10 Reasons to Hate U.S. Owned C.T.V. - Atlantic

U.S. owned "C.T.V" in Canada, well known for it's around the clock "American Coverage" & right wing attitudes.

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1 Tweedledum and Tweedledee - Starr Dobson & Bruce Frisko

She's an absolute bore and he's a twit... and I'm being very kind by saying that

2 Chief Newscaster Steve (Captain Morgan) Murphy tries to make a fool of Ex-liberal leader Stephane Dion

i.e "Steve Murphy... "But it wasn't MY fault"

Mr Murphy tries & succeeds to rid Parliament of Ex-liberal leader Stephane Dion

3 Very little Canadian content, Pro-American coverage

Heard several Americans had moved from the U. S. A to help behind the scenes with the everyday tasks,i guess they couldn't find anyone qualified in Canada.....more like they didn't want too, preferring "the Americans" instead,like their culture/tv programmes

Part of the brian mulroney free trade agreement..., no doubt

4 Local programming that's mostly New Brunswick

Steve Murphy is from New Brunswick...

They even report sometimes about the American state of MAINE... never knew it was LOCAL news

Fully agree to 95 plus in nb. Lets give more time to your office in HALIAX not an uninteresting province.

A person turns on "CTV Atlantic" to watch "LIVE & LOCAL" NOVA SCOTIA news but instead we are watching a 95% NEW BRUNSWICK news cast... (Acadi' & French) are superior, maybe if I turn on the NEW BRUNSWICK news I will get a 95% Nova Scotia News Cast... I highly doubt it

Wow, that comment about NB was harsh, I guess boring means less MURDERS. Nova Scotia boohoo

5 Paul Hollingsworth - The Frustrated American

Mr hollingsworth proceeds to ramble on for a decent length about "American history" and his love for it ,then precedes to rambles about some more as if he was actually there in its early beginnings ,shame he has to read off a single page when discussing his knowledge of Canadian history/culture tho........typical

6 Paul Hollingsworth - associates gays with pedophiles

A male paedophile 65 was convicted of molesting male children,the idiot,Mr Hollingsworth announces on live TV "Conviction on same sex trial" ??!!! i wonder if Mr hollingsworth has ever used opposite sex or opposite gender when announcing male paedophiles molesting female children... Hmmmm...CTV also has very bad habit of following one news item about gay men with one about paedophiles or vice versa

CTV has codes and conducts, really, are they the same as the ones in The Canadian Parliament

7 It makes C.T.V. look better than the competition

Never in my years did i ever see a tv channel such as CTV try and make themselves shine in the light by the frequent use of associating with children/animal/food-bank charities

i.e " their right wing b*stards, yes but they do give to the children" ... yes, I guess so

8 Head Office gets rid of music station MUCH-MUSIC

Head station in Toronto buys Much-Music and turns it into an American like soap/reality Tv haven...

also a CTV Promo for a new CTV/MuchMusic teen soap "The Life Of An American Teenager" went something like this:

"watch the new CTV/Much drama the life of an American teenager"... or Canadian teen(as said with a unsure look & shrug of the male leads shoulder)...that's right, its all the same to you CTV support that dream of a "NORTH AMERICAN NATION"

9 Monopoly of "The Canadian Media" with right wing views

CTVs parent company is now looking for full control of Canada's media, CTV will now have ownership of close too "100 Radio & Television stations" across Canada and saturate Canada with even more American/USA Cultural Programmes

Shock!... It seems that "Mr America" Steven Harper is best friends with the Chief person/president/CEO of the CRTC... The CRTC controls Canada's media television/radio... Mr harper is very Pro-American, this would explain why Canada's media, like CTV is ripe with pro-American & French coverage/culture

10 CNN's H.L.N and C.T.V, in bed together

Starr Dobson has been known to do voice overs on American clips trying to convince views it's LOCAL but it comes from their American owned affiliate H. L. N or other American affiliates in the U. S

Mike Galanos use to work on ESPN & TSN, TSN which is now owned by C. T. V

The Contenders

11 Biased coverage of sex abuse scandals

Very little coverage/news if any about illegal acts of men sexually abusing under-age female teens or female children, yet every chance CTV gets they make sure they emphasis men sexually abusing under-aged male teens or male children, without a doubt trying to convince their viewership its more common for men to molest boys & male teens than it is for men too illegally molest under-aged female teens or female children... Again several news items about men abusing/molesting under-aged girls or female children never made CTV news once! But several stories of men molesting male teens or male children was repeated over several weeks... Conspiracy... Possibly
(i. E) NHL male hockey player having sex with under-aged little girl

Does anyone remember the Famous Canadian Hockey Player who claims he was abused by a coach and constantly is a so-called defender of sexual abuse victims, well that ex-hockey player if you might remember set up a sexual abuse, public donation fund/account for victims who were sexually abused as children, but was investigated by police for taking monies out of this public donation fund for sexual abuse victims for his own use and thrills! And ex-hockey player and MILLIONAIRE I might add!?

Over several months, here and there, the reporters of ctv including "steve murphy" selectively forgot to mention that disgraced ex-priest/bishop father lahey had many photos nearly 500 pictures on his laptop of little GIRLS! In BONDAGE/S&M gear and also selectively forgot to mention he was attracted to women and had sexual encounters with women, this is before they spent nearly a month associating father lahey with the gay community and calling father lahey a gay and homosexual and emphasizing his photos of little boys but not the photos of little girls

12 C.T.V. and politics

Most ex-reporters or anchor woman and men have moved on to become "Tories" in the house of commons... Pamela Wallin & Mike Duffy are famous for leaving C. T. V and becoming very well paid senators... makes one think about reason No1 on this list... Hmmmmmmm

May I add that ex-Tory leader Brian Mulroneys son, Ben Mulroney has a job on CTVs entertainment programme, wonder how little ben came to receive this exciting job on CTV's E-Talk

13 Biased coverage

You will notice how CTV will report over and over and over about men molesting male children or male teenagers but will "never or rarely" investigate or report about men molesting "female children", "little girls" or under aged "female teenagers" who are molested or sexually abused! Its been known that CTV are trying without a doubt like other Media outlets in Canada to sway opinion of the simple minded or ignorant that its more common for men to "rape" or "molest" teenage boys or little boys/male children than it is to molest under-aged female teenagers, little girls or female children...

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