Top 10 Reasons to Hate Cyborg from Teen Titans Go!

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21 He's a dirty cheater

He talks dirty and he wants to cheat come on and he so mean to beastboy in one episode when they play games they lost but the dummy jock starting getting mad I hope someone told cyborg off cause your pointless you said beastly sucks at games okay you suck too He even try to kill his own friend what a wuss

22 He freaks out over everything no matter what

He loses control and starts crying and going insane in the episode where he can't find the remote to play the VHS tape he wants to see... Pathetic! This is just one of many instances where this colossal idiot becomes an even BIGGER idiot over nothing! He truly is a first class imbecile!

23 His BOYAAHS aren't the same

Shut up cyborg he annoy everyone even raven when beastly gets hurt he always say boyaah in his face and when the teammates tell him off he said it again

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24 His voice changed

Go Cyborg's voice is changed to a tan man but Cyborg's skin IS tan

25 The names of some of the episodes have to do with what happens to Cyborg
26 He always ruins great moments
27 He is so lazy!

Both him and beastboy won't even get their butts off the couch and if I were robin of raven I would rip them open so hard that they die

28 He has some bizarre gadgets

Ok, so what gadgets does he have packed, a fan, a long metal stick in his finger, a chainsaw, a burger patty launcher.

29 His "Night Begins to Shine" song is annoying
30 He's just like Robin
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