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1 He teaches kids to throw a fit to get what they want He teaches kids to throw a fit to get what they want

That picture though, that pic really proves how Caillou throws tantrums, that is very immature of him to do that. His parents should teach him that it is wrong and should give him a whooping for that. - AnimeDrawer

That Picture Has All The Proof

2 He sounds like a girl
3 They don't even color the whole thing

Ikr? I was always wondering why they did not color the whole thing, the animators were probably too lazy to do it and just rushed through the thing. - AnimeDrawer

4 The narrator's voice is bad
5 He's spoiled

His parents never scold at him for doing the absolutely horrendous behavior he does, he should be scolded, whooped, and grounded. - AnimeDrawer

6 He won't admit to hating olives
7 Caillou is a whiny little brat
8 He threw his biggest tantrum ever just because he has to wait another day for the circus
9 He's Annoying
10 Temper Tantrums

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? He looks like charlie brown

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11 The way the adults dress is bad
12 He never gets spanked V 1 Comment
13 It's boring
14 It's dumb
15 He doesn't age

What kind of cartoon character actually ages?

It has been 15 years and Caillou is STILL 4.-Vestalis

16 The voices are annoying
17 Caillou's parents do a horrible job at parenting
18 We do not know why he is bald

What I hate is that the creators did not use logic and that they did not explain to us why is he bald, a four year old should have hair. Did he shave his hair or did his parents do so? It would make sense for a man to be bald because they shaved it, but a four year old boy? - AnimeDrawer

19 The animation is horrible
20 The Color Scheme
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1. He teaches kids to throw a fit to get what they want
2. He sounds like a girl
3. The narrator's voice is bad
1. Caillou is a whiny little brat
2. He's Annoying
3. Temper Tantrums



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