Top 10 Reasons to Hate Bronies

No offense for those who are but You guys are so annoying! I mean look at my list and then you will see why I hate you guys.

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21 They Make Other Characters Into Ponies

I like this one the most out of all of the reasons, I'm tired of seeing ponies as my favorite characters from T.V. shows, video games, and movies. It's not cute whatsoever, frankly it's annoying. No one wants to see a pony version of their favorite character, it's weird.

I hate whenever I go look up the image of any character the first thing I see is a pony version of the character which makes me lose my faith in humanity when a poorly made pony image of a character is listed higher on Google, devianart, or anywhere as a more relevant than an actual image of the character

I hate seeing my favorite characters from different shows getting beat up by ponies!

I propose that we take all of the other fandoms and take on the bronies together! Just imagine it! 90% of the internet united against a common enemy! I call it "Operation: Take Back The Internet"!

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22 They Hate Other Hub Shows

And they'll even bash you if you like another MLP generation other than the current one! - 80sgirl

They have no taste in other better cartoons from every other channels.

Yes they do. But do you like every single show on a channel.

Well its changed the named

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23 They Insult Little Girls Who Watch The Show

While first targeted a young girls, brownies are beginning to believe that the show is for teen and adult males. They will flat out punch a child that watches it and commands that they watch Family Guy or Drawn Together or something.

Sadly bronies have taken the show from the true target audience...

No they don't

^ And some will just bash girls who watch the show. I s2g, they need to just let everyone enjoy it.

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24 20% Cooler Phrase Is Annoying

Only one I agree with.

It's so lame. 20% cooler is 9,000% lamer

I hate that phrase

Ikr lmao it's so bad - Kagamine_Len

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25 They Made a Fan Made Episode of Southpark Where the Boys Are Bronies.

What. go and die bronies - Kagamine_Len

Southpark = adult cartoon.
My Little Ponies = children's cartoon.

More teen boys and men watch South Park, than teen girls and women.
My Little Pony it was made as a girls cartoon and then the extremely unexpected bronies happened.

26 They Hate Similar Shows Like Winx Club

Winx club is better at least their fans have sanity

I absolutely LOVED Winx when I was smaller... now? Too much of a good thing leads to lots of murder

Not all of them.

MLP ripped off BIG TIME Winx Club. I started watching Winx Club in summer (2017) and I LOVED it! And then I found out that They copied the characters by copying Helia by naming another character the EXACT SAME NAME. Then Bloom by using apple bloom. And then QUEEN LUNA (Stella's mother) by using PRINCESS LUNA! You can't just make a character by copying an already existing character and changing ONE. SINGLE. WORD. The main 6 rips off of the Winx. Just look at this.
Rainbow Dash rips off of Aisha
Applejack rips off of also Aisha
Fluttershy rips off of Flora
Rarity rips off of Stella
Twilight Sparkle rips off of Bloom & Tecna (Bloom is a better leader than twilight spurkl)
Pinky pi rips off of Musa
And they copy the first episode: one girl meets five girls and they become friends and save the world. And they copy The Trix by using dazzlings. What kind of name is that? And it's not just Winx Club MLP rips off of. They also rip off of a LOT of anime with the big eyes, ...more

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27 They're Homophobic

A lot of people assumed that they were homosexual. - anonygirl

I thought we where all gay?



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28 They Bash on the Older Versions of My Little Pony

They complain about the old gens saying they are girly and childish. Well DUH! IT'S A ' SHOW FOR LITTLE GIRLS, WHAT WHERE YOU EXPECTING?

In my opinion, Friendship is Magic looks just as girly and childish as the older generations do. My Little Pony was intended to be for 6-year-old girls (and that applies to every generation). - anonygirl

At least the older ponies actually LOOK LIKE ponies. They turned my little pony into an anime ripoff. - Kagamine_Len

The old pony show is even better though lmao - Kagamine_Len

They have done re-tooning the first generation.
80s had better animation than Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony should've been cancelled after gen 2.

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29 They Can't Take Criticism

It is true, if you say one bad thing they will say stuff like The Walking Dead sucks or other shows you like suck

Every fandom has people like that...

Bronies are stupid Jerks.

Bronies suck. Go and be purified by some Vocaloid. Please. - Kagamine_Len

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30 Attacking FNAF

Not true the fnaf fanbase is almost full of bronies

Bronies and FNAF furries are The Dress of the internet. - Pikachulover1

They are also attacking the Powerpuff Girls too!

