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21 She’s had lots of surgery done and still posts pics without makeup saying love yourself the way you are

What? 'somehow got dimples? ' I have dimples, and I haven't had plastic surgery, no matter how much plastic surgery you do, dimples occur naturally and will stay that way, you can't forcefully create indentations in your skin, and if you could and Dove did get plastic surgery for her dimples, they would be there all the time, not just when she smiled, get your facts straight before you go out on a rage.

She has had at least 2 nose jobs, lip fills and she somehow got dimples? and she posts pictures on her insta saying love yourself the way you are! what counts is what’s inside! like she’s so perfect “naturally”

22 She Broke Up with Her Engaged Man and Went to Thomas

AKA a dumby (I💖Thomas plus I'm only 10 years old ) that's how much she sucks 💋to Thomas

23 Shows Too Much of Her Body

Look up pictures of Dove Cameron off set.She took a picture of herself almost naked.

24 She is not self aware

She shows to much of her body off

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