Top Ten Reasons to Hate Christians

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1 They are Cruel to Atheists

I don't hate Christians and I would never judge a person by their religion. But some Christians I do hate. The mean ones who always say that I will go to hell for being an atheist and that I'll be begging God for mercy. A comment on YouTube even said that atheism is a joke and my head is up my own ass. And then they said that Christianity is under attack. Ironic much? - SammySpore

So looks like religion fights are making their way to the top tens. Well, here's my two cents, religious people ARE cruel to atheists, and atheists ARE cruel to religious people. I'm an atheist, I'm not here to debate anything, I'm just saying learn to get along. You won't find out who's right and wrong until you die, so just live your life and stop fighting over it. - ryanrimmel

How can you have the audacity to make this list? I believe in God. But if you don't, I can respect that. But don't make me feel bad by making such a rude list. The hysterical theory of everything in the universe was made out of nothing is untrue. No matter what scientists say. God was there in the beginning and he is there in the end. People might not like this idea. Fine. But that won't make me drop my faith. And one more thing, please repent to God of making this list. Hopefully, he will have mercy on you on Judgement Day. - davakoh

Lol you are making me laugh. I'm not a religious person but I have to say that users from the top tens must feel a real shame of themselves. Christianity is about hope and kindness. Find it boring? Well you're boring. Without Christianity. The world will end more faster

2 They are Against Homosexuals

Comments like "Jesus loves you unless you're gay" and "repent or burn in hell" do nothing but convince people that Christians are evil. If they think they're so high and mighty, then how are they going to lead anyone to Jesus? I think Westboro needs to repent. - shadomatrix

I'm christian, and I am not a homophobe like Justin Bieber. Go take your religionist BS somwhere else, lol. - I80

This is true, but we don't know if God is, it could be made up by man that homosexuality is a sin. - Therandom

Wrong. If you believe the Bible is God's Word, He clearly states Himself that it is a sin and contrary to nature (not that you need the Bible to tell you that, homosexuality produces nothing).

I'm not gay but that 1 comment that ends with "Convert Now And Love The Lord" just disgusts me! When will Christians get it through their thick skulls that gay people can't just make themselves not be gay, your sexuality, like your race, is not something you can just choose on your own, unless you wanna emotionally torment yourself because your forcing yourself to be something that you're not.

3 Half of Them Don't Let People Play Violent Video Games

I do it behind my mom's back, or more like watch inappropriate stuff. (Not you know what.) - Luckys

My Grandma is a Christian and I hate it because sense I'm a fnaf, yandere simulator
And bendy and the the ink machine fan, and I watch it and play it, I made the biggest mistake by saying oh that creepy then she got all interested and said it was the devil.
And for years now she would not SHUT UP AND STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALL SHE
Being myself in my own special way! :(

LMAO How the heck do you monitor this?
People have rights to a lot of stuff, and certainly Video Games are one of them.
The reason I CAN'T play violent Video Games is because of age ratings.
I am Christian and I played an MA Video game before (once) but I wasn't damned to Hell was I? No.
Besides, I doubt Hell would let me even post this.
Believing in God/ Not doesn't make people Saints/Demons, Logic doesn't work like that.
I'm spiritual but not religious. - Qryzx

I feel like the only one who doesn't like Violent Video Games all the time. I would play halo once per week. That's the only violent game I play. (by the way, I'm catholic. Which is the part of Christianity) - Mumbizz01

4 They Believe in God Which is Not Real

This statement is made upon opinion. Not fact. It makes me very angry to hear people say stupid things like this. If God is not real, prove it. You can't. Nor can you prove that he IS real. So stop saying stupid crap like this. - BKAllmighty

Actually I can prove that he isn't real. But I won't say anything because I don't want to start arguments. - SammySpore

WHOA DUDE! What? Ain't this going a little overboard? - Chaotixhero

If God isn't real, then who created the world, life, and people? - nintendofan126

If the belief that a creation needs a creator then the belief that I wasn't created is compatible with your logic. - CatCode