FNAF and MLP are both terrible fanbases though. - Kagamine_Len

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31 They Spam "Not All Bronies Do This or That"

They need to get a better argument than "Not all Bronies" because I really get sick of hearing that same one over and over again, just like I hate seeing anything with one of those stupid ponies over and over again. They as a group of fans have made their own identity as a whole, and commenting "not all bronies" isn't going to change anybody's opinion.

"Haters Gonna Hate" is also an overused tactic. Did you know that whenever you say that pathetic excuse of an argument, a homeless person dies? End this lame argument once and for all!

As I can see that a lot of bronies do this, there are more of us who don't. And the reason why we say this is because it is the truth - JacTheBrony

I'm quite sure you made your account just so that you could defend bronies, didn't you? - 404_name_missing

I have a friend who's a brony, and he has once said not all of them are bad but fortunately he has told me he doesn't like certain ships (Lyra x Bon Bon) which I can understand, for example.

For the rest, provide a good defense as to why. Me, I'm not even a brony myself and I can come up with one right now: not all bronies are bad because I have one who's a friend, he isn't too rabid, he respects opinions I have and doesn't like certain parts of the show and doesn't act like it's all perfect and he definitely isn't one of those rabid cloppers, he hates clop.

Baltimore City Paper said it best: if you don't provide reasons it's more like you're defending the rabid/bad parts of the fanbase.

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32 They Get Into Fights Over the Characters

They treat their favorite characters like game consoles and their favorite sports team. Any other character that doesn't meet their standards gets bashed on.

Rainbow Dash, Rarity and their fans are the ones Bronies are biased towards.

When I saw this list,I saw it as mean spirited.Not only are they insulting bronies,but not all bronies are like this.SOME are,and they can be CREEPY,some are HUGE fans,while others just watch a couple episodes and say it's okay. This is bullying,and it will/can get serious.Now can you PLEASE stop going to this list,which other bronies might see,and respect their opinions!?

33 They Insult Star Wars Fans Too Much
34 Annoying

Both the show and bronies are annoying!

This seems like one of the, not so many legit reasons, why people hate bronies.
They just can't shut up about it, even if people tell them to not do it. (not all of them)

All humans are annoying. That's how they are.

Not all of them.

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35 They Seem As If They Were Mentally Ill

When I first found out what brownies were, I thought they just had mental issues.

Most of them Bronies are Retarded.

People who watch other shows are mentally ill, some of us have problems that have nothing to do with the show.

Lmaooo that's so true - Kagamine_Len

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36 They Use Flawed Logic In Their Defense

We Just Simply Like The Show, That's All - What If I Just Simply Liked Being A Serial Killer?

Not all of them.

Hmmm, can you explain or give me an example? Because I find it hard to believe that we do. - JacTheBrony

Oh, you want an example, JacTheBrony? I'll give you an example: YOU AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, YOU SLEAZEBAG!

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37 They're Hypocrites

They really are. They always say "love and tolerance" but yet they always argue with people who don't like it.

Nope, I do my best along with the rest of us not to be hypocrites. And if you till believe so, you need to be able to explain how we are, I'm expecting an explanation if you can muster one, which I highly doubt. - JacTheBrony

Not all, but most of them, I agree they're hypocrites.


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38 They Are Likely Pedophiles.

Bronies probably are.

And you are likely paranoid. Seriously dude go see a doctor

Bronies are pedophiles

While most bronies are not pedophiles, here is how a small amount of them are:

Let's say that your 7-year-old daughter loved My Little Pony. There was a My Little Pony convention nearby, and you decided to take her there. You were excited to see all the other girls that she would make friends with, only the find out that everyone else there were 35-year-old men. What would you do if that happened to you? You would probably fear that your daughter would get raped or possibly even killed by those men. - anonygirl

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39 They Harass People

Bronies have harassed many people who don't agree with their views, including Howard Stern and the entirety of Fox News. They will ask the creators of the show, in a room full of the target audience, little girls, if one of the characters is a "molester". They will draw porn of a character of a dying girl that people specifically asked that porn not be made of. That's just the examples that don't involve everybody who doesn't like mlp commenting on a video only to get a horde of these basement dwellers attacking them. It's safer to attack Christianity or Islam or something along those lines than to say something even remotely negative about mlp. - Mai_sentry

I recently got harassed by a brony on Instagram just for liking Vocaloid and posting a video of Hatsune Miku performing at a concert last year. They swore at me and beyond other things. For no reason at all. These people must be stopped! - Kagamine_Len

Ok bronies don't harass some just can learn to shut it aka talkers and preachers

Look at critic reviews of the MLP Movie that's out, some commenters are harassing the critics for their opinion and don't know, not everyone's going to have seen your favorite show (this is from a former avid fan myself, and only looks at fanart nowadays).

40 They Try to Take Over the World

I know they are zombies

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