Top Ten Reasons to Hate Dora the Explorer

Dora The Explorer Is a stupid show. It includes an illegal immigrant who carries a zoo of animals along with her. I just wanna strangle that brat

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1 She always ask where's the_____

The weird thing is she somehow has the ability to freeze time. Whenever she asks where something is, everyone stops talking, and nobody does a thing.

COME ON! It is right behind you Dora. She is too lazy to look around. I mean, how hard is it to look around? Plus the things are obvious and visible, it is right nearby her. - AnimeDrawer

She is blind. When she asks that question, I would be silent and then when she says the answer, my dad says what is the point of asking?

Well Its Educational For Kids She Focusing On The Damn Camera Ya Don't Understand!

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2 How they get rid of swiper

If it was realistic: "Swiper no swiping. Swiper no swiping". Swiper: "You can't tell me what to do". (steals their belongings). - Caleb9000

I know right? She says "Swiper No Swiping", she tries too hard to solve the problem by being peaceful. That is not going to work in real life, in reality, they would steal your stuff or even kill you. You should either call for help, call 911 to the police, or hit the crook, ways that will actually work in real life. - AnimeDrawer

I hate dora getting rid of Swiper like that other nick shows do that dora doesn't like action fight but dora gets rid of Swiper by saying Swiper No Swiping that sucks in my opinion

I want her to go back in time and tell Hitler "Hitler no killing, Hitler no killing" I wonder how he would react. It would be hilarious. He would throw her into a gas chamber and Dora will die. That is when we all throw a party for ten million millennium and hail Hitler as a hero.

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3 Blue's Clues and Sesame Street is a better show for children than Dora The Explorer

Why would parents let their kids watch dora that teaches stupid stuff when Blue's Clues and Sesame Street is better and way more eduactional than that annoying Dora? My Little Pony also teaches Friendship. But, It's not a kids show, it's an all ages show - MLPFan

Blues clues is better than dora

I agree. It's much better and cuter. It's also better than PAW Patrol.

I like My Little Pony because it is the best show, more than Dora, Blue's Clues, and Sesame Street. I am too old to watch these baby shows, except My Little Pony.

Would someone stop saying how great My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is? We get it! I don't hate MLP: FIM, but I do hate Dora!

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4 Her parents don't care for her at all

It is sad how she has more freedom than most teens. Her parents spoil her. She has more freedom than I do! Her parents let her out of the house for the whole entire day and do not care if she talks to strangers. Her parents get her whatever she wants. What if she dies? Her parents should take care of her more. Also, that is going to teach kids to go outside without their parent's permission. Dora has some of the worst parents ever. - AnimeDrawer

She's only in kindergarten and her parents let her travel to the other side of the planet unsupervised.

Dora's father: So my 5 year old daughter was drowned in a large river? Oh well, 7th time's the charm.

This is a bad example for parents. Teaching them to care less for their child - MLPFan

Bro, this little bitch has more freedom than me. She can go wherever she wants, while I can't cross the street. I wouldn't be surprised if she dies. -_-

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5 This show is for people in comas

Kids under five don't know that much about television

The urban dictionary says this is (I write the parts I remember)
Dora The Explorer
Literally an insult to anyone's intelligence. This is not for Pre-schoolers. This is for people in comas. - MLPFan

6 What happens at the end

Dora:What's your favorite part of the trip
Me:Well, It was when...
Dora:I like that too
Me:Let me finish, okay?! (Punches Dora through the screen) - MLPFan

Dora:What was your favorite part of the trip?

Me:I don't know, You were the one who explored so you tell me.

Dora:I like that too.

Me:Oh would you shut the hell up for crying out loud?!

Dude, Dora interrupts you saying about the episode.

Trick: Say "when you died," She likes that part

Dora: What was your favorite part of the trip?
Me: I don't know …
Dora: I like that part too!
Me: Huh?

Dora: What was your favorite part of the trip?
Me: If I get headbuttwd by a pillow I'll be happy
Dora: I like that part too!
Me: Really?!?!

Dora: What was your favorite part of the trip?
Me: When I shot you and Swiper stole all your things and stuffed a stick up Boots ass
Dora: I like that part too!
Me: Haha! - AlphaQ

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7 The songs

So lets see you hate Justin Bieber because he looked and sounded like a ten year old when he was fifteen, then he makes tons of mistakes after you said horrible stuff when he was just fifteen. Bullying people can make people bully.

So annoying. Rather listen to My Little Pony that sounds better and catchier than Dora - MLPFan

Justin Bieber is a better singer don't slag him off because you have hated him since he looked like a ten year old when he was fifteen.


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8 She's very stupid

Haha - SpencerJC

Dora is so stupid that she doesn't that place like a mountain is behind her! It's a good thing that Mandy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy locked that annoying B**** forever in the lunchbox from that episode of Billy and Mandy called Pandora's Lunchbox!

9 She is retarded

Yes, she needs mental help. Go to rehab!

This website is retarded. South Park is better than Dora the Explorer HA! never seen Dora The Explorer but South Park is just a dumbed down comedy. A piece of poo and swearing all the time tell me how intelligent is that?



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10 She has no manners

Dora has no manners so she bad


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11 She talks to Inanimate Stuff

A talking map? A talking backpack? A talking gate? What kind of show is this? That is just plain weird. - AnimeDrawer

Like her back pack. I hope people will find her crazy and call 911 to send her to the mental institute. Then, I'll be happy. Wait... I'll be happier if they would beat up dora as well 😂 - MLPFan

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12 They keep making new seasons

For ex: Dora and Friends into the city - cincos

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13 Dora says "Swiper no swiping"

Dora Is Good And Swiper Is Bad - EvilJoelBuildsMc

14 She doesn't teach anything

If she taught us a curse word in Spanish or maybe some more complex words the show might have been better.

She never taught me anything, cause I couldn't understand half of what she was saying

She teaches kids how to run away

Dora is actually a dangerous influence to young kids because A: kids who watch this might think that if someone breaks into their house and knocks out their parents saying stop! stop! will stop them from robbing your house and killing u, B: its teaching kids that every single person they meet will be good, and C: kids might not have any human friends in their childhood because dora only has one human friend, and that's diego, but he's a different story.

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15 Dora doesn't speak good Spanish V 1 Comment
16 Little kids love her

I'm Neutral Over Dora But Don't Take Her Too Seriously

17 She teaches preschoolers things that are completely false in real life
18 Everything is alive

Bugs don't have a personality. They are completely incapable of liking or hating you. Bugs are basically just small machines that do what they are programmed to do they can't play instruments like for example spiders are just programmed to just spin webs and eat other bugs you can't tell them to move out of the way

Her backpack, map, and pretty much everything in the show is alive.

Just step on them and they will stop playing their tiny instruments that for some reason are very loud.


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19 It's ugly

Absolutely Yes - BeaM456

Uglier than Justin Bieber - Neonco31

Dora is ugly her hair looks like she did'nt brush it and she wear the same cloths every day and her shirt dos'nt fit her I can see a bit of her belly botton


20 Horrible voice acting
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1. She always ask where's the_____
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