Top 10 Reasons to Hate Cockroaches

I hate cockroaches and I have some reasons why I hate them. Add some more if possible.

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1 They transmit diseases

Like E-coli for example - Neonco31

2 They are dirty

They came from the sewers and canals and leave their bacterial cells in your bedroom - Neonco31

3 They are creepy

They creep into my house many times - Neonco31

Thank you Neonco31 to make this list. I'm scare to this crap and do you know the worst nightmare about this creature? CREEPS ON YOUR LEG...

i better like ladybugs or butterflies than that crap. I think you should make a list "Top Ten Reasons Why Ladybugs are better than Cockroaches
(By the way, I am girl) - ChatNoirFan18

4 They crawl very fast

Yes, Up to a meter a second or faster than that. - Neonco31

5 They are annoying
6 They destroy your food
7 They can fly

That creeps me out a lot I nearly tore my t-shirt apart just to let out my scream - Neonco31

*screaming like crazy person and running*

~Me, when I saw cockroaches flying in front of me - ChatNoirFan18

8 They like to crawl on you

Ugh! I had one crawl up my leg once. *shudders*

That terrifies me a lot - Neonco31

My worst nightmare! If there was a ladybug creep on my leg, I like it. If this creepy crap creep my leg? *screaming* - ChatNoirFan18

9 They are hard to get rid off

No matter how many times I killed a roach, another will appear in a few days or weeks. It's so annoying - Neonco31

10 They can be resistant to some pesticides

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11 They're useless
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1. They are creepy
2. They crawl very fast
3. They can fly
1. They are dirty
2. They transmit diseases
3. They destroy your food


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