Top 10 Reasons to Hate DashieGames

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1 He curses all the time

This is the stupidest thing that kids will not watch, Dashiegames curses like all the time and NON STOPS!

All YouTubers do that - ParkerFang

What YT gamer doesn't? - Mcgillacuddy

2 He is not funny

Your opinion - ParkerFang

Lie... - Mcgillacuddy

Yes he is unlike ANOTHER YOUTUBER - Ire

3 He calls the Nintendo characters names

He just curses every video, he even calls the Nintendo characters names like Princess B word (Princess Peach)

So? - ParkerFang

4 Calls Nintendo characters names

It's meant for laughter - ParkerFang

5 He is highly recommended

What is so Recommanded about him? He is plain terrible because of his curses

6 He has a lot of subscribers and likes

How the heck that Dashiegames gets so many likes and Subscribes from him. He is terrible

7 He is a bad game player

He sucks at Super Mario 3D world because he keeps on falling in pits and touching enemies and he doesn't try!

8 He rips off skydoesminecraft

"Oh boo hoo I'm going to cry" - ParkerFang

One thing that Dashie does NOT do is ripoff other gamers. He has his own style. This is a straight lie. - Mcgillacuddy

9 He is funny

He is funny and what you people think he's not just because he screams a lot and curses. It is hilarious when he gets mad and that is my opinion.

His screaming hurts my ear and NEVER like this guy! - bugger

I know right? - ParkerFang

10 He's one of the most popular YouTubers

The Contenders

11 He is overrated

Overrated doesn't mean it's bad - ParkerFang

12 He is Underrated
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1. He curses all the time
2. He is not funny
3. Calls Nintendo characters names


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