Top 10 Reasons to Hate Death Battles On YouTube


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1 It ruins your favorite characters

So when I watched a death battle by ScrewAttack. Mario vs Sonic, Sonic wins and I am a Mario player but sometimes a sonic player. Sonic is SO cruel to Mario. Even Luigi got killed by Mile Tails Prower and yet, I'm never watch Death Battles ever again! - bugger

Animation rewind doesn't research Zelda characters at all.

Yeah I agree with bugger

Thanks to Peach - yunafreya648

2 Sometimes an annoying character wins

Peach vs Zelda: Peach wins
Rainbow Dash vs Starscream: Rainbow Dash wins

I am a Princess Peach fanboy and a Brony, but there one of your worst characters that won by killing someone that's better than them - bugger

3 Goomba and Koopa Troopa double KO'd

Goombas and Koopa Troopas are one of my favorite Mario enemies, their so simple looking. In death battle, both of them died and did a double KO

#DeathBattlesSucks - bugger

4 Shadow was killed by an unknown character

Shadow is like your favorite Sonic characters. My brother watched lots of Death Battles and said that Shadow lost. Was he right because I don't watch Death Battles anymore.
I don't even know who he fought in Death Battle - bugger

Ooh it's vegeta! I forgot >_<
That is because I don't watch death battles anymore and I sometimes forgot who fought a character. Doesn't mean I am an idiot - bugger

5 People keep saying who should fight next by using pictures

This what makes me think that Death Battle is so overrated, all I keep seeing is death battle characters vs character ideas plus I don't even like Death Battle. How am I going to ignore this? - bugger

6 They use annoying voices

So before Mario and Sonic starts fighting, the voicings sucks in this. I don't know why but I think the voices are really annoying - bugger

7 Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black got doubled KO'd

Both Justin and Rebecca got doubled KO'd and I am a nerdy beleiber! JB could of won! I'm sick of Death Battle craps - bugger

8 How can a boxing glove penetrate Luigi's chest?
9 Cartoon Fight Club is a stupid ripoff of the main Death Battle series on Youtube V 1 Comment
10 They claim that they're dragon ball fans while they make superman win against Goku

If they had just not give Superman a composite feat using the infinate book feat and actually consider it debunked, then please let him lose. Just get over it. Also, justbecause you make top ten db moves doesn't mean you aren't biased. In fact, screwattack just listed doomsday as a villain that doesn't need to exist because he killed superman without kryptonite or magic somehow. Another example of biasing when they made the villain of superman win against the Hulk because he can kill superman and they are still trying to say superman is invincible without knowledge of kryptonite and magic because they clearly don't like contradicting themselves and with the results. I am Classic Sonic and I rant so you don't have to. Thanks for reading.

They should of waited till the end of dragon ball z super and see how strong goku's super saiyan can kill superman

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11 Their fanbase is annoying
12 They're so self assured on their facts

Every-time they try to use something based on real real-life, they take it as fact before trying to disprove it.
ever heard of scientific theory?

13 Shadow dies even though he's immortal
14 They are biased
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