Top Ten Reasons to Hate The Fairly OddParents

The Top Ten

1 It's Repetitive

Timmy wishes for something cool, causes chaos and wishes for everything back to normal. That's terrible.

Cosmo & Wanda disagree with this list. - nintendofan126

You think an irrevalent list like this one will suddenly make me hate this show. OF COURSE NOT! - cosmo

Internet is so stupid

2 It's Overrated

This show is underrated(not really,its still pretty overrated)but SpongeBob is almost always chosen over it. - cosmo

No. It's overrated. When people say it's not, they're wrong. It is overrated by millions of fans.

3 It's Not Airing Anymore

This show is ending 2017

This show is ending end 2017

Then why am I watching it on the T.V. ? - cosmo


4 The Characters

Cosmo and Chloe are Terrible

The characters are awesome. - cosmo

5 Timmy Is So Bossy

Timmy likes to boss his fairies around and threats them like slaves he even acts so rude in one episode where timmy dad was talking to timmy and that jerk said stop talking cosmo and wanda cares about him it's just timmy always trying to replace them he act like a jackass to his friends I wish his fairies got taken away from him

Timmy is stupid

Me Stop it internet big X
Internet all stupid dumb persons ever
Me I will send you to outer space
Internet I'm in the jail

6 Cosmo's Diaper Fetish

That Self-centered arrogant scumbag deserves to be buried

This is why I want to burn him

This is why everyone thinks Cosmo is ugly

I agree. He's also a good for nothing Moron that grants catastrophic wishes - MumaTheFairlyOddHater1997

Leave Cosmo alone

7 Timmy's Parents Don't Care a About Him
8 It's Gotten Worse Over Time

Same thing is happening to SpongeBob. One corse meal anyone?

All episodes are awesome. - cosmo

Ok stop with the ignorant fanboys or well girls of FOP u want to contrast things from SpongeBob like one course meal and Gary's Pal I also hated those episodes but this ain't a war or arguement it's a opinion u have admit the new episodes of FOP are really boring and FOP was my original show both SpongeBob and FOP gone bad but they are starting to grow its roots again so cross your fingers

9 Poof and Sparky are Both Pointless

Those new characters are starting to annoy me and tried to be funny but it won't work on me and are a waste of time poof is dumb but sparky is way dumber than him I hope they in the future they both get run over by a crack because they do eat need to be on that show Both of those jerks ruined fop

But Poof is awesome! He's way better than Sparky! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

10 New Characters

I grew up knowing Poof so he doesn't bother me that much. (though WHERE he came from bothers me)
Sparky is a VERY unnecessary character. I think they only added him to the series because they started
running out of ideas for episodes. CHLOE. Don't even get me started on her! I don't get why she even
needs fairies. It's already been made clear that she's not miserable!

The Contenders

11 Cosmo’s Voice

The way Cosmo’s voice sounds now is so stupid it makes me want to strangle him

12 The Dumb Teacher

He is funny sometimes. - cosmo

You got an F it means FAIL

Denzil Crocker is stupid. Every time at school or anywhere in Dimmsdale, he would yell out "FAIRY GODPARENTS" - kmyeakel

13 Cheap Flash Animation
14 Discontented Personalities And Rude Behavior

€�Nickelodeon Is The Worst Because Its Characters Have Discontented Personalties And Rude Behavior.”

15 Chloe is ''Little Miss Perfect''
16 Characters Act Like Retards on Drugs
17 They Don't Wish for World Peace
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