Puga Rants: What's so bad about bronies?

Puga I get that people have opinions. I respect that. What I don't get however is why stupid, stereotypical, in thought-put lists like these exist. Let me put this out: you cannot hate a whole group of people for liking one show. Picture this: your friend Tony has a PhD in physics. His IQ is 147, he went to the most prestigious school in the country. He watches MLP for its plot. So now you should automatically call him stupid and annoying. That is the logic this list has. Don't believe me? Let's debunk the items in the top ten.
1. They like a crappy show
Crappy? That's the worst you can do? Define "crappy" and then come back to me. I could give reason after reason why I like this show dose if you can change my mind with one word.

2. It's for girls
Lauren Faust has debunked this.

3. Ponies are stupid
Define "stupid" If you mean idiot-stupid, do you think people who live on their own and are a key part of their civilisation stupid? If you mean stupid as in bad, you're using the wrong word and not backing it up. Allow me to laugh at your "reason."

4. Everything on the internet
Maybe it's everything on the internet because the haters bring up article after article about why this show "sucks"

5. They like Applepie
It's Applejack. Shouldn't you know this? After all, you must've watched the show to get this reason, right?

6. Only thing they watch
That's a stereotype. And a wrong one.

7. Annoying
Not backing up your reasoning? Check.
Being a hypocrite? Check.
Nonsensical BS? Check.

8. Virus
Do you mean bronies are everywhere? Well maybe they're everywhere because the shows adults are supposed to watch like Family Guy are awful so they'd much rather watch shows where the writers know what they are DOING.

9. Wimps
Give evidence or I won't believe you.

10. They turn people into bronies
See number 7.

See what I mean?


I actually have an IQ of 148 ok going off topic - simpsondude

Some are nice, some aren't - EpicJake

I don't like bronies get picked on for dumb reasons. - visitor

Haha woofy, you wrote such a detailed argument against some lazy guy who made a stupid list probably just to write sonethng haha anyway, you have great reasons! - keyson

Go to the list of Worst Things About My Little Pony and there you will find the most pathetic comment I've seen on this site - bobbythebrony

Well, I don't hate all bronies anymore. Some bronies are nice to me and that's why. - EpicJake

I'm talking about the comment where you said all bronies just wanna have sex with horses. That's disgusting and it offends me - bobbythebrony

Sorry bout that. - EpicJake

I definitely see your point. I don't particularly mind bronies, but sometimes it gets annoying when they wave it in peoples faces. I am a Christian, but because I respect other beliefs, I don't go around hollering it. Other than that, there's absolutely no reason to bully someone because of what they love. Its just a show. - keycha1n

I did, and a lot of Bronies clip. There are entire websites dedicated to pony porn (Equestria after dark) and a majority of fan art is sexual. - visitor

I did, and all I got were cloppers. I can't believe someone smart like you could like such an abomination. - visitor

Mlp* - visitor

Thank you Puga! I'm a Brony but a decent one at least. Yea, the Bronies are infamous, but that doesn't mean they should be picked on and abused! - MusicalPony

True. - 77coolguy

Thank you - visitor

2 of the best users on this site are bronies... - gemcloben

Like me... - Pony

If you're a brony, I don't think you should be taken as seriously. - visitor

This is why I don't like many visitors... - Therandom

"Lauren Faust has debunked this"

That must be why foster's home was cancelled - TheKirbyCreeper999

Did you mention the fact that these ponies copy everything? Or did you have no reason to say that's not true? Well, ha! You have no right to argue this fact. Because, it's true. Deal with it - Spingebill

I honestly don't know if you're defending or attacking me. The grammar in this comment is that bad. - Puga

I don't like MLP. But I respect the opinions of bronies, as long as they don't draw the, er, "inappropriate" fan art. - Garythesnail

You gotta admit, Bronies are weird. Go to a convention of mLp and look at the costumes they wear. - visitor

awful post - Puga

I'm very sure that those over-obsessed and rabid ones are the only bronies that deserve the most hate. The rest are clear of any problems. - visitor

Before the haters judge the bronies, they should look at themselves too - TwilightKitsune

Stupid haters - fazwe

I want to rainbow DIE - Puga

Hagahaghaeysryrde fsdffsrryyyfdd ttlpn1455_ - purpleyoshi98

Great Post - JPK

Preach it - Neonco31

You deserve an award for writing this - RoseWeasley