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1 Racist Jokes

The jokes are offensive to people of different ethnic backgrounds, I was actually shocked that this Ravi character who has obviously never been to India, makes such disrespectful jokes. The fact that the children are multicultural could be a great aspect of this show but instead they make jokes out of it and turn it into a comedic aspect. I myself used to enjoy this show until I heard Ravi's jokes that I think are racist and rude.

These people obviously never been to any other country in the world, especially Ravi, I bet they don't call Ice Cream soup there, or sleep on a bed on nails.

Yeah, My mom was raised in India, she said they didn't sleep on nails... Disney's shows these days... - MorganChambz

In S4 E9, they have this Korean guy say old people suck at driving. HEY I AM KOREAN AND OLD PEOPLE CAN DRIVE! - AmtrakHan6993

All these reasons are TOO accurate

2 Zuri Zuri Zuri is a young lioness cub from Disney Junior's "The Lion Guard". She is best friends with Tiifu and Kiara and is always by their side. She is voiced by Madison Pettis. She has been described as "prim", "sassy", and "melodramatic".

This child has problems, If that was my child she'd get grounded until she moves out.

She deserves to die!

3 It is Not One Bit Funny
4 Totally Unrealistic

What girl gets to stay in New York for no reason anyway?

What crazy kids would try to get up on the Hollywood SGIN?!?! I

5 Crappy Theme song
6 The Kids Are All Spoiled

The kids keep complaining how they need more money, and that they are bored, and that they want this, and that the want that, even though they make probably a thousand dollars a week. It makes me want to reach into the T.V. and strangle them. They don't know how good they have it! - Alpha101

7 Horrible Actors

Honestly, they can't act. Seems to be a similar theme among Disney shows.

8 Jessie, herself

Honestly, the worst nanny I have ever seen in my life. She is lazy, will do a lot to get out of her work, and is more focused on her "acting career" more than her regular job. For example, in one scene, Zuri was throwing pancakes at Stuart, who is gluten free, while Jessie just watches and chuckles. Also, in one episode, Jessie is attending college classes again, and says, " I am a big fan of literature and getting away from the kids I have to take care of. Lastly, we all know that Jessie has countless acting jobs that never work out, and one time she was a dancing hotdog, and came home pretty upset, then brought her negativity down on her kids and butler. Steryotypical Jessie, always letting out her problems out on other people and gets mad at other people for doing it to her. Just focus on the job you have already, because acting obviously isn't for you. In conclusion, Jessie would make a terrible nanny, and if she was mine, I would tell my parents to get her fired.

Who in the hell gets kicked out of a taxi and gets hired as a nanny? She's a horrible nanny who lets her kids do whatever they please.

You don't just get kicked out of a taxi and find yourself working for some rich dude. Also, there's this one episode where Jessie's about to get married but then right as she's about to make her vow she changes her mind. WHO DOES THAT?

I think that's the point...

9 Jessie has to reference Texas all the time

She literally says "Back in Texas this..." Texas Texas Texas she doesn't even look like shes from Texas

Texas is NOTHING like Jessie portrays it! I am FROM Texas, so I should know! Geez, she is annoying. - Minecraftcrazy530

10 It's a complete Rip-Off of Angelina Jolie's kids

In Jessie their only Biological kid was Emma she was a blonde, but Angelina and Brad's only biological kid was Shiloh, she was also a blonde, but a tomboy who wore her hair short. and they ripped off another one of Jolie's kids, They called her Zuri, Jolie's child was also black and her name was Zahara.

I had to look up who they were after

S*** dang I just looked it up they are

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11 It's a complete Rip-Off of The Nanny

The Nanny was 100x better than this crappy Disney remake.

12 Bad Stereotypes

Emma- The dumb blonde who likes fashion, that's typically saying that all girls that are naturally blonde are dumb, and try to bring people down by pointing out their insecurities like this little brat does in Jessie

Zuri- The sassy black girl, Not all black people are like this, I have a black friend, and she doesn't talk at all, she hates loud people. Zuri is just an ugly bratty little girl (not to be racist) who thinks she's all that when she's not, she gets everything by threating people.

Jessie- The Texan without a Texan accent

13 Ravi

He's the one who's the most racist, He never been it India, yet he's making fun of his own Race/Religion/Culture.

14 Disney made it


Disney has some crappy sitcoms, I can name a few.

1. Shake it up!
2. Jonas LA
3. Hannah Montana
4. Dog With a Blog
5. And this!

15 Horrible Acting
16 Debby Ryan's singing voice

So whiney! Even Miley Cyrus can sing better than her.

17 It Stars Debby Ryan
18 Adam Sandler Guest Stars

My mon doesn't like him because in the movie he directs must have 1 offensive joke to women. - Tacocheese

How will we explain him to our children?

19 It is All About Her.

I hate Jessie because she thinks it is all about her. She only worries about her acting career and her dates. She lets the kids do whatever they want. In the first episode, I understand why the taxi driver kicked her off. I am sick of it being all about her all the time.

20 Jessie is Hopeless

The kids have to help her with everything and when they need help,she tells Burtrum to do it.

21 No Kid Owns a Lizard That Big

Seriously, why do the parents (who are never there) let their kid own a lizard that's like, 2 feet long? Unrealistic? Check! Just another stupid reason to hate the show.

22 It's rated TV-G when it should be pg-ma
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