Top 10 Reasons to Hate Cyborg from Teen Titans Go!

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1 He's not as serious as he was anymore

Yeah. Except me and my friend Kriszta (she's half Hungarian, thus the spelling) practically wanna marry this show since we're obsessed,(I also love the original), our fave songs are Fade Away (I'm a girl and I'm doing it for a talent show), Waffles (I can't get it out of my head), and my 2nd fave, the BOOTY SCOOT! It's the only funny thing here.

Now all he does is obsess over waffles.

True, VERY true. but why CN? Why would you take something from DC and made it bad? this is actually the worst show in my life ( the new family guy was better). If you are gonna make a sequel of something, please do it right. Like courage the cowardly dog show or something else. (i honestly like the new PPG but the original is still better) Please CN, YOUR FANS ARE COUNTING ON YOU!

2 Episodes about him make no sense

Fleshy Guy? What happened to him that he lost his body parts?

Why the heack they call him "Fleshy Guy" instead of Victor Stone (or at least Vic). Maybe the even don't know his REAL name! Even Cyborg forgot his real name because Fleshy Guy is his real name! - BorisRule

No, Beast Boy. You are not good at naming things.

3 He's annoying

Him and Beast Boy are dumb, sluggish, killjoys while in the original Teen Titans they were more serious and likeable characters.

Plus be is a jack*ass.

4 He cries too much

Like Caillou

5 He lost his humor

He makes stupid references to shows or characters that no child will ever know unless you are the age of 30 or more and even then he talks too fast for any of the references to make sense in context to what is happening in the episode

6 He walks around as a head and circuits
7 He's stupider in the Go! version

In the big belly one when he shakes his tummy it looks like it will fall off same beast boy

8 Cyborg doesn't care for his friends anymore
9 He is dating a criminal

Kid Flash liked her so shut up!

Jinx is not your waifu and buzz off weeaboo

I like evil. Those of you who don't like it can shove it!

He dating Jinx! She is evil. - David39

10 He's a loudmouthed idiot

He never shuts up.. Can't go for more than 30 seconds without flapping his big fat yapper and blurting out his usual brand of verbal stupidity that I've come to loathe him for!

He's also pretty lazy too

That's my reason for not being able to stand him. He's LOUD and STUPID period. I can't expound much more than that..I can't stand how loud he is on top of being an idiot and not caring for his teammates..
" Can't you see I'm reading an important periodical?! " Not caring that beast boy is gonna be trapped in Ravens tooth monster dimension forever.

He is the worst character of DC Comics.
AND: He should never have replaced Martian Manhunter in the Justice League roster

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11 His "Night Begins to Shine" song is annoying
12 He's psychotic

He goes around acting like a childish retard destroying things and making stupid faces along with that other idiot Starfire in the "Hose Water" episode! I feel like punching both of them in their stupid faces! Arrggghhh!

The episode "Tower Power", He turns into the HAL 9000.
(enough said.)

13 His huge, disgusting belly
14 He's a piece of garbage

All of them actually, since they are the same

He deserves to be kicked out of the team if he keeps being like that

15 He doesn't stand up to Robin enough

He is a ROBOT WHO CAN DESTROY THE EARTH. Yet he can't go up against a tiny little midget who can do nothing but use a stick and yell.

There have been a few times where Cyborg did at least question Robin's (albeit abusive) authority, but nothing positive resulted from them and the rest of the time he allowed
Himself to be abused and taken advantage of by Robin.

Implying that he has a weak sense of integrity

16 He's a coward

He allowed Scary Terry to devour his teammates in "Slumber Party" and was too much of a wuss to do anything about getting rid of that gruesome thing.

17 He's dumb

He's more dumber in Go and doesn't even know what 2+2 is but in the original teen titans he's more serious and funny at same time

He doesn't what know 1+1 is - BorisRule

18 He kills a poor little innocent talking flower

But she asked him to do it!

19 He's a jerk to his friends and foes alike

He acts like a real creep with the Hive and his fellow titans and goes all psycho over everything for nothing.

20 He's a slob

Even grosser than Starfire.

He tends to eat like a pig and leaves everything messed up and he can be disgusting as well.

21 He's an immature jerk

He likes pulling stupid tricks on everyone and acting like a jackass!

22 He's a dirty cheater

He talks dirty and he wants to cheat come on and he so mean to beastboy in one episode when they play games they lost but the dummy jock starting getting mad I hope someone told cyborg off cause your pointless you said beastly sucks at games okay you suck too He even try to kill his own friend what a wuss

23 He freaks out over everything no matter what

He loses control and starts crying and going insane in the episode where he can't find the remote to play the VHS tape he wants to see... Pathetic! This is just one of many instances where this colossal idiot becomes an even BIGGER idiot over nothing! He truly is a first class imbecile!

24 His BOYAAHS aren't the same

Shut up cyborg he annoy everyone even raven when beastly gets hurt he always say boyaah in his face and when the teammates tell him off he said it again

It's spelt Booyah, idiot

25 His voice changed

Go Cyborg's voice is changed to a tan man but Cyborg's skin IS tan

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