Top Ten Reasons to Hate Chris Brown

What a slut is he I used to like him but after he beat up Rihanna I absouloty hate him

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1 He beat up Rihanna

That what made hum a bad man - BigBrotherSucks

But they got back together - venomouskillingmachine

This is simply... unacceptable.
I don't even have the words! Seriously Chris, Rihanna actually makes decent music while your music makes me want to drink bleach

2 His is a criminal

He beat up Frank Ocean, Rihanna and today he threatened his manager. It was on the news. - toptenqueen

Everyone who reads this knows that Chris is really a criminal and when he comes out with his songs it really annoying

3 He loves drugs V 1 Comment
4 His songs

Wait, who is better? Justin Bieber? I am just asking because people hates JB, is he better than him? - bugger

V 1 Comment
5 He thinks jail changed him
6 He sings about sex V 1 Comment
7 He is famous because he beat up Rihanna
8 He has no talent V 1 Comment
9 He has been to jail

He should just go back to jail. I cannot have him at all.

He should have been locked in prison forever. - GoldenRocket

Chris brown is not perfect. He made a mistake you all people need to get over that

10 He got in a fight

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11 He's a jerk

he's doing his thang and you can't help but hate you

He Has Anger Issues

12 His lyrics
13 He had a fight with Drake

Needs to go to a mental health institution

14 Only is a really bad song
15 He likes Justin Bieber
16 He looks like a monkey
17 His misogynistic songs

Just hear loyal, ayo, and deuces then you'll see what I'm talking about

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