Top 10 Reasons to Hate Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse has to be one of the worst Death Metal bands I've ever heard. Here's reasons to hate them, good god this comment section is going to be.... quite a comment section.

The Top Ten

1 All of their songs sound the same

All of them have the same damn premise: Raping the dead, killing someone, disembodied body parts, terrible growls and usually a chorus of how great disturbing the dead is.

2 The vocals are awful

Doesn't matter who's singing they both sound awful because all they do is growl and you can barely hear them half the time!


3 There's no originality

There's nothing original about making songs about killing the living then raping them.

4 They are claimed to be one of the best Death Metal bands when they're not.

Death's a far better Death Metal band.

5 Their lyrics are uninspired

So uninspired that it's painful.

6 They are the most uncreative Death Metal band in history

... Nothing further to comment.

7 They're bland

Really bland and boring to listen to in all honesty.

8 They focus on shock value rather than making good music

Too much focus on shock = album sales than creating a good riff. If you want good death metal there's always *literally every band besides slam metal, cannibal corpse, and sfu*.

Their album covers, song titles, and lyrics are disgusting. They try too hard to shock. They defend it as artistic expression. There's nothing artistic about this. It’s just disgusting.

9 The growls/ screams are awful

Honestly I would rather hear heavy metal screams than this!

10 They're too predictable

Beyond predictable...

The Contenders

11 They're overrated

The most overrated death metal and it brings shame to the death metal genre

12 They are posers

What? What are they posing as? They're a metal band. God, I hate that word with a passion. Along with "elitist" - IronSabbathPriest

13 They just sound like edgy teenagers

Yeah claim LP is edgy all you want but at least they stopped while they were ahead, CC kept going with the wannabe edgy teenagers they are and made predictable songs about killing and raping people enough said.

14 They make songs about having sex with dead people
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