Top Ten Reasons to Hate Dork Diaries

Seriously, this book series is bad! Thank god it's getting cancelled! But the bad news is they're making a movie... TTnTT

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1 Too many acronyms

", I was like, by the way, CCP, etc etc etc" It's too much! - mayamanga

True. Nikki says "" all the time, it gets annoying.


2 Nikki is mean

She bullies her sister and makes mean drawings in her diary! Read the first book if you don't believe me! - mayamanga

Shes really mean to her friends. Don't believe me? Read the first book when Zoey and Chloe befriend her. - Catacorn

Tell me about it. She even treats her crush Brandon like crap.

Nikki is the good one and MacKenzie is the bully.

3 Too many stereotypes and labels

The usual stereotypes, dorky nerds, popular girl, cute guy, ugh ugh ugh!

"Blah blah dork blah blah CCP blah blah nerds" - mayamanga

There's the mean popular kids, the dorky newbie, cute guy!

4 It makes fun of people with braces

In the 9th book Brandon finds a picture of MacKenzie with braces in 6th grade and Nikki writes, "It looks like MacKenzie's smile isn't so perfect after all! " - mayamanga

5 Too much drama

Just one thing to say about this one: Blah. - mayamanga

6 It contains bullying
7 Nikki watches perverted things on TV

She watches a show that talked about celebrities forgetting to wear underwear in public! - mayamanga

Lol and the age range is 9-13

8 It's too overrated

Ikr. Why don't girls are age like Percy Jackson more?

9 It's too sexist
10 It has annoying characters

It's just a really stupid series. Like the kind of stupid that makes you feel like you got stupider after reading it. - keycha1n

Yeah. No middle schoolers in reality act or talk like in those books. They are even worse trash talkers than the stars of Jersey Shore.

I guess the first 2 books or so we're okay but after that it started to get REALLY unrealistic and annoying like she GETS HER OWN T.V. SHOW I ONE BOOK and also makenzie is REALLY EVIL NOBODY IS THAT EVIL IN REAL LIFE And also niki always is like I'M A HUGE DORK but actually shes a SPOLIED DIVA WHO ISINT A DORK And plus that last book is REALLY bad by the way I think it's the worst one

The Newcomers

? Everything is so cliche

The Contenders

11 Rip-off of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Dear Dumb Diary are so much better than this stupid series!

DOAWK is the most memorable diary series in my opinion. Dork Diaries is a rip-off to it. - Catacorn

Pretty much a 14
Year old girl in the place of Greg and with all that stereotyped drama

12 Immature fanbase

One of the fans saw this list and told whoever made it (me) to kill themselves! - mayamanga

Totally, that fanbase is just as bad as Sonic SatAM fantards who don't accept others opinions. Jesus christ, those fanbases are treated as if they were gifts from a God. How insanely immature.

If you don't believe me, I was looking at reviews about the 9th book in Dork Diaries, and this girl wrote something like "blah blah blah I loveeed this book and stuff MacKenzie is a spoiled brat who eats poo". Really? - mayamanga

13 Lack of character development

Mackenzie is forever a mean girl without anything likeable. Everyone else is the exact same at the end of the books.

14 The 1st book is way too inappropriate V 1 Comment
15 Nikki is obsessed over being a dork

Even worse, she isn't a dork. She probably doesn't even know what "dork" means. She's a spoiled Mary Sue and you can't read at least 5 paragraphs without hearing "! "

Seriously, in the 3rd book, the original name of her lame band was Dorkalicious. Seriously. DORKALICIOUS. Are you kidding me?

16 All of the female characters say OMG!

It is so annoying when girls say! It is like I never want to hear it again! Girls in Dork Diaries say that they look cute and popular when they say! I am saying it to Nikki Chloe and Zoey! Not only to Mackenzie and Jessica.

Wow, stereotype. - mayamanga

17 Nikki is a lot like Mackenzie and doesn't know it

"Please don't hate me because I'm DORKALICIOUS." You are not a dork. You are a snob, a ditz, and a total jerk to your parents and elders, not to mention little kids! - mayamanga

I AM SUCH A DORK! No, your not. Your a snobby diva, a wannabee, a T.V. star, ugh.

18 Mackenzie Hollister is way too mean

Book 1: She teased Nikki for breaking her art project.
Book 2: She laughed at Nikki when she got a plate of chocolate cake on her dress.
Book 3: She laughed at Nikki when Nikki ran to the bathroom.
Book 4: She called Nikki a "pathetic little phony".

19 No diversity at all

Zoey is the only black character.

Are there even any black characters?
And gay/ lesbian/ people who AREN'T WHITE?
And why do all the girls... girly? I know you can't have a total tomboy nation but really? 1 WHOLE HIGH SCHOOL with ALL THE GIRLS BEING GIRLY AND LIKING DRESSES AND CRAP?

20 Everyone is heterosexual
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