All right you are offending a religious person and we are free to believe whatever we want so shut up

5 They Think that Non Christians are the Devil's Spawn

I have never heard any Christian say this. My grandma for example is catholic and she always talks to us about God and other things about our religion. She never said anything about Non Christians being evil. All she said was that God wants us to love eachother, because we are all brothers and sisters and all that. Doesn't matter if someone is an atheist, another is Muslim or that other guy over there is Jewish, we should all live together. - RogerMcBaloney

It's funny how some Christians think Atheists are "of the devil", yet they eat food made by Atheists, they wear clothes made by Atheists, and they use products (including Windows, Facebook, and iPhones) made by Atheists. Still think Atheists are evil? Then don't use their products. - shadomatrix

I am an ex Christian. I hate Christians because facts mean nothing at all to them. You cannot have an intelligent conversation with them, you might as well bang your head against the wall.

A quote appeared on here with "all just everyday sinners" "Christians are forgiven" That is what number 5 said Non Christians are the Devil's Spawn.

6 They Judge People for Having a Different Religion

That's utter disrespect, LEARN to show respect! - Neonco31

They called Muslim terrorist

I know plenty of atheists who think Muslims are terrorists. Just because someone is Christian, it doesn't mean he thinks Muslims are terrorists. - RogerMcBaloney

I follow Coasterism, and I love it. And christians judge me for being Coasterist.

7 They Believe Jesus is Going to Come Back to Life

Yeah like when you're 80 years old?
He's gonna come back evil making sure only the Christians go to Heaven and some horrible looking horsemen appear. With everything going blood red and beheadings that's a lovely belief.

While we may not believe in Mortal Kombat happening for real, we do believe that Jesus is our savior. - letdot52

He did come back to life. We just believe that he will return to bring all of us to heaven probably in a week from now.

Because he is...he already has Jesus is our savior and king

8 They Started Wars Against Muslims

Look, I'm Actually a SATANIST! I got bullied a lot in School because of it and the teacher even kicked me out! Perhaps they did not understand that satanism doesn't necessarily mean evil. And all those kids and the teacher were Christian! Then I met a Jewish Friend and a Muslim friend and when I told them about my religion, Guess What? They TOTALLY Understood! They had apparently suffered the same thing as me. - GreenDayFan21

And you're starting wars against my brain now shut up - username34

In the past they judged Islam as a heresy and even conspired against it's peoples but they don't know many muslims are just normal people like them! - Neonco31

It was the pope's fault. - letdot52

9 They Try to Push Christianity Onto You

Lol when you realize whoever made this list and said "Christians try to push their religion onto you" is pushing their Atheist beliefs onto you. - shadomatrix

I'm about to start to hate and bash Christians if they do this to me. Even worse by constantly haunting them after my friend Seth does it for the last time! - Kevinsidis

This one should be at least #3 on this list. Many Christians love to enforce their beliefs (which they like to pick and choose which parts of the bible they believe in) on everyone else and call it "helping" them. Keep that "Jesus saves" nonsense in your churches.

The Gospel is not for everyone because everyone follows different paths to paradise so stop trying to force them to your own paths because that's what they choose - Neonco31

10 They Brainwashed People

They took First Nations children out of their homes, away from their families, sent them to boarding schools, tortured them, abused them, starved them, terrified them and traumatized them. The mission was to get rid of their culture and heritage, and many of them did forget about their original culture, and they have never been the same since.

As opposed to the person who made this list, obviously brainwashed and unaware of almost anything going on around him.

Into doing things that restrict human rights such as homophobia, feminism and polygamous relationships! - Neonco31

We are not brainwashing, we preach and those who like our teachings follow. - Therandom

The Contenders

11 They Don't Like Barack Obama

Hating Obama has absolutely NOTHING to do with being Christian. - DCfnaf

I am from Canada, and I think Obama is one of the best, most diverse, and most accepting president America has ever seen.

