Top Ten Reasons to Hate Fast Food

The Top Ten

1 Unhealthy

Especially if you eat at McDonald's. - Minecraftcrazy530

Should be number 1

Fast food increses your chances of getting diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Not JUST fast food, but every resteraunt.

2 Secret ingredients

Hidden salt and sugar, every so often there is some scare.

It's probably too unhealthy to revealed...

You don't know what they put in there
Maybe gum
Even Paper Or Bugs
The World May Never Know
Plus You Might Be Allergic But Don't Know
Uh oh! - MassiveYumYum

3 The smell

It smells like a cow

4 Makes you sick

Really gross, without a question. - PositronWildhawk

5 Not pretty
6 The bathrooms

I will admit fast food places do have greasy food. But out of all, this has gotten to be the worst. I can't walk into a MC'Donalds bathroom without being grossed out because someone forgot to flush the toilet or left toilet tishu all around the floor.

7 The workers

They can't even get a simple order right. Shouldn't be paid anymore

They never pay them enough. it's so cruel

8 It tastes awful
9 The trash on the floor
10 Because you're a miserable, health obsessed person.

I agree so much! This is totes me

The Contenders

11 How long it takes to get your food
12 Bad milkshakes

Ok all the other reasons are good, but this one sucks! MOST are awesome

13 Dirty tables

People just go in order, eat their food, and when their done, they just leave their trash just sitting any place imaginable.

14 They get your order wrong

No lie! One time I ordered a chicken sandwich from Mc'Donalds, and they gave me everything on it but the patty.

15 Too expensive
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