Top Ten Reasons to Hate Chris Brown

What a slut is he I used to like him but after he beat up Rihanna I absouloty hate him

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1 He beat up Rihanna

That what made hum a bad man - BigBrotherSucks

But they got back together - venomouskillingmachine

This is simply... unacceptable.
I don't even have the words! Seriously Chris, Rihanna actually makes decent music while your music makes me want to drink bleach

2 His is a criminal

He beat up Frank Ocean, Rihanna and today he threatened his manager. It was on the news. - toptenqueen

Everyone who reads this knows that Chris is really a criminal and when he comes out with his songs it really annoying

3 He loves drugs V 1 Comment
4 His songs

He is a terrible singer - BigBrotherSucks

Wait, who is better? Justin Bieber? I am just asking because people hates JB, is he better than him? - bugger

5 He thinks jail changed him
6 He sings about sex V 1 Comment
7 He is famous because he beat up Rihanna
8 He has no talent V 1 Comment
9 He has been to jail

He should just go back to jail. I cannot have him at all.

He should have been locked in prison forever. - GoldenRocket

Chris brown is not perfect. He made a mistake you all people need to get over that

10 He got in a fight

The Contenders

11 He's a jerk

he's doing his thang and you can't help but hate you

He Has Anger Issues

12 His lyrics
13 He had a fight with Drake

Needs to go to a mental health institution

14 He looks like a monkey
15 Only is a really bad song
16 He likes Justin Bieber
17 His misogynistic songs

Just hear loyal, ayo, and deuces then you'll see what I'm talking about

18 He harassed Karrueche Tran

Smug little prick

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