Top 10 Reasons To Hate Demi Lovato

Come on we love and hate everyone. My list shows that if you don't like demi Lovato. Whats the reasons. So go on...

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1 She's ugly

She's gorgeous! The only thing I could think of that might make her a little bit unattractive is when she's wearing a lot of makeup. The less she wears, the better she seems to look in my opinion. - RizaLovato

Personally, I think that she's really pretty. I also think that it's really superficial of people to hate someone because of their appearance. So really whoever posted this is ugly. Not because of their looks but because of their personality.

She's not ugly. She's really pretty, but sometimes her style is horrible. - keyson

Yes, her face looks like a butt... and not the attractive kind.

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2 She bullies people and gets sympathy for being bullied

I THOUGHT she was nice. I used to like her. But when I saw how rude she was on the X Factor I immediately started disliking her.

She doesn't bully at all. She's has the kindest heart ever and has saved many teenagers lives with her kindness. Of course she gets sympathy. If you had people in your school signing a wall saying they hated you and beating you up every day I think you would get some sympathy. If your best friend who was the only one who stuck by you and who were like brother and sister, killed himself, I think you would also expect some sympathy.

To be Honest I thought Demi Was the most Kindest person ever until I saw how she treats people on X-Factor

In 2010, Demi was actually kicked off of a tour because she punched one of her own backup dancers... and in the aftermath, the public sympathized with Demi as if Demi was the victim. I don't know how she got away with this; for any other celebrity this would have been​ a PR nightmare.

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3 She's annoying

When she talks about her problems and how every girl is beautiful, it doesn't sound like she really cares about somebody with real, emotional problems.

She has a strong voice, but there's very little artistry in her singing, she's just very loud.

I can't stand her voice. It's awful, she can't really sing.

Are You sure You are not? 😒

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4 She's better than you

I don't compare myself to people I don't even like!

She is better than you. All of you. Your minds are far too mundane to realize how incredible she is. Shut up and find something useful to do with your lives.

This is the only true option on this list. And it's in the top five. Really does say something...

Maybe! but she is good at singing

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5 Does weird experiments on her hair.

So what? It's none of your business if she doesn't have an approval from you that they way she looks, she is just another person learning new things, and expressing herself.

When you have nothing to offer artistically, you have to try to distract viewers with outrageous changes in style. She ms changed it so much that she does not really have a style of her own and all of her alternative looks make her look like a fat gothic slob

She wants to express her self

Its her hair what is your problem?

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6 Gets attention because she used to be bulimic

Her whole career is built off of peoples self pity for her. I used to throw up my food but I didn't go around whining about it. I don't anymore, and only one person knows I ever did. I don't try to get attention through that, and she shouldn't either. My idol went through the same as her ( but a bit worse) and you wouldn't be able to tell unless you took time to look. But Demi needs to stop whining about her past

A lot of girls are struggling with bulimia but they are not using their problem in order to make money. I don't find that inspirational at all. For me, it's the same thing with people that use their addictions to earn money.

She has said in previous interviews that she doesn't actually like talking about it. she would rather stay quite about it however through advice she has chosen to voice her OWN story for the simple chance that she could help another. I've never experienced this so I don't know what one would deal with, but I also don't see the wrong in being educated on the matter and I personally believe that this is what she stands for. Everyone has their own story and I think it would be wrong to say that every person who suffers with this is the same.

It irritates me that she just brings up her disorder every time as if many people don't have it.

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7 Constantly talks about her problems

It is her fault though. She doesn't have to talk about it. No one is forcing her. She can say, "I don't want to talk about that. Let's talk about my music." Also, SHE did not save thousands of lives. THEY saves THEMSELVES. Celebrities can't save lives. There are people all around the world who struggle with horrible mental illnesses. Do you know why Demi shouldn't be a role model? She could afford the help, she could afford the rehab, the doctor's appointments, her medication. I, like millions of other people, am struggling to save my mental health with the little amount of money I can get. I've had second thoughts about whether or not I should go to my doctor because, "Hmm... would I like to get groceries or pay my doctor's bill." And saying this person is a waste of time is rude and actually, is bullying. I'm assuming you're a delusional Lovatic. What would Demi say? Oh, she'd probably back you up because she's just a bully herself with a pocket full of money from brainwashing ...more

This is a little annoying to be honest. I get you had those issues but we all know that. Move on to something else. I'm not trying to be mean. :-)

We get it! Stop bringing it up! LET IT GO!

But it's not her fault, people in interviews constantly bring it up towards her. She even said that her story has been told a million times and that she didn't wanna bring it up for the next one hundred million. Just saying

You are a waste of time

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8 She flirted with Niall Horran from 1D

Lmao, wow what a mature 22 year old, getting jealous over a boy who doesn't know you exist but fancied someone you hate. Can't stand the fact that he'll never be yours? Go find a yourself a boyfriend who likes cold hearted woman like you, might be a long search, though

Uh... ? Wow that makes her Satan. - RizaLovato

And... so what and she said he and her a friends

I can't believe she would do that I specifically tweeted out a few months ago that Niall belongs to me and then she goes and does that. Very disappointed.

