Top Ten Reasons to Hate Dork Diaries

Seriously, this book series is bad! Thank god it's getting cancelled! But the bad news is they're making a movie... TTnTT

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21 Super Unrealistic

So, Nikki gets a reality T.V. show. Um tf? I liked book one and two but After that, it gets really unrelatable. Nikki also managed to date the "one boy in every teen drama that everyone likes" which really makes this book unrealistic.

22 Nikki is a liar in both books and her blog
23 It's stupid and babyish
24 How ungrateful Nicki is

I totally agree!
Nikki has her own T.V show but to this day she is still complaining about how cruddy her life is. I mean seriously?!

She doesn't appreciate anything. She gets mad at her dad for having a job. she gets mad at her mom by saying she is brain dead. she doesn't care about her little sister. to be honest she doesn't deserve a T.V. show.

25 Too much talking about dying

In book 4, Nikki said " And they can drop dead for all I care."

Well in the second Nikki goes to a funeral to some person she doesn't know about but that doesn't count - BoyGenius234

Yet, nobody even dies. She just complains how she's going to die if Brandon doesn't talk to her for a day or if her parents don't buy her a cellphone. - Popsicles

26 It's too stereotypical
27 Nikki is a snob and bully

She bullies her sister and says mean things

She ignores her parents and says rude things about them, like how they made her wear blah blah blah, or the job her dad has, or whatever!

28 It encourages kids to believe they are better than others

Nikki is mean and cruel, but everything unbelievable happens. Her life is filled with adventurous drama where there's this mean girl (Mackenzie) who is like the devil herself, there's a cute boy who somehow likes her back, and finally, she wins everything! On top of all that, she is said to be smart and popular and is voted to be the best in everything. This high school she goes to needs to teach the kids what proper behavior and kind people actually do.

29 Nikki is an attention seeker
30 It encourages kids to believe that school doesn't matter.
31 Tells kids that school doesn't matter and that it's ok to flunk important exams.
32 Nikki is a brat

In Dork Diaries 4, she said " I throw a temper tantrum whenever my parents ask me to clean up my room. Sometimes I'm such a brat! "

33 Everything is so cliche
34 Nikki is over dramatic

Nikki is super over dramatic

I just read the book not so friendly frenemy and she said that she rather go to summer school then see mackenzie and shes always "blinking back tears"

35 Nikki gets everything she wants but she acts like she does not know it
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