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41 All Their Videos Are All About Ponies.

When they have a YouTube account their video's are all about ponies.

There's no need to comment people because this true no matter what

And what do you expect them to be about?

My YouTube friend, Fisher Rachel makes videos about his video collection; not just ponies. He is a brony by the way. - anonygirl

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42 They Say Dumb Words

I hate bronies because they talk like "quit being mature" when were supposed to listen to you but your words are a bunch of bull so SHUT UP BRONIE and kill all bronies which would be fun!

Clearly no one has ever said "quit being mature" to you, because your comment is anything but.

Even if you were making a valid argument, I doubt I would be able to tell because I can't understand half of what you wrote here. - ThatGuy186

They say that you don't know the true meaning of the show yet they don't Get it themselves!

Kill all bronies with the death star! Call in the tie fighters and the storm troopers! Just kill them!

Call in the Corellian Corvettes, X wings, y wings, a wings, b wings, and the Millennium Falcon and kill all those stupid ugly bronies. Rebels hate Bronies!

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43 Their Blog Only Has Ponies Only

Whenever They Have A Blog Their Blog Is All About Ponies

Example : Tumblr

And just what do you expect them to be about? Pewdiepie?

Ok... First off, when going onto tumblr I have seen much dumber things than mlp. And second, when you go onto a brony tumblr, EXPECT PONIES!

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44 They infect every fandom on the internet by any means necessary

If they start to mess up religions, then I will have HAD IT.

God there are just so many examples...They just keep making crossover fanfiction and art and it's just getting more and more annoying!

I bet they'll infect the Nintendo fandom

No, we don't. If we make crossovers or fanfics about something that's our business, we don't try to make others join by doing it we just entertain each other by making fanfics and crossovers. - JacTheBrony

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45 They Took Existing Memes and Added Ponies, Making Them "Original"

But some sites stay pure like Memecenter

Same with characters. In fanbases, you commonly see people who make "Original Characters", but out of all communities, MLP is the biggest OC creating fanbase. They aren't even original, they take an existing pony, recolor it, give it a name, and call it "Original."

I begged to differ, I made mine from scratch, and so did my friends - JacTheBrony

46 The Pictures Are Enraging

The specific way that the ponies are drawn just makes me want to punch them in the face. That's disregarding anything else about them, just the way that they're drawn makes me think that.

You might have anger issues, you should seek a doctor and ask him/her about the subject. - JacTheBrony

Ok so they look like that because they are animated and can't film real ponies talking further more that is another opinion on this list they don't give reasons to hate us

So do you JacThebrony

47 They Harass People

Bronies have harassed many people who don't agree with their views, including Howard Stern and the entirety of Fox News. They will ask the creators of the show, in a room full of the target audience, little girls, if one of the characters is a "molester". They will draw porn of a character of a dying girl that people specifically asked that porn not be made of. That's just the examples that don't involve everybody who doesn't like mlp commenting on a video only to get a horde of these basement dwellers attacking them. It's safer to attack Christianity or Islam or something along those lines than to say something even remotely negative about mlp. - Mai_sentry

I recently got harassed by a brony on Instagram just for liking Vocaloid and posting a video of Hatsune Miku performing at a concert last year. They swore at me and beyond other things. For no reason at all. These people must be stopped! - Kagamine_Len

Ok bronies don't harass some just can learn to shut it aka talkers and preachers

48 They Don't Care About Other Enjoyable Shows

There are many other enjoyable shows like SpongeBob, Gravity Falls, Game of Thrones, Wheel of Fortune, Seinfeld, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, Looney Tunes, Adventure Time, Supernatural, Fairly Odd Parents, Family Feud, Scooby Doo, Rosanne, Powerpuff Girls, Big Bang Theory, and Regular Show, but they bash anything that is not My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In fact, they even bash the older versions of My Little Pony. - anonygirl

There are shows WAAAY better than mlp. Like The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, and Family Guy.

I'm a brony, but I also watch spongebob, the amazing world of gumball, regular show, gravity falls, steven universe, phineas and ferb, and star vs. the forces of evil. and I think teen titans go is worse.