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9 She used drugs

She literally smuggled cocaine onto an aeroplane.. That's illegal and any normal person would be facing serious consequences. But she's just a special snowflake.

I don't think this should be a reason. If you knew her past, you wouldn't put it against her. If people bullied you and you got beaten up in school every day and you're best friend who was like a brother to you committed suicide you would probably do the same

She didn't use them to be "cool," though. She had depression, which is a serious mental disorder. It seems wrong put someone down because of something they did while they were fighting through a mental disorder. - RizaLovato


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10 She bullies people constantly and then cries about how she was bullied

She's quite the hypocrite.

Excuse me she has never bullied anyone in her life! she is so supportive of people with mental illness and people who have been bullied and she always helps them push through it I am living proof! - Maddy_s

I'm suprised that this isn't in the Top 5! Surely this is worse than being ugly? to be honest, I'm getting really annoyed with her fans coming on this page, and defending her.

Very true. I speak from experience.

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11 She thinks she is more attractive than she really is

She's like a strong 4 with the right lighting

And she also wears too much make up. She looks better with less make up

This one is hugely right


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12 She is famous because of Disney and Glee

Yes, people heard her name through Disney, but everyone has to start somewhere. You can't put that against her. Like most people are either famous from the Xfactor, Disney or YouTube. Being famous through Disney just means that Disney saw potential in you and helped you to find your way there. Also, she isn't as famous for being Sonny Monroe as she is for having the most amazing voice

Maybe Barney did start her career, but seriously everyone starts somewhere. I don't see how this cna be counted against her. And she was famous way before she was on Glee. - RizaLovato

She is just another Disney chick. Nobody ever takes Disney chicks seriously. She will always be Sonny like Miley will always be Hannah.
And as for Glee, she was just in a few episodes and then she was written off. Probably they understood how pointless was her stupid character and that Brittana is endgame.

She has talent unlike you

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13 She's fat

She eats healthy and exercises. She's healthier than most people. I honestly don't see how anyone can ever call her fat. She looks gorgeous to me, much healthier than your "beautiful" and "thin" celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Taylor Swift. I'm not trying to insult either of them, as they are both very attractive, but close to underweight. Which is what you were trained to believe is the essence of beauty. - RizaLovato

Personally I'm not a fan however she does have a body, She's thick. That's a different kind of "fat", are you really going to hate someone because of their looks. Grow up.

She is fit and healthy, she eats right and does fitness she is so not fat and if she was sometimes that isn't heir fault it can be from a medical condition! - Maddy_s

She isn't fat a all she is beautiful as the ways she is and her curves looks great😑

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14 Famous for being tour on Jonas Brothers

She's famous for her amazing voice

And this is bad because... ? - RizaLovato

Yet, years later, she's more famous than them

After she had to leave the 2010 tour because she punched someone, she basically let Joe Jonas be used as a scapegoat, which is terrible when you consider how much hate he was already getting from the public. I mean, the basic story that was circulated back then was that poor Demi the innocent victim was just so stressed by that evil Joe Jonas breaking her heart that she just had to go and punch someone when things didn't go her way.

Also, the Jonas Brothers wrote most of their own music while Demi Lovato's music is written for her by other people. Atm the public doesn't care about stuff like that so it's easier for her to maintain commercial success, but anyone who thinks she's more talented than they were is kidding themselves. They had to do a lot more work to achieve their success and she took advantage of them.

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15 Friends with Selena

Wow... let's put her in prison... She's friends with another super sweet girl. Selena was there for her when nobody else was so there's nothing wrong with being friends with her

What's wrong with that? - RizaLovato

They have been like sisters since they were 7 but that is a reason to hate on her =people can be so dum

Guys let's all be honest selena put demi in rehab

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16 She has a butt chin

So what also Sofia Carson and Adele have cleft chins that really does not make sense most people complain about celebs that have too much plastic surgery but now you have to complain about how natural a celeb looks like that's just pitiful so you would make fun of people with plastic surgery calling them plastic ass and then there natural and soft looking you will call them ugly and unattractive shame on you plus you probably don't look so hot in real life

This isn't something to hate her for...

So does Adele do you hate her, its unique! - Maddy_s

She stole armins soul,# return of the tash - armininrehab

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17 Had been on tour with little mix

Don't intertwine your hatred for Little Mix with Demi. How is that fair? - RizaLovato

What's wrong with Little Mix? Oh I'm sure you love One Direction.

I would have loved to see the tour it would have been sick! - Maddy_s

So what? Stfu hater

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18 She looks dirty

Because she has to deal with you! - Maddy_s

Can you blame her? She's been rolling around in her millions of dollars

Hell yeah she looks dirty

true that

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19 She was mean while on the X-Factor

No she was giving the competitors real advice on how they could improve and if you ask me she was hilarious! - Maddy_s

20 Her face when she's singing is ugly

Watch yourself when you sing in an actual note for once you won't look that flattering! - Maddy_s

Most people's are - RandomWeirdo


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