloppers. Those dudes should hang themselves. Bronies stick with conventional MLP, or at most, Friendship is War,

Rule 34
If it exists, there is porn of it.

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17 They're Wimps

I'm not talking about the bronies who can actually stand up for themselves (kudos to them), I'm talking about the ones who make a big deal over anything fictional and unable to take criticism!

If you guys like being strong. THEN DON'T WATCH THIS HORRID SHOW!

I do not like My Little Pony, but I do not think that like that show are weak. - anonygirl

If bronies were wimps then how about you try being a lineman

Yea ex-millitary and millitary are whimps then (That was sarcastic).

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18 They Can Be Crazy About MLP

I'm so crazy now about ponies there making me go crazy

You are absolutely right, to be honest, why the hell would anyone want to watch a show called My Little Pony? It just seems pretty wrong. Some people I know who are bronies seem to be just too crazy about it and it's driving me crazy. This show is not right for people over age 11.

That right they so crazy they almost whacked mah account for some small rejection

I enjoy the show. I have merchandise, I wear t shirts and stuff, and it's fun. It's just Like any other show. What about the Simpsons, or Futurama huh? People do the same thing. You just can't accept that people are different.

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19 They Are Spoiled Brats

Plus, they are undisciplined!

Wow, it amazing how you all think we are undisciplined. To be honest, most of us are developed through intense discipline. I used to be a loser at school and very lonely. Now I'm very popular, have a girlfriend, a lot of friends, and wanted in many places. We have gone through worse times than just school itself. My dad died when I was just a year old, my mom gave me to adoption at 8 years old, my grandma recently died of cancer, and my grandpa moved away to Arizona. I think we have more discipline than you've had in your lifetime.

They're a bunch of jerks.

According to a study, around 75% or all bronies still live with their parents. I'm pretty sure the fathers don't want to even leave the house.

Robby Rotten: Don't let your kids watch this show!
Me: For once I have to agree with him on this one.

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20 They Like Applepie

They mean applejack. And I HATE her! Annoying voice, and a boring character.

That is the most dumbest reason to hate someone.

What?!? Apple pie is good and not all bronies like it, do you mean apple jack cause that on the other hand is not good

Wut? Apple pie has cinnamon apples and creamy ice cream vannila bean warm it up mmm... You have no taste buds people! - Puppytart

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