Reasons to Hate Chaska Borek

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1 She Is An Atheist, and Believes the Catholic Religion Is the Most Vile Orgnization to Ever Exist.

WTF? This girl is crazy?
Chicharito is Catholic! just to let you know that.
Can someone be friends with an atheist?

2 A Lot Of Girls Hate Her

Chicharito Fans Hate her

3 She Is Bisexual

Yes, and she is only 18?

what can you expect from beautiful and yet capricious girl like this?

nothing good.

4 She Is a Pathetic Poser

She has more than 3 Facebooks accounts (problably fakes)

She is Obseseed with her body & diets

5 She Thinks She Is Hot Just Because She Is Mixed

Her mother is Half canadian (mostly of european descent)

Chaska is of Irish, Schottish and Hawaiian Background

She has green/hazel eyes.

6 She Was Romantically Linked With Another Soccer Player, Back In 2008


She just Pretends to be a good girl!


7 No One's Ever Heard of Her
8 She Has a Funny Lancashire Accent
9 Her Initials CH

The same initials as Javier Hernandez CHicharito... Coincedince...

10 She Always Talks About Vegetarianism and Animal Protection Movement

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11 She Is Always Wearing These Huge Sunglasses

And if she is not wearing sunglasses. she is always hiding one eye in her hair.. WTF?


Maybe she's just hiding the fact that she's always high...

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