Calling him the antichrist? He actually shows respect for religion unlike conservative Christians - Neonco31

I am Christian and I love Obama

12 They Believe in Hell Which is Unproven

Lol the person who claimed that Hell can't be proved yet believes that some magical explosion created everything is pure irony. - shadomatrix

Okay, so just because your mom said hell isn't real, you believe her? Did you also believe her when she said Santa is real? - Puga

I say to you I am a prophet a Christian and in the name of the Lord my God, I CONDEMN this teaching. For those who hate Christianity for it's "eternal hell fire" teaching, the good news is: it's a hoax. The true hell is indeed a burning for the lost (on Earth that is, hell will be on earth) but then they will cease to exist. The Jesuits have tricked you all. DO NOT OBEY THE CATHOLICH CHURCH OR JESUITS!

Belief in the unseen is kind of the point of all religion.

13 Their Loving God Sends You to Hell If You Don't Believe in Him

How can someone send themselves to Hell if they don't believe or never heard of.

According, their savior doesn't send people to hell if they haven't heard of god. Therefore, these Christians are the devils on this earth by forcing their speech onto everybody. No wonder people hate them.

They need to shut up... I'm moving to Vermont. Not very many religious people there

I believe in him, even though I can't feel him but not everyone has to be christian in order to be a good person - Neonco31

14 They Caused the Dark Ages

The world would be 1,000 years more advanced if Christianity never existed. Think about it, we could've been exploring the universe by now!

15 They Think Rock and Roll and Metal is the Devil's Music

This list is offensive, not all christians are like this, I'm christian, I have no problem with Muslims, I love Obama, I don't think all rock and roll is satanic, I'm not against gays, or lesbians, I never tried to brainwash someone, my moms christian, and she let's me play some violent games, I'm okay with atheist, I don't just care about my kind, we're not dumb, I don't deny scientific evidence, you people are hating on people just because of their religion, I don't think that people with other religions (besides satanists) are satanic, I don't try to force people to become christian like me, I don't always think I'm right, Our god never caused racism, I don't judge people etc. You are rude, and you're a bully, not all of us christians are like this. We have the freedom to worship whoever we please, not to have your religion. Jew, Muslim, Atheist I don't care what religion you have, we should only love each other by our personality not our talent, race, gender, or religion, we ...more

True, and a lot of them would tell you that so-called "Christian" rock is also "of the devil". - shadomatrix

I'm a Christian and I listen to songs like the Number of the Beast and Highway to Hell. - MrQuaz680

I'm a Christian, and I'm not afraid to listen to bands such as Slayer, Venom, and Mercyful Fate.

16 Christian Parents Force Their Religion Onto Their Kids

I think this is child abuse! Scaring your child of hell and demons, that god is a hating blood lusting man in the sky. I think this is just plain bull, Religion should not be pressed to someone who is so young and brainwash the little mind to not think for them self's. This should be a choise when the child is an adult.

I do believe in this "god" energy source, whole universe is made of it, atoms. Funny to think of it, energy never dissapears, it just change shape, transfers etc. Basically we living on earth are as old as the universe started, sorry my bad English, but I have had a lot to think about. Very curious about the truth.

17 They Use Faith Not Evidence

Yes we have faith but for someone who is not a Christian you will need more then faith to prove that your right. Where do are morals come from why can every sane person believe that murder is wrong where did this idea come from. How can people explain over 500 people having the same hallucination that Jesus rose from the dead. They can't because he did and people saw him. Last but not least. John Lenin (Beatles) said "I am better then God" months later he got shot in his own home. People said Titanic is unsinkable not even God could sink it. Weeks later it hit an iceberg and sank. coincidence I think not.

So Jesus walking on water and turning water into wine has been scientifically proven?

Really? There are no "scientific tests" one must pass to be a fact. One must have EVIDENCE to be proven as a fact. - ARandomPerson

They use Ignorance and / or brain washing techniques to gain the world, not evidence. Fact is, this Christian state wages all sorts of unholy war across the world from bombings in Laos to Agent Orange in Vietnam, all in the name of god.

There is power in faith.

