Top Ten Reasons to Hate Christians

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21 They Deny Scientific Evidence

I just baffles me how anyone can deny evolution or believe that the earth is flat in this day and age.

22 Christians are Judgemental
23 They Don't Respect Other Religions Sometimes

We do not disrespect other religions or Atheism. Now some groups of Christians do. And plus that list of why to hate Atheism disrespects atheists. Don't you think this list offends us. And don't you know people like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, some of the smartest people in the world, were Christian. Even Einstein believed in a sort of religion. So just shut your trap Danteem - 2storm

I am atheist and live in a mainly Christian area. When my friends found out I wasn't Christian, they got really mad. Only my friend Zach backed me up because he isn't Christian either (Jewish.)

My family is Christian and they call all Muslims terrorists which is obviously A LIE! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

They don't respect other religions, period. Therefore, people don't respect them at all. They are completely irrelevant and will be categorically put off due to association.

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24 Why Have Religion When We Have Science?

Science explains "how" the universe works but not "why." And I see no reason why you can't have both in your life. Contrary to what people think, the Bible and science are compatible. It shouldn't need to be said but, there are many Christian scientists who are just as intelligent as atheist scientists.

Why have Chocolate Ice Cream when we have Vanilla? - letdot52

Well, I know this is a metaphor but vanilla is way better than chocolate - AnonymousChick

Religion gives us hope. Science only gives futility. We all know we must die. Why not hope for what comes after?

Why should one post this in the first place. - SteelCity99

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25 First to Judge People

Have you seen the stuff some atheists comment on YouTube? They post things irrelevant to the video. I saw on a video of pet peeves someone commented "I hate it when people say that God created everything". Do you think that's gonna get bypassed? - Puga

Whenever Nero was emporer of the Roman Empire, Rome got set on fire and guess who they blamed it on US - 2storm

We're the first to get judged 94% of the time. - letdot52

That's just a little hypocritical.

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26 They are Responsible for the Greatest Genocides in History

Josef Stalin was an atheist and his policies led to the death of 20 million people. Only Hitler and Chairman Mao are around that margin. - SteelCity99

Atheists are responsible for the greatest genocide in history via Stalin.

The nazis do it and a huge war breaks out and they are removed from power and executed. Abrahamic religions do it and it's fine because it's a religion.

27 Justin Bieber is a Christian

No way! She's a Satanist!

And Here are a bunch of great atheists
Adolf Hitler (Was baptized when young but rejected religion later on in life)
Joseph Stalin
Mao Zedong
Pol Pot
Enver Hoxha (Pr Albania)
Nicolae Ceasceau (Communist Romania)
Vladimir Lenin
Kim il sung
Kim Jong il
Matyas Rakosi
Stephen Paddock
Adam Lanza
Yeah Atheists are amazing and better than christian because Bieber is a Christian(sarcasm) (I don’t hate atheists, I’m just saying Bieber being Christian is not a valid reason)

I am not a Bieber fan by any means but if he is your argument on reasons to hate Christians. Than you failed. Now Atheists, here is a bunch of Great men who are atheists
Adolf Hitler (Bapitized but said in Marin Kampf that Christianity was just a temporary ally to get Germany on his side so he is clearly an atheist)
Joseph Stalin
Mao Zedong
Pol Pot
Nicole Ceascau (Pr Romania and yes I’m aware that I misspelled his last name)
Enver Hoxha
Benito Mussolini
Kim Il sung
Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong un
Than Shwe
Vladimir Lenin
Stephen Paddock
Devin Patrick Kelley
(If it wasn’t obvious I’m being sarcastic about the “great” part)

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