Top Ten Reasons to Hate Eminem

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1 Everyone thinks he's so great

Tupac and biggie is the greatest rapper not Eminem. but I do like him

Thank you for making this lists. You got a good taste. - CoolMods

Damn, you hate Eminem. Well, you just give terrible reasons to hate him. - EpicJake

Eminem has no talent. He is just a rapper, and rap music sucks.

Retards attempting poetry.

2 His lyrics

His lyrics are the best I've ever heard.
Everyone thinks he's so great-because he is!
I just love how you say how you hate him and then you give terrible reasons. - Puga

I agree with puga Eminem has better lyrics then anyone.

So saying stupid things about killing women is the best lyrics ever. - 445956

3 He's trash

FACTS - CoolMods

Because he works and serve the devil more than any other rapper
and he sucks because he don't believe in GOD!

Eminem is a Christian and actually believes in god, you might have heard that stuff in a song but you should watch interviews, he didn't grow up Christian though, but he hated who he was and wanted to change - AnonymousDude

Well yeah if you grew up in a small trailer with a mom that's addicted to drugs and never took care of him you would too. if he wasnt trash he would be as good a rapper as he is now.

4 His voice

Too loud and yelling like a girly guy

His voice is absolutley great.

Angry and yelling

Not really, songs like "Not afraid" "Toy soldier" and almost, if not all songs written with or for his daughter - AnonymousDude

5 He's racist

I think he is the worst musician Ever. But he is sexist and homophobic, not racist. - 445956

No he's not

Not really besides your probably are too. everyone is.

6 He is sexist and homophobic

His songs are disgusting

7 He dissed lots of other celebrities

I used to like him until he dissed Michael Jackson.

8 Bad role model

Well it says explicit on his albums for a reason so its not his fault a bunch of ten year olds listen to his music.

Someone who takes everyone as a role model is too young to be a fan of Eminem - AnonymousDude

9 Overrated
10 He always curses

Yeah it's so annoying but its rap

I have a secretive aversion towards curse words. This means I hate curse words.

Cursing can be used in a good way, people can express emotions better with cursing and Eminem does that really good - AnonymousDude

So doead almost every other rapper in the world and like I said with the bad role model post. it says explicit on his albums. its parents faults not his. kids aren't meant to listen to Eminem its for adults so he can cuss if he wants.

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11 He thinks himself the greatest
12 He sold out

This is the only reason I can find that affects me. - SelfDestruct

13 He doesn't believe in God

So? Not everyone has the same beliefs you do, so quit shoving it down their throats!

Just what is this? he's literally a Christian - AnonymousDude

14 Homophobic
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