The Characters Have Terrible Attitudes


My mom actually had this feeling to not let us watch Disney Channel way back when. We went outside a lot more, which was good. Years later, my mom was talking to a friend, and she mentioned that she stopped letting us watch Disney Channel, to which the friend replies that she wish she had done that years ago, because her kids turned into real snots. Mother's intuition I guess, and I'm thankful I didn't turn into a jerk.

Another story: my stepsister used to watch all the sitcoms on Disney and Nick...and y'know what? She's a total snot! Talking back to her parents, being rude to me, even to her own friends! In the end, it came back to bite her, as she ended up with a friend who totally mistreated her - possibly another victim of the plague of the Mouse.

It may sound way dramatic, but Disney shows have the potential to tear families apart and ruin lives, notwithstanding the "family friendly" label they so love to wear.

I agree. The shows on there teach children how to be sassy spoiled brats towards their parents, how to be mean and stupid, and on Jessie they make fun of the kid being Indian and having an Indian accent. I am completely hurt on why people make fun of my Indian accent. At least I tried to learn English! Don't get cable if you want your children to be spoiled brats, that talk back to their parents, and grow up hate fat ugly people, which apparently is 13% of our country, America, is obese. To be honest, I would rather have my kids watch Family Guy, Simpsons, PG13 and R movies than have to grow up and be ungrateful, unforgiving, spoiled bullies. Even pewdiepie, smosh, nigahiga, Ray William Johnson is better than these shows on being spoiled and sassy.

Exactly. Like I was watching W.I.T.C.H (Because everyone said Winx was a rip-off of it, even though the planning started at 1999-2000, and it'd be called Magica Bloom), and Will was so rude to her mother!
Here's the scene.

"I'm sorry girls. Will is grounded right now. You have to leave now." Will's mom.

"Bye." Will's friends said.

"Mom. What was that? That was so embarrassing! " Will said.

Cornelia was so rude to her younger (not authority, but family still) sister ("If you wake me up, I'll feed you to the wolves", which terrified Lilian).

And then they air this show for little children. In a way, even Doraemon isn't good for children to watch (though it is fun to watch).

I have a sister. Two, if you include the tomboy. But the younger one, she has become a brat. The minds of small children are malleable. These shows should come with warning labels: WARNING: THIS SHOW MAY RESULT IN THE IMPROPER BEHAVIOR OF CHILDREN FROM THE AGES 3 TO 12. PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED AT ALL TIMES.

Most characters in Disney shows have bad, catty additudes. Many of them get upset when their parents ground them, and sometimes there's an episode about how to NOT get grounded.

The whole objective of children's shows is to give a laugh to kids while teaching social morals. Disney misses both of these points in their shows. The only Disney show that DOES follow these points is Gravity Falls. Disney would be smart to have shows like it around for longer. - Turkeyasylum

Disney shows are a bad influence for kids.. They are very sarcastic and children copy this and get very smart mouth with their parents... That's why I stopped my kids from watching that crapy junk... It sends wrong messages and kids are drawn to this and it's up to the parents to protect their children from garbage.. But many parents are worse... So they deserve a nasty child.. They see nothing wrong a bad mouth kid... So you have a nasty world full of nasty kids and I mean nasty...

Well I actually can't say YES to this one because this is false. Like always the Disney Channel actresses don't get to choose how they have to act or what they want to say the producers do that job. But in real life I bet there fun as heck!

They're rude, they're whiny, they're stupid, they're dramatic, they're horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Have u noticed that every1 on nick eats sushi everyday n they act like its cheap n boring n plain well nick I would love to eat sushi everyday but its not cheap its not boring its not plain

Some of them are really annoying and bossy to anyone. Some shows where they have younger actors, act like they are so superior to older people - HappyFlower

Yes! The characters have horrible attitudes. They're such whiners, they back talk, they treat people who are different horribly. I hate this channel and all the shows in it

Most of them are immature little brats.

Yeah, a lot of them are incredibly rude and incredibly stereotypical. Why are channels like Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network showing off all of these stereotypes. Real people that are teens or middle schoolers or even elementary schoolers don't act like the ways these shows portray us to be. Though now that these stereotypes are being shoved down kids's throats they're going to be acting more and more like jerks. - Anonymousxcxc

The new generation gets attitude from the show the heros they hide behind the show and really have an attitude like going out alone not listening to parents not listening to rules

The characters are always the same. They are spoiled, goody goodies, just plain rude. Disney Channel characters are far from what reality is even like. If you back talk an adult you are going to get into trouble. You can't just go Beyoncé on them and get away with it.

Disney: I should not want to murder everyone one the show. Make the characters LIKABLE - Thatgirl

Yeah. I have a brother who watches this and teen nick, and he only gives us aditudes, like one time we were playing Minecraft an I accidently killed a zombie and he yelled at me because he said he would kill it right when I killed it - ultamate111

I'm so glad my mom doesn't let my sibling watch this. for this exact reason actually lol

Anna & Elsa have the most terrible attitudes...

One of them has to be dumb, one of them has to be smart... Yawnn. And really Disney? A talking dog who blogs about his families life lessons.

It boggles me why they would model such poor behaviour to children. This makes such behaviour 'okay' in children's eyes. They are part of the problem.

You know, not all authority figures are good

They have bad attitudes and spoiled brats
They think everything goes their way and think they are the best
Ex:Ross kids, Avery, Amy, and Charlie

If you pay attention to the characters, their attitudes at times fit well with their personally, I personally don't see the point in making all characters seem unrealistically giddy and nice all the time.

Pixar, abc, Nickelodeon and Marvel are no better...