Top 10 Reasons to Hate Chris-Chan

Someone had to make a list of reasons to abhor the absolute worst thing in existence. If you have any reasons to hate him then feel free to submit them.

The Top Ten

1 He Makes Autistic People Look Bad

He makes humanity look bad lol - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I have Asperger's, and even I can't stand this spoiled bastard son of Alex Jones and Gilbert Gottfried!

2 He Burned His Own House Down

I feel bad for the fact that the Ruckersville PD have to keep taking bribes from the guy. He needs to be locked away in a cardboard box. - Swellow

3 He Made Fun of 9/11
4 He Maced a GameStop Employee with Pepper Spray

He should be in jail

5 He Drank His Own Semen

*shudders* - Cyri

6 He Created Sonichu
7 He Squanders All His Money on Toys
8 He Had Sex with a Blow-Up Doll and Filmed It
9 He Shoplifted From Best Buy
10 He Drew Creepy Fanart

The Contenders

11 He has made multiple sexually-charged videos of himself, and nobody wants to see him naked.
12 Getting butthurt over Sonic's arms not being tan in the Sonic Boom series

Why should I even explain as to why this is so petty? It's such a minor detail to get your panties in a twist over, yet this guy thinks otherwise. In fact, he went to a GameStop store that banned him to try and vandalize a Sonic Boom display! He ended up pepper spraying an employee on his way out despite said employee doing nothing. - WindWakerFan

13 He's Deluded Into His Own Thoughts and Fantasies
14 He made death threats to numerous people, including the President Of The United States.

I Don't really care for president Donald Trump either, but Jesus Christ! I'm surprised he hasn't gotten arrested for more than a week yet!

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