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21 Caillou is better than this

I know, right! - DatBoiSquirtle

22 It's annoying

She is annoying because she says oh no'' my dumb thing is gone

She is a dumb ideot

23 Her best friend is a monkey

A monkey can't talk

24 She's fat

She eats only ice cream and candy and other junk food

Exactly. Dora's fat ass needs to learn to eat healthier.

25 She only teaches us to "Say it louder!"

Because do children under five know much about television, they might shout at the television.

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26 Dora is another "disgrace" to Nickelodeon

Worse Than Sanjay And Craig And Breadwinners

I Would Rather Watch Fanboy & chum chum Than This Fat, Retarded, Stupid, Lazy, Ugly, Little Prick.

I agree that she is a disgrace to nickelodean. but I think breadwinners is 4 times as worse

27 Every episode has the same plot

For me, I think this show is similar to Phineas and Ferb how the plot is the same thing every episode. Every Episode has a same plot like Dora getting rid of Swiper, the map that can't hear you, 3 areas and puzzles, Same music, etc. Dora should be with Phineas and Ferb.

So true! I know how every Dora episodes are the same thing. Dora SHOULD team with Phineas and Ferb

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28 Her head looks like a football


Makes me think of a cartoon people liked from childhood "football head"-Helga.
Oh and just remember Rugby & American Football (Does anyone from your country play that with their feet? )

Ha ha ha ha. You are so funny. That must have been tom Brady kicking Dora's head! 😄-trollsfan536

Here is a good scenario to do some loll's.
Dora: what was your favorite part of the trip?
A football player: when we kicked your head around and scored 100 touchdowns.
Dora: I like that too.
football player: what a blind bitch

29 Her show is racist
30 She has 2 spinoffs

Dora and Friends: Into The City was one of them, but what was the other one?

31 Goes out "exploring" without adult supervision

She does not even tell her parents.
Attention everyone! If you have a son/daughter that likes Dora. Tell he/she that she could not go out on their own! I'm serious. Your child could randomly walk out the door,
Walk away for miles, if your son could even get hit by a car, get lost, or even get kidnapped!

Someone should call the CPS (Child Protect services on her parents. sorry for my bad English I'm from Iran

That is actully good English

32 She gets grounded too much

That is the go animate version

33 She is chubby
34 It's the longest running show on Nick Jr.

Spongebob is the longest running show on nick.

It lasted... 16 years!?!?! 8 SEASONS?!?!? ugh


35 Stereotyping Hispanics

She is a fat drunk weirdo that should be thrown over the border into mexico. F her.

THIs is a reson why trump will build a WALL.

36 They haven't cancelled it on Nick Jr Asia

They never cancel anything from Nick Asia. Winx Club is still on air, and this show is also still airing. The only show they cancel is Blue's Clues and Go Diego Go (That should be called Die Diego Die) - MLPFan

Ok blues clues is not on. But dora is still on! Come on!

37 Her stupid spinoff "Dora and Friends"

All my relatives, family and friends say this is retarded

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38 The stupid songs

Dora's theme is just the word dora repeated, the we did it song is utter torture and I would rather be killed, and the backpack and map songs are cancer inducing.

I would have the dora theme like this " doo doo dora poo poo dora I speak Spanish but I am a retard that can't even see 2 inches away from me. I am a retarded poo poo head. I'm being a stupid weirdo. I have been wearing the same shirt since 3 and now I'm 6 yrs old. I am dog poo. Dora the dumbass.'' in the newer version of the song they say doo doo dora doo dora

39 It isn't educational V 1 Comment
40 They gave Diego his own shows V 1 Comment
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