Top Ten Reasons to Hate Christianity

The Top Ten Reasons to Hate Christianity

1 Killed Millions and Millions Over Time

That is just so wrong!

Oh no. Not another one of these lists. - Minecraftcrazy530

Didn't someone else already make this list? - ryanrimmel

2 Christian People Always Think They are Right

They can't handle about other people's religions. You can't have an intelligent conversation with half of them because they are stupid, ignorant fools. Anyone who believes in someone who condones slavery, killed off people by waves (which is kind of like Hitler, might I add), and took away from a believer to prove a point to Satan, someone who he should not even consider wasting his time on, is stupid as! I respect Christians, in all honesty, but that's what I really think. I can respect them but think they're stupid at the same time, like people think about Donald Trump.

They can't take any form of critic and they are most of the times feeling insulted when you have another opinion. They are never open to debate unless if it's to impose their beliefs to everybody who don't believe by preaching you their " one and only truth ".

I think that westofohio loves Danteem's list Reasons to Hate Christians.

3 Christian People are the First to Judge

I remember that in the early 80s when Aids became headline news the first to shout that this was a punishment by god for the gay community, came from Christians! Now that we know more about Aids they don't dare to say that anymore but it shows how hypocrite they can be.

4 No Proof of God in 2000 Years

God if you exist then why don't you visit the planet.

AND there’s proof of reincarnation! Ha!

Oh whatever, time travelling could be possible in the future, some people out there believe in Greek Gods.

For your information about your comment about miracles. We don't believe in god miracles. They can always be proved with science or will be proved in time with science.

5 They Always Try to Bend the Government Rules
6 They're Against Gay Marriage

We're against incestuous marriage too. Should people fight for the right for close relatives to marry? - clusium

Clusium its just a gender why are you scared of a relationship between the same gender? Oh and what about cousins, its legal in UK its also happened in royalty.

I can't come out because of this

7 The Bible Says It's Ok to Own Slaves

Read the Book of Exodus. It is one big condemnation of slavery. Likewise, in one of St. Paul's epistles, Paul admonishes someone to take back someone as a slave, but as a friend this time. - clusium

8 They Stole All Religious Stories from Previous Religions

It is true, they stole from Judaism. Not only that but also Paganism. You should read further about Alto Saxon mythology, as well as: Greek and Egyptian. P.S to the one that commented that place stolen from Norse mythology for the creator of this list to read: Which religion? Which level? Also! You must be fun to have at parties and be quite a nice intellectual person, wanting someone to get tortured forever rather than helping the certain person to become a better person. But seriously: you had time to comment how you felt about this list but not time to explain as of why? Plus, even if you began then: really? It took you that... long, I guess. Well anyways. Sorry not sorry and get a life and get a dictionary.

Yeah uf u learn in history class they stole their religion from mine Judaism - Ihateschool

9 The are Usually Hypocrites

Yes, but, most people are. - clusium

10 They Break at Least 3 Commandments a Day

Everyone else probably breaks even more than that, so whether or not you're a Christian, you're gonna break the commandments.

Us Jews also break the 10 commandments - Ihateschool

The Contenders

11 They Think Heavy Metal is Satanic

Stupid religion

Most don't, only dumb ones do. I'm a Christian and my mother LOVES metal and so do I. - xatavia

That's probably because a lot of it is. - clusium

12 Because They Forgive Everything

So true! Even bad people they forgive!

The reason we forgive everyone is because according to my book u must forgive everyone and bad people from Jesus u MUST forgive

13 The Bible is False

One it's so simple and I can't belive people believe in this if your a god you cannot die but in the bible Jesus died and he is suppose to be god

What the hell the bible says earth existed for 6000 years but it actually existed 4.6 billion years what the hell is this I bet its fake and I bet its lying - Zagabound

14 It Supports the Beating of Children
15 We are sinners because of two people 6000 years ago ate fruit.
16 It's a Ripoff of Judaism
17 It Plagiarized Egyptian Mythology

There is an Ancient Egyptian God with a cross like Jesus, where do you think the church got that from eh?

18 Christianity is Not for Everyone
19 The Bible Says Dogs are Filthy Creature
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