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101 They Got Rid of All the Fun, Decent Games

They removed Toontown, Pixie Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean ( Pirates of the Carribean) and now all we have left is Club Penguin! It used to be fun, but now you have to PAY for everything! I tried playing it, but it hurt even looking at it! What have you done Disney!

I agree about the club penguin what happened to Free gAmes

Disney if your reading this then go away you suck

Disney, if you are reading this PLEASE bring back Pixie Hollow! - mayamanga

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102 It seems to obsess over Phineas and Ferb

Pathetic. If anyone asks me, that horrible show goes too far in trying to be funny and interesting. What's just as bad is that many people seem to obsess over it. It's like I won't hear the end of it.

If the guys who created PAF (Phineas and Ferb) are reading this post of mine and get all pissed about it, they can suck on their bottles and change their diapers.

Phineas and Ferb is terrible. How in the hell do people like this show. I have no positives for this show at all.

The tune and voices of the Phineas and Ferb theme song give me nostalgia and stress at the same time.

I am telling to ban this site

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103 They Have No Good Animated Shows in The 2010 Era Except Gravity Falls!

Cause shows like wander over yonder, Star vs the forces of evil don't exist

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104 Lab Rats and Gravity Falls Are the Only Funny Shows

No, both of these shows SUCK! Gravity falls is just poorly animated with horrendous jokes, and lab rats was a cool idea because they have superpowers but OF COURSE because Disney Channel they get a bunch of stupid annoying kids to be the stars, and the concept of the show was altered too much, because they HAVE to make it kid friendly, so since it's made to be kid friendly, THE ACTION IS REALLY LAME, and not only is it lame, ALL the special effects are so crappy, they look like photoshop, here's a tip disney, if you're going to make a T.V. show about people with superpowers, maybe you should get a bigger budget

In MY OPINION, lab rats is a really awful show. Gravity falls is random but sometimes is pretty good.

I don't care for Lab Rats, Gravity Falls is good.

Agree - starssugar

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105 In Almost Every Single Animated Disney Movie Someone Has to Die

Look, It is not inappropriate. You know what kids see almost every day? Dead squirrels on the road, dead bugs, animals being shot (why must we do this to our brothers and sisters? ), and so on. Blood. Not violence. Look, I kinda understand if it was guts and organs spilling out, but blood. Your child gets a cut. Blood. Your child sees a show on T.V. that includes animals hunting and fighting. Blood. Yeesh, calm down with the "blood being violence"thing, blood is a part of how we live, why must it be violence?

Again, people should stop crying over Mufasa dying. He deserved his death because he was a tyrant.

So? Almost every movie has violence.

I agree with the person who said blood is not violence.i'm not defending Disney or anything,but just saying,BLOOD IS A PART OF LIFE,AND SO IS DEATH.If Grandma died and you told your child

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106 Not Enough Bad-guy Songs

Only "Tangled" and "The Princess and The Frog" have good bad-guy songs. I miss ones like "Hellfire," or "Savages" and "Be prepared."

What about I'm the bad guy from woy?

107 Too Many Shows About Twins

Agatha and Angela? Those creepy twins? Jessie.

All their new shows are about twins who are complete opposites.
Liv and maddie - TWINS
Lindy and Logan - TWINS
What's next?

Mabel and Dipper from gravity falls and Zac and Cody

TWINLand I wonder if MICKEY has a twin!

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108 Zack and Cody

Is awesome you are right zack and Cody is awesome

I hate this show, it's corny and annoying as hell!

109 Nickelodeon is Better

Nickelodeon is beginning to suck as well.

Nick sucks who cares about slime

Nick is falling apart.

Old Nickelodeon was good I was toddler, but I like some programs from Modern Nickelodeon like TMNT 2012, Harvey beaks, The Loud House - starssugar

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110 "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" is another "Dora the Explorer"

I don't get it, what was wrong with Mickey Mouse before? He was already kid friendly, did you seriously need to downgrade him to a baby show? Especially considering how most babies would probably prefer the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon over this one. Tell me Disney, what about Mickey Mouse was "so inappropriate" to the point where you had to downgrade him to a baby show?

Mickey Mouse clubhouse is a ripoff Dora but dora is even worse.

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111 They don't make traditional animated films anymore

They have given up on making these.

I know right! I thought Moana was a traditional animated cartoon when I saw a sneak peek. I love traditional animation more than CGI!

112 Stupid People
113 They Buy Out Their Competition

Not only is it a desperate way to delete competitors they ruin what once was awesome. I bet they're going to take over Studio Ghibli. I swear that will be the last straw for me if they do do that.

114 Does Not Support Boys or Men

I agree, as a girl who likes equality it would be nice to also see male characters who aren't dorky, dumb, troublemakers or self-centered jerks. - sofiav

This channel is so girly. It also hates on boys. What the heck!

I know! How pedophile of Disney

I love it!
(No, I'm not sarcastic.)

115 Most of Their Storylines

I've noticed they've had the same story ending where they say things like "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have blah blah blah then later comes an aawe moment. This disgusts me a lot.

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116 They Want to Own DC and Warner Bros.

If so, then it is too late, Disney! Time Warner is one of the only companies that are larger than you are. DC and Warner Bros. are owned by Time Warner. At least you were treating Marvel with at least a little bit of respect (yes, people. Disney has been treating Marvel horribly and with what it stood for at the same time). - The Ultimate Daredevil aka Kieran Stark

Warner Bros, If you're reading this,

If you still wanna be famous, DON'T go to Disney Company! They will forget you! - tent2

Oh please, please tell me is joke, PLEASE

Lets hope this dosen't happen.

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117 No Sequel to Tangled
118 They Made a Cartoon About Donald Duck Being a Nazi in 1943

Yep that was actually VERY Racist attack. Back in the day Disney had lots of Jewish employees and they wanted Germany to look bad. But that still was very racist and I can't forget it.

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119 The Cancellation of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Actually, aren't cancelled, the creators don't known what create now

I loved that show in 5th Grade!

Dude they have it on Disney

I miss this show.

120 Hidden sexual messages
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