Ten Reasons to Hate Buttercup from the Original Powerpuff Girls


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1 She is rude

She may be rude sometimes but NOT ALWAYS! - Neonco31

I agree with you, finally someone who understands that Buttercup is not rude all the time. - AnimeDrawer

She is not rude all the time, only a few times. Sometimes people make this mistake. You want her to be a Mary Sue? - AnimeDrawer

Buttercup was made with spice it's not her fault

Buttercup sucks

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2 She tortures Bubbles for no reason

She always to do like that with bubbles

Well, SOMEONE has to!

She just teases her most of the time, she is just a little girl who is growing. Sometimes she does really torture Bubbles, but when she gets older, she will realize that is wrong. This reason is invalid. - AnimeDrawer

3 She KO'd teeth of Townsville People

She did that, but she did it to the bad guys that were robbing and commiting crimes. But she took it too far and did it to the villians she normally fights, which they did not do anything. - AnimeDrawer

4 She's so tough that she breaks body parts of criminals

That's a good thing. How's she gonna stop the criminals? - TwilightKitsune

I know, but there was once an episode in which Fuzzy couldn't eat or talk right, then because got scolded :/ - RB-Number1-fan

5 She yells at Bubbles for acting like the backup leader while Blossom isn't around
6 She refuses to take a bath V 1 Comment
7 She's not as cute as her sisters

Really? She is as cute as her sisters, yet another not good reason. - AnimeDrawer

8 She yells at Bubbles for drawing on the ground and breaks her crayon

I know that was not nice of her, but at least she was curious of where Bubbles was and apologized to her. - AnimeDrawer

9 She made fun of a student in class without apologizing

She actually did apologize, she is very apologetic, it is just that she is too shy to say it. - AnimeDrawer

10 She's a tomboy

What's wrong with being a tomboy? Rainbow Dash is also a tomboy - Neonco31

You hate her because she is a tomboy? So what? People can be tomboys, this is a bad reason. - AnimeDrawer

Being a tomboy doesn't make her bad - Chromium

Although almost every item on this list is bad,this is the most unreasonable and worst reason/item of the whole list.I mean,HOW CAN YOU HATE SOMEONE BECAUSE THEY'RE A TOMBOY?! This reason/item is so stupid.@AnimeDrawer is kind of a tomboy,I'm a bit of a tomboy,Applejack is sort of a tomboy,Rainbow Dash is a tomboy,Sayaka is a tomboy,so do you hate us because of that? -ApplejackFan

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11 She's a Mary Sue

No offense, but how is she a Mary Sue? She actually does more mistakes than Blossom and Bubbles. She is very hated and she has no special power. Neither are Blossom and Bubbles Mary Sues. - AnimeDrawer

12 She takes over the show

When did she take over the show? I do not think she ever took over the show. - AnimeDrawer

13 She shows signs of being a lesbian

I think this is true. I saw a comment on this website that said she and Blossom are in an ersatz homosexual relationship with each other. It may explain a lot.

It might explain why she's a total douche. Anyone's irritable when they've had dips in testosterone.

14 She's Overrated
15 She throws tantrums

That was only in the episode Cover Up, she does not throw tantrums often, she is angry, but she does not throw tantrums a lot. - AnimeDrawer

16 Her name doesn't suit her
17 She doesn't love her sisters as much as you think

She said that blossom is a goody-two-shoes in episode ice sore,and teases bubbles much

18 She nearly refused to tell the truth in Lying Around the House

Buttercup's stupid fans keep making Rainbow Dash hate lists,ignoring Dash's good parts,overreact on her and hate her but she is actually a good girl.Also,Dash haters/Buttercup fans have to keep lying about R.D.! Buttercup fans are really overprotective of her(Buttercup's the bully,not Dash.Buttercup only says "sorry." wheras R.D. admits what she did wrong and says "sorry" too). -RainbowDashFan

19 Her fans are hypocrites
20 She is a big bully
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