Top Ten Reasons to Hate Donald Trump


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1 He supports repealing net neutrality

He got his way today. - railfan99

2 He's stuck up

He Speaks for himself.

We will rid this because I hate it. I hate it.


3 He wants to ban muslims

Yeah, I hate him for this even more than I hated that Jimmy Carter when he did it.

And then he makes some "temporary ban" excuse


4 He is racist to Mexicans

The only person he loves is himself. He loves himself.

I'm mexician and what he said was offensive

Most of the people in USA and all American Continent are inmigrants (included Trump) in the conquist and colonization all the continent is taken by Spain, England and Portugal. The true habitants are the Cherokees, Apaches, Comanches and much others tribes in USA, the Aztecs, Otomies, Mayans and others in my country Mexico, and Incas, Mochicas and others in South America (Peru, Argentina, and others). The true americans are our ancestors, the original habitants. With pride, part of my ancestors were aztecs.

I COULD HAVE A MEXICAN ANCESTRY! >:( - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

5 He made crude and sexist comments about women

Yeah, jerk - EliHbk

6 He hates anime

I hate anime. Everyone has their own opinions, so this reason is kind of dumb. - TheYoshiOverlord

So do I, honestly. Everyone has their opinions. - Hermione_Granger220

Even some people against Trump hate anime. - Squidward48

Who cares

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7 Bullies other people

Yeah yeah he is mean to be popular. He called Bush a Puppet, Called the other person a stiff, and Perry wearing glasses so people thinks that he is smart. Trump is mean - bugger

This just relates to building a wall with Mexico and banning Muslims. Racist? Check. Xenophobic? Check. Sexist? Umm...what does "grab 'em by the pussy" tell us? He has even insulted women on Twitter. Fat-shaming and skinny-shaming? Why don't you look at his feud timeline with Rosie O'Donnell? What message do you get from his diet coke tweet? Homophobic? Technically yes, but he cannot reverse same sex marriage laws because it's legalized. These facts point out that he is a bully, and even as the host of "The Apprentice" has he bullied the contestants.

I guarantee that even real Republicans will turn against him one day.

8 He does nothing about shootings in his country
9 He said bad things about Clinton
10 He's ugly

This is one of the dumbest lists. I get that he's racist, sexist etc. They're good points, these ones are not so good. "He's ugly", "He hates anime", "Doesn't know what shampoo is", "He's fat"? Is this primary school or something? "I hate you cause you're fat and ugly". - BrianScott01

This list is childish. Oh so you want to find a hunk or a beauty queen to be a president after Trump.

The Newcomers

? He hates Mexicans

The Contenders

11 He will start World War 3 He will start World War 3

I agree he will start that because all his measures to make America first and great again will make the world hates Americans more. I will not be surprised if countries retaliate against his " power ".

North Korea, Russia, Middle East?

12 Doesn't know what shampoo is

Seriously? Wow. This is a stupid list. - Hermione_Granger220

13 He is a shame to his country
14 He's fat

Yes I am judging people with their weights. He is a fat man... This is getting awkward to make him stop being a president - bugger

He's not really fat and this is a dumb point

Um excuse me... look at President Taft.

Don't like him because he labels, then label him. smh - EliHbk

15 He's seventy years old but acts like he's five
16 He's heartless
17 He is selfish
18 He is running for president
19 He's racist He's racist

he is?

20 He's a bully
21 He hates Amtrak
22 He's mean
23 He's dumb
24 Bad role model
25 He hates Japan He hates Japan
26 He hates Muslims He hates Muslims
27 He hates Asians He hates Asians
28 He will build a wall He will build a wall
29 He will fire everyone He will fire everyone
30 He only cares about immigration He only cares about immigration
31 He made fun of a disabled person He made fun of a disabled person


32 He won't get rid of Obamacare
33 He's evil He's evil
34 He wants to ban refugees
35 He was in the Little Rascals movie. Waldo's dad.
36 He's dangerous
37 He will likely destroy American relationships with the foreign world He will likely destroy American relationships with the foreign world
38 He is immature He is immature
39 He hates Mexico
40 Hasn't got any political knowledge
41 His tweets are annoying
42 He threatens to shut down tv stations
43 He called other countries “s***hole countries”

Not an okay thing to say... - EliHbk

44 He's the Kim Kardashian of politics

Both have a lot in common if you think about it - ----------

45 He's greedy
46 He insults America's veterans
47 You can’t escape him
48 He is orange He is orange
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