18 They Debate Logic with Nonsense

My parents do this stuff all the time. "As a Christian, I believe..." Which really bugs me. They say things like "Don't do that, it's a sin" and I'm not even Christian! "

Is it just me or do christians never give any logic based answers when having arguments about creation of the universe and other stuff,for example according to christianity the earth is roughly 6000 years old but we all know that's impossible because of evolution and carbon dating.

Do you (the creator of this list) actually know any Christians? Because I do, including myself, and none of these apply to them or me. ( Well except for the stuff like the violent video games, I don’t know them well enough to know that)

It's called faith.
People have a right to believe what they want.
You believe in evolution, I believe in creation.
We're both still people, so why does it matter?

19 They Deny Scientific Evidence

I just baffles me how anyone can deny evolution or believe that the earth is flat in this day and age.

When a woman is pregnant, science deniers say she’s not carrying a child. When a woman has a vagina and breast, science deniers say she is a man if that is her preference. If a man has a penis and he “feels like a woman” science deniers say he’s a woman. And people who look at a person and tell the truth about THE FACTS “are uneducated, hateful liars.” They call good evil, and evil good, just as predicted.

20 They Think They're Always Right

So do Liberals. This is why I don't give a crap about either side. - shadomatrix

And so do hypocritical "cult like" atheists. The same people that attack a faith when they act the same as the hypocritical bible thumpers. Why are these lists approved in the first place?

Mostly right-wings. Even if it's false by moral standards, they will claim it as true yet criticize you when you say what is true - Neonco31

21 Christians are Judgemental

I'm a Christian and I'm very kind to others, even Hindus, Judaism, Atheist, Buddhism, Shintoism, different races and more. I'm even kind towards gay people.

22 Their "God" Created Various Problems Like Racism, Slavery Etc.

Some Christians actually believed that black people are the cursed Canaanites so that might have been one of the many reasons discrimination against black people and slavery in Africa are so widespread back in the 18th century - Neonco31

It's us humans who invented those things not God. - RogerMcBaloney

Textbook definition of bigots.

Racism, are you sure? I thougt Rameses (The Pharoah) did racism on Hebrews. Sorry, my bad. - Erinaliese

23 They Claimed Seizures Were Demons

I have done cooking in a church and had a seizure. Why would you call a disability a demon?

24 They Think Non Christians Send Themselves to Hell
25 Most Don't Read the Bible

They just believe in what other christians said when they were kids. They don't even know who their so loved god is, or what he has done in the past.

26 Most are Extremely Rude
27 They Think Jesus Will Return Even Though 2, 000 Years Have Passed and He Still Hasn't Come Back

You know what? The comment below really offends me! I’m a Christian and the lowlife with the nickname god is hell is going to SEE hell if he doesn’t shut his mouth. As a Christian, I shouldn’t get angry over miserable comments like this but this REALLY GETS ME GOING! You’re probably going to criticize me for saying this but whoever is a non Christian who likes to offend Christians( not talking about KIND non Christians) should really shut their mouth and respect others. Now, stop being a lowlife and start doing something with your life!

28 They are Against Abortion
29 Their Holy Symbol is a Cross

That Jesus died on and sorry but Catholics ARE Christians. GET IT INTO YOUR THICK SKULL OK.

30 They Believe God Made the First Rainbow

Yeah right, and he creates thunder and lightning when he is fighting with his wife.

31 They Believe People Could Live to 900 Years of Age
32 They Don't Respect Other Religions Sometimes

We do not disrespect other religions or Atheism. Now some groups of Christians do. And plus that list of why to hate Atheism disrespects atheists. Don't you think this list offends us. And don't you know people like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, some of the smartest people in the world, were Christian. Even Einstein believed in a sort of religion. So just shut your trap Danteem - 2storm

My family is Christian and they call all Muslims terrorists which is obviously A LIE! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I am atheist and live in a mainly Christian area. When my friends found out I wasn't Christian, they got really mad. Only my friend Zach backed me up because he isn't Christian either (Jewish.)

