Top Ten Reasons to Hate Eminem


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1 Everyone thinks he's so great

Eminem has no talent. He is just a rapper, and rap music sucks.

Retards attempting poetry.

Damn, you hate Eminem. Well, you just give terrible reasons to hate him. - EpicJake

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2 His lyrics

His lyrics are the best I've ever heard.
Everyone thinks he's so great-because he is!
I just love how you say how you hate him and then you give terrible reasons. - Puga

I agree with puga Eminem has better lyrics then anyone.

So saying stupid things about killing women is the best lyrics ever. - 445956

3 He's trash

Because he works and serve the devil more than any other rapper
and he sucks because he don't believe in GOD!

Well yeah if you grew up in a small trailer with a mom that's addicted to drugs and never took care of him you would too. if he wasnt trash he would be as good a rapper as he is now.

4 His voice
5 He's racist

I think he is the worst musician Ever. But he is sexist and homophobic, not racist. - 445956

Not really besides your probably are too. everyone is.

No he's not

6 He sold out

This is the only reason I can find that affects me. - SelfDestruct

7 Bad role model

Well it says explicit on his albums for a reason so its not his fault a bunch of ten year olds listen to his music.

8 Overrated
9 He always curses
10 He doesn't believe in God

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11 He is sexist and homophobic
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