49 They're too Masculine

Nah they're all gay. - Kagamine_Len

50 They Make Assumptions

All Bronys make assumptions that if you don't like my little pony you must have no friends or you must like to watch shows like Family Guy or South Park. They also say you like to watch poorly animated shows. That's funny because my little pony is poorly animated

Yas I see how dumb they are too

Most people assume things whether they want to admit it or not, including me, but most people in and out of the fandom do their best to not judge things without knowing everything so they can be accurate when stating information. - JacTheBrony

JacTheBrony, Nobody respects your assumption that this is not true! Your assumption that bronies never do this is a bunch of baloney! I know not all bronies do this stuff but that doesn't mean they don't do it! If you say they don't post gory fan art, bad fan fictions, pornography or games not related? I can now assume that bronies are just bad at being good!

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51 They Think It's Their Solution to Their Miserable Lives

No. Just no. To soon.

Derogatory, making this point invalid, but I will continue to say that no, most of our lives are happy, even before becoming a brony, I'm living proof of that - JacTheBrony

52 They Made Some Games Into Monstrosities

It's true take tf2 for Example ever since the marketing strategist thought it was a good idea to attract the wrong crowd the game just went downhill

The reason why I don't play online games anymore.

Like the strange mane 6 turned into monsters of tf 2

Play TF2 and see a futa pony doing... you know

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53 They Use Flawed Logic In Their Defense

We Just Simply Like The Show, That's All - What If I Just Simply Liked Being A Serial Killer?

Not all of them.

Hmmm, can you explain or give me an example? Because I find it hard to believe that we do. - JacTheBrony

Oh, you want an example, JacTheBrony? I'll give you an example: YOU AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, YOU SLEAZEBAG!

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54 They Masturbate to MLP Pornography

Its really disgusting and MOST of them do it. In other word more than 75% of bronies do it.

Also most of them are 15 - 50

Ikr! You're masturbating to ANIMALS! Gross! - princessbabypeach

Disgusting pigs

That's so true. That's honestly even worse than staring at hentai for long periods of time and masturbating to it. Ponies aren't realistic in any way. - Kagamine_Len

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55 They Won't Leave Things Alone

And by that you mean?

Not all of them.

56 They Are Most Likely Willing to Talk to Little Girls About MLP

It would be a normal response to want to relate to something if it's relatable, say for example you found out that someone liked the same thing you liked, you would be more willing to talk and conversate with them, no matter the age or gender of the person. Our brains are made like that, it's normal for anyone to act like that. - JacTheBrony

So what, it's just a show

Not all of them.

57 They Ruin All the Songs

They turn EVERY SONG ON THE INTERNET TO PMVS. Please show me ONE song, ONE SONG that isn't turned to a pony music video.

They messed up gimme back my pig and don't mine at night I hate bronies

Pokemon fans do it too. Just don't watch them. Simple as das.

They made a PV of Servant of Evil by Kagamine Len, and a PMV animation for Cardcaptor Sakura, titled "Derpy Cardcaptor". What even is this world at the moment... - Kagamine_Len

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58 They're Stupid

Just shut up about the "not all of them" phrase, will ya?


Not all of them.

59 They're Perverts

-_- the 10% who are overshadow the other 90%

They're not ALL perverts, but when they are it's disguisting. Stop banging Fluttershy with your imaginary 7-inch-cock

No we aren't. I'm just a person who enjoys the show, I'm not a pervert! People wonder why we defend ourselves so much and it's because people are making us sound like idiots. How about you learn more about us before you judge us.

Message to the 10% of brony if your innocent and feel bad for being blamed quit the dumb fandom like I did and if u did your gonna have a good life

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60 They Are Ruining My Little Pony and Making It a Bad Show

I totally agree and understand, I used to like watching the show but since bronies ruin it with memes, turning characters into ponies, and many other horrible things they do, I stop watching the show, mostly because of the show's fanbase.

They ruined my childhood in 5th grade! I'm in 6th grade and I regret being a broney!

It was never a good show it's terrible

They really are doing it, this stamp pretty much explains a reason why:

And to whoever mentioned Care Bears, yes, the 80's Care Bear series is so much better than My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I'd rather make friends with the Care Bears (their movies are better too) than with one of the ponies, except maybe Fluttershy, Pinkie or Celestia (only good characters now in my opinion).

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