Top 10 Reasons to Hate Bronies

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81 They Ruin TV / Videogames

It hurts man I fell your pain I loved enderman but now I don't feel the love anymore because of the bronies

This one should be #1 on the list. They ruined many things. Including my favorite. Minecraft's enderman.

They always ruin my favorite games!

Spelled Brony wrong.

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82 They have nothing better to do with their lives

Like you have much to do either except hate on other people because they like something you don't - JacTheBrony

Why can't you just understand JacThebronie.

83 They like tickling

A good amount of people have this fetish. It's odd, yes.

What where did you hear this yea maybe some do but "normal people" do too.

Tickling is one of the weirdest fetishes

Uhh, I don't.

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Puga Rants: What's so bad about bronies?
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