Top Ten Reasons to Hate Dragon Tales


The Top Ten

1 Terrible episodes

They have no creativity and are so bland - TwilightKitsune

2 Bad songs
3 Whiny and annoying characters
4 Ruins your view of dragons

As Dave Hester the Wise would say, YUUUP!

It sure does! - 404_name_missing

They make dragons look like cows here - TwilightKitsune

5 Bad examples for kids

Zak and wheezie are horrible role models - TwilightKitsune

6 It is boring

So boring boring boring boring boring - TwilightKitsune

7 The characters get mad over tiny things
8 They encourage kids to irritate siblings

The show itself is enough to irritate your older siblings.
(I hope the AVGN reviews one of those stupid dragon tales video games and yells about it or something) - 404_name_missing

9 It's Overrated

It (bad pun incoming) definitely is!
See what I did there?
I actually hate the show, but when I was 3, I didn't have as good tastes in T.V.. Anyways, I better run before the angry horde of fake 90's kids attacks me. - 404_name_missing

10 Max is whiny

The Contenders

11 Max is a spoiled brat

He is basically the Caillou of the show - Discord1

12 They teach you to overeat a lot
13 Horrible design

Those ain't dragons, those are a failed genetic modification experiment! THOSE ARE GMO DRAGONS STAY AWAY! - 404_name_missing

14 The Dragons Look Like Dinosaur Plushies With Angel Wings
15 Wheezie Is Annoying

She sure is! - 404_name_missing

16 Zak Is a Jerk
17 Ord Is a Crybaby
18 Cassie Is a Scaredy Cat

Switch the ones for Cassie and Ord, and your accuracy skill will level up! - 404_name_missing

19 Emmy Is a Know-it-all
20 Poor Animation
21 Emmy is a Smart Aleck
22 It's Creepy
23 It's Meanspirited
24 It's Low Budget
25 The kids who watch him will turn into whiny brats
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