They don't respect other religions, period. Therefore, people don't respect them at all. They are completely irrelevant and will be categorically put off due to association.

33 Why Have Religion When We Have Science?

Science explains "how" the universe works but not "why." And I see no reason why you can't have both in your life. Contrary to what people think, the Bible and science are compatible. It shouldn't need to be said but, there are many Christian scientists who are just as intelligent as atheist scientists.

Religion gives us hope. Science only gives futility. We all know we must die. Why not hope for what comes after?

Why have Chocolate Ice Cream when we have Vanilla? - letdot52

Well, I know this is a metaphor but vanilla is way better than chocolate - AnonymousChick

Why should one post this in the first place.

34 First to Judge People

Have you seen the stuff some atheists comment on YouTube? They post things irrelevant to the video. I saw on a video of pet peeves someone commented "I hate it when people say that God created everything". Do you think that's gonna get bypassed? - Puga

Whenever Nero was emporer of the Roman Empire, Rome got set on fire and guess who they blamed it on US - 2storm

We're the first to get judged 94% of the time. - letdot52

Now people categorically judge them.

35 They are Responsible for the Greatest Genocides in History

This list is really ridiculous… It's only purpose is hate on Christians. Stop with the stereotypes! At this point, it has gotten worst then people believing Muslims are all terrorists. - RogerMcBaloney

Josef Stalin was an atheist and his policies led to the death of 20 million people. Only Hitler and Chairman Mao are around that margin.

Joseph Stalin killed 20 million people and he is an atheist - ElSherlock

Atheists are responsible for the greatest genocide in history via Stalin.

36 Justin Bieber is a Christian

No way! She's a Satanist!

Ok this list is made by the Bieber haters. Its "he" not "she" Bog off Bieber haters and go and throw yourself off a cliff.

And Here are a bunch of great atheists
Adolf Hitler (Was baptized when young but rejected religion later on in life)
Joseph Stalin
Mao Zedong
Pol Pot
Enver Hoxha (Pr Albania)
Nicolae Ceasceau (Communist Romania)
Vladimir Lenin
Kim il sung
Kim Jong il
Matyas Rakosi
Stephen Paddock
Adam Lanza
Yeah Atheists are amazing and better than christian because Bieber is a Christian(sarcasm) (I don’t hate atheists, I’m just saying Bieber being Christian is not a valid reason)

I am not a Bieber fan by any means but if he is your argument on reasons to hate Christians. Than you failed. Now Atheists, here is a bunch of Great men who are atheists
Adolf Hitler (Bapitized but said in Marin Kampf that Christianity was just a temporary ally to get Germany on his side so he is clearly an atheist)
Joseph Stalin
Mao Zedong
Pol Pot
Nicole Ceascau (Pr Romania and yes I’m aware that I misspelled his last name)
Enver Hoxha
Benito Mussolini
Kim Il sung
Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong un
Than Shwe
Vladimir Lenin
Stephen Paddock
Devin Patrick Kelley
(If it wasn’t obvious I’m being sarcastic about the “great” part)

37 They Blame People Based on Rumors and Accusations

I use to be a Christian, but now I've found the dirty craps out of them, I decided to be Atheist at my age 20.

38 They Attacked Harry Potter
39 Most Aren't Aware that Jesus Wasn't White
40 They are Ignorant
41 They Can't Accept that Religion Isn't for Everyone
42 They are Against Porn

Not everyone has to like porn - ElSherlock

43 They Give Their Hearts to Some Random Guy They've Never Met
44 Most Take the Bible Literally
45 They are Against Evolution

Not all of them - ElSherlock

46 They Form Extremist Groups
47 They Say Their God is All Loving and Then Reject Those They Don't Like
48 They are Against Swearing

There are some christians who swear - ElSherlock

49 They believe a man who was 500 years old could get 2 of every animal on a wooden boat in a global flood
50 They Believe People Who Kill Themselves Go to Hell

"People who commit suicide are going to hell." 'You're friend sealed her fate."

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