Top Ten Reasons To Hate Coma Theories

If you like these, I respect your opinion. But I really hate these.

The Top Ten

1 They're overused

Not every unrealistic show is about the main character getting into a coma! GEEZ! - ResonatingScreamS

2 It's a lousy explanation

Oh, it was all a dream! The main character was in a coma! The other characters are symbolic of his/her hidden personality traits! STOP! - ResonatingScreamS

3 The theory ruins the show/movie/etc.

So, they saved the world all for nothing because after their coma they woke up. - ResonatingScreamS

4 Coma theories can be used to explain everything that happens in a show

And, like I said before, it's a lousy explanation. - ResonatingScreamS

5 Coma theories can get boring

Ugh. Please tell me why they're popular, again? - ResonatingScreamS

6 If all coma theories were canon no one would like cartoons anymore

Or books, or whatever. Since everything is all in a coma. - ResonatingScreamS

7 Coma theories can be applied to too many things

Steven Universe? Coma! Gravity Falls? Coma! Star vs. The Forces of Evil? Coma!
I’d rather be in an apostrophe. - ResonatingScreamS

8 Coma theories are like “It was just a dream” theories, but longer

And we all hate It Was Just A Dream. - ResonatingScreamS

9 There are several better theories

Alternate reality until the surprise finale, in which the two world's collide. - Cyri

Heck, I’d rather the main character is hallucinating. Please don’t overuse this. - ResonatingScreamS

10 They're